What Are The Basic Life Skills?

What are the basic life skills?

In this article we are going to talk about the What are the basic life skills? The basic life skills are those skills which a person needs to run his life smoothly. Skill is an art of doing things. Everyone has different lists of most preferable skills. Different people need different skills to run their life smoothly. Basic life skills are so much important to perform various tasks in our life. A person who doesn’t have the basic life skills always struggle to live a happy life. Basic life skills can be driving car, swimming, cooking or anything which is needed by everyone to survive in this planet.

What are the basic life skills?

Now just suppose you are living alone, so cooking is basic life skill for you. But who is living with family for that person cooking is not a basic life skill. That’s why it is vary person to person. Skills can be acquired by learning. It sharps your skills and makes you expert in it. The importance of basic life skills is too much. Here, we will discuss top 10 basic life skills which everyone should have to run their life smoothly.

1. Communication skills

Communication skills

Communication means transfer of idea, feelings and emotions. This skill is the most important skill which plays vital role in our life. Communication is the key of living. Without communication we are not able to receive any information. Communication has its importance everywhere whether you are in business or doing job. The effective communication is the first quality that an employer wants. In an interview you are judge 90% by your communication skills. You also need communication skill in business to deal with customers. In personal life it also plays a vital role. Communication skill can be sharpened by learning. Many people read communications skill books, some are taking coaching from institutes. Thus, we can easily say that communication skill is the most common skill and the importance of it increasing day by day.

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2. Decision Making

Decisions Making

Decisions making is another basic skill. In our life we have to take many decisions. After doing many researches we have to make a decision. This decision can be related to your personal life or professional life. For example, a student has to make decisions to pick on stream from science, art and commerce. An adult has to make a decision regarding the marriage. A person has to decide whether he has to do job or he wants run a business. The human takes thousands of decisions in his life. The success of his decision is based on his decisions making capability. As human grows, his decision-making capability also grows. Decision making can also base on the past experience. Decision making is very important and basic skill. A good decision can make our life and a bad decision can destroy your whole life.

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3. Time Management

Time Management

Life give us limited hours. Everyone has 24 hours in a day. It is depending on their priority that which work he will do first and which one last. Time management is the key to give equal time to all things. It is generally seen that a man remains busy in his professional life and not able to give time to his family. By doing proper time management he can divide his time for professional life and personal life. Time is very important in our life. Time does wait for us. We have to wait for time.

For the proper utilisation of time we need time management. It is very crucial life skills. Everyone wants to do time management. But only those people will get success in it who has proper knowledge of time management. Now it becomes a complete subject. People are learning about it. Thus, time management is very important for the optimum utilization of time.

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4. Expressing Ourselves

Expressing Ourselves

This is one of the basic life skills that every person should have. Everyone should have the capability of expressing himself/herself. It is important for personal life as well as official life. In personal life when any type of dispute arises then one should have guts to express their thoughts or views. In case of professional life, a person should have the capability of expressing their point of view in front of their colleagues or head. It is generally seen that people do not express their emotions and feelings in front of others. This makes them weak. Expressing ourselves is the basic life skills which makes you stronger and give you more capability to fight. Expressing ourselves doesn’t mean just speaking all the time. It means express our feelings, emotions and opinions when needed. Keeping mum is most stupidity act.

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5. Problem analyzing and solving

Problem analysing and solving

Everyone has problem in his life. Everyone has to face thousands of problems in his life. You cannot live life with problems. That’s why problem analysis and solving is the basic life skill. One has to analyse which problem is becoming hurdle in his life. After this he has to solve the problem. This can be understood by the example. Just suppose you have a coffee shop, you realize that customers prefer another shop instead of you. So, first thing you have to analyse that why customers prefer another shop.

Whether another shop is offering coffee at lower prices or giving a large cup of coffee. After analysing the problem, you have to solve the problem. Your half problem is solved when you examine problems exactly. Many people find difficulty in finding a problem. Thus, problem analysis and solving is another basic life skill which plays a crucial role in our life.

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6. Active Listening


Listening means proper hearing. Listening is the most important basic life skill. A student has to listen his teacher. An employee has to listen his boss. A worker has to listen his owner and husband has to listen his wife. The Listening means hearings, the words and sentences of other people. Listening does work properly till it is effective. Effective listening means that you are proper hearing the other person and understanding what he wants to say. Listening play very important role. A wrong listening or listening half can be a disaster. That’s why proper listening is considered as basic life skill. You have to listen your boss effectively to do work. You have to listen your wife to keep her happy. That’s why listening is the including in basic life skills.

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7. Awareness


Awareness means keeping up-to-date yourself with the current world situation. You have to make necessary changes according to the world. Awareness includes keeping all information of your field. Awareness also includes self-awareness which means knowing ourselves. It means examine the strength and weakness of self. Self-awareness is the most crucial basic skill. A person cannot work beyond his limitations that’s why it is important to know their limitations. Thus, keep yourself update, make necessary changes according to the changes in world and know your strengths and weakness is the basic life skills.

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8. Management of Stress

Management of Stress

Stress refers to the biological and physical reactions of body towards circumstances that frighten us. Stress is the most common problem nowadays. Two persons out of three is suffering from stress problem. Stress cannot be destroyed completely but it can be managed by doing some activities. This mechanism is known as stress management. Stress management is very important. Stress can cause many problems like asthma, anxiety, overeating or under eating, insomnia etc. That’s why it is important to do stress management. We can divert our mind into some other activities which makes us happy. Stress can attack your health very seriously and you have to pay high hospitals charges for it. So, if you want to live life happily and stress free always learn this basic skill of life.

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9. Creativity


Creativity is an art of doing work uniquely. Everyone has different creativity level. Creativity make your work effective and you will able to complete your task in less time. Creativity vary from person to person. Some people have good creativity other has not. You see many mind-blowing people who has the capability to transform the garbage into pretty showpiece. This is nothing but creativity. Some people are more creative and innovative. They have the ability to do work in completely different manner. Creativity is the most basic life skills. A person has to increase their creativity level by doing different things. Creativity helps you a lot. Creativity makes your work attractive and unique from others.

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10. Understanding emotions of other

Understanding emotions of other

We are live in a society together. It is our moral responsibility to understand the emotions, feelings and problems of others people also. It is not good to live in our life and not thinking about others. We have to understand the emotions, feelings and ideas of others. A person has to care about the desire and feelings of another person. It is inhuman activity to live in just own life and forget about others. This is the basic life skills to understand, feel and care about the emotions, feelings, desires and ideas of others persons also. Thinking about only individuality is a bad thing.

These are the basic life skills which makes your life easier and helps you to run life smoothly. Skills are varying from person to person. Skill priority is also different from person to person. The bottom line is that basic life skills are too important and plays crucial role in running our life smoothly. Basic life skills can be acquired by learning or inborn. You can learn these skills by your experience. Life includes too much activities and we have to do lots of hard work to live a happy life. These basic life skills help you to make your work easier and makes you a better person.

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