Websites like Airbnb : Top 10 Airbnb Alternatives

Websites like airbnb

In this article we are going to discuss about the websites like Airbnb. Airbnb is a community market place which connects the travellers with local properties owner. The full form of Airbnb is air bed n breakfast. A lot of people out there don’t want to stay in hotels while travelling and want to stay in some apartment and room providing by locals to explore the local culture of the area. Airbnb provide you large varieties of choices from where you can book a room or apartment according to your preference very easily. You can also become host on this website by renting your apartment and room. It is a complex platform as it combines numerous features.

It has three types of profiles that are host, guest and admin. The properties on Airbnb provides similar amenities like hotels. You can find rooms here in affordable rates. But if due to some unwanted circumstances you are unable to book room and apartment on Airbnb then there are lots of alternatives out there for Airbnb. Getting a great place while traveling is the best thing.

The apartments and rooms provide by locals saves your money and provide you a chance to connect with local people, so if you are looking for websites like Airbnb then here we are with best 10 alternative for Airbnb. In this article we are going to discuss about the websites which are a great alternative for Airbnb, and can be work as a saviour when you are not able to find the right choice on Airbnb.

Top 10 Websites like Airbnb

Below we are going to tell you about the top 10 Airbnb alternatives, with their specific features. These alternatives can help you to find the room or apartment of your choice:-

1. Flip key

Flip Key

It is a website that is acquired by trip advisors in 2008. It provide you domestic as well as international offerings. The website provide you detailed information about the place like where is your apartment located, the view from the window, the amenities provide by local owner with photos of the place as well. The cancelation and payment policies are according to the properties.  This website provide you home over 160 countries. Owners are well verified by flip key.

The best thing of this website is search engine, you can easily browse on this website and can use different filters according to your preference like pet friendly property, property with beach view and so many more. You can list different home, apartment, private rooms and villas on this website. But this website doesn’t provide you shared rooms, you need to rent a private room or whole property.

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2. Home away

Home Away

It is one of the most popular rental website and a parent company to VRBO. This website provide all the basic information about the place with photos of the place as well. The cancelation of the rent depends on the rental agreements you signed while booking the property, which is provided by local owners. In few properties security deposit is also needed. It is a great website and also tops the list of google searches.

Along with that good features the one drawback of this website is that it provide fewer properties than many other websites that make it quite difficult to find a property of your choice and if you get the property you want than the accepting of booking is also a tough task. But it provide you a lot of options if you are travelling solo or as a couple. They have a large amount of properties in Europe, Canada, Sydney and Los Angeles.

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The full form of VRBO is Vacation rental by owner, the website provides you worldwide accommodation. This website is owned by home away corporation in 2006. Website provides you all the detailed information about local properties. The cancelation depends on payment policies provided by owner of the property. The website provide you over a million properties and operating from 1996. It is the first website that connect apartment owners with travellers.

The one drawback is that the website provides only vacation properties that means the most of the properties are for families. But there are certain properties which can be rent by couples and solo travellers as well. Before 2016 they have no booking free but they add booking fee feature in 2016. But it is a good alternative for Airbnb. It has over one million listings and many of the listings can’t be found on the other websites.

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4. Homestay

Home Stay

The best part of homestay is that you always stay in a host home that provides you a great local experience. They provide you to choose properties over 150 countries. The drawback is that they still have less options for properties but the number of properties growing rapidly on this website and it will provide large number of properties in future. The best part of booking from homestay is that all the properties of homestay provide breakfast facilities. If you are finding a place where you can enjoy the local culture and wanted to feel the truly hosted experience than this is the right place to book rooms and apartments.

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5. Sonder


Sonder is the newest company in this field. They started their website in 2012, but they are growing quite rapidly. They have their head office in Montreal Canada. They are providing quite less number of apartments and rooms but their rapid growth make it one of the best alternative for Airbnb. Right now they are providing 8500 apartments in 25 cities word wide. They mainly focuses of apartments and rooms which are well designed, decorative and modern as well. They also make sure that apartments and rooms are located in a tourist friendly and in good neighbourhood area. They provide there most of the properties in united states an Canada and few are in Europe and Dubai as well.

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6. Trip advisor vacation rental

Trip advisor vacation rental

Trip advisor is already one of the famous website, it provide you travel related reviews and the best option to find review of any place. But it is also providing you rental room and apartments as well and you can find them on trip advisor vacation rental. There are millions of properties on this website and providing you those over 190 countries. The best part is that, that you can read thousands of reviews of property before renting it.

They have their own apartment rental search engine. This website also incorporate different apartment rental websites, like flip key, house trip and many more. They provide you flight booking, car rental booking and many other facilities that means you can do your all booking of your travel from one website and can make your travelling easy.

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7. Booking


You all are already well known about the “Booking” website, as it provide you great deals on hotels, but do you aware about that this website also provide bookings on home and apartments as well. They provide you great choices of home and apartments and the website is also easy to use as well. The price of rentals are affordable and for all the types of customers.

The best part is that they don’t charge any fee on last minute cancellations. They have over 300 thousands properties that provide you large varieties of options. They provide you large number of apartments in Europe, Australia, Asia, and North- America and in many more countries. This website is worth trying for booking rental homes and apartments.

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8. Hotels combined


It is the website that provide you comparisons of different hotel booking websites. This site is best for checking the hotels before booking them. You can search here different booking sites to find the best hotel in affordable prices. The best part is that, this website is not limited to hotel booking comparisons you can also find here serviced apartments and guest house on this website as well. They provide you properties worldwide.

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9. Agoda homes

Agoda Homes

You are definitely familiar with the word Agoda, it is a website which provide you booking of hotels. Agoda homes is a part of it and offers you to rent apartments, vacation homes, guest house, private homes and many more options. It is the best website if you are planning to travel in Asia. They provide you millions of different properties for rent in all over the world but most of the properties are in Asia.

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10. One fine stay

One Fine Stay

It is quite similar to Airbnb. This website is for those people who want to experience some luxury during their travelling. The homes provide by this website on rental are owned by people and you will definitely going to experience some truly luxury properties. The properties provide by one fine day are not cheap. As they are providing luxury experience therefore they are offering properties in just five cities, and the cities are London, New York, Paris, Los Angeles and Rome. So if you are not a person who is worried about the travelling budget then this website provide you rental properties where you can experience luxury.

So, here we are with top 10 Airbnb alternatives. These websites are quite similar to Airbnb and provide you approximately similar services. So if you are not able to find a room of your choice on Airbnb than you can try these websites for your travel bookings.

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