10 Things To Consider Before Buying A Television

Things To Consider Before Buying A Television

In this article we are going to talk about the 10 Things To Consider Before Buying A Tv. A television is one of the household device which is bought with a though of no idea of replacing it atleast for 10-12 years. And in 10 years, with the pace the technology is increasing new features would have come so much that you might have not imagined unless you regular keep yourself updated with the new technologies. In television the most important component is the screen followed by the speakers and to a surprise screen do make you buy television easily as now days mostly television are sold with reference to sizes be it 32 inch, 40 inch or any other size. There are many brands out there selling television with all same kind of features but at a different price. And this makes it difficult to decide, which television is to be bought.

Top 10 Things to consider before buying a Television

The decision of buying a television usually depends on what you need from your television to do. Some of the major things which one needs to keep in mind have been mentioned below. Before going further, I would like to tell, nowadays it’s the time of LED television, which also will be taken as base here and bring in notice that size of the television is taken in reference to the diagonals. Some important things to consider before buying a Television are listed below:

1. Viewing distance

Viewing distance

Just because you can afford a television of high range of size 55 inch doesn’t mean you should go and buy it. As per the data and different conditions, it is advised that one must have a minimum viewing distance of 4 feet for a 32 inch size. Furthermore one should avoid buying a television below 32inch. As the size of the television increases to 40inch, 43 inch or 55inch, the viewing distance also increases to 7 inch and 9 feet. Therefore first decide the size of the television which you are going to buy based on the place where you will be viewing it.

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2. Audio output

Audio output

What is the use of television if it doesn’t have a good audio output? There are many television options available out there in market which gives you a good quality in terms of picture but when comes to audio; they don’t have a great output. Therefore you should must look for atleast a decent 20W speaker pre-installed in a television for audio output. If it’s not there it’s better to change the model or invest in a sound bar.

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3. Refresh Rate

Refresh Rate

This thing has to do with the picture. Refresh rate means that how many times the picture which is displaying on the screen will get refreshed per second on your television screen. One should have a television with 60Hz refresh rate. It means that 60 times every second, picture will be refreshed. The more the refresh rate is the better it is. It makes the video appear smoother and let the content of various things in the picture view in more detail.

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4. Connectivity options

Connectivity options

Nowadays television is not just limited to be attached with the cable operator wires or set top box wires. They can all kind of different works like playing games on them with your controllers or watching movies or web series with the help of a pen drive or streaming Netflix or you tube online. Therefore look for all the connectivity ports like HDMI, USB ports, AV ports, Wi-Fi in the television you buying. One must have a minimum of 2 each of HDMI and USB ports in the television.

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5. Smart TV

Smart TV

In simple words, Smart TV are those which can connect to the internet you are able to stream any of the content present on the internet directly on your television with the help of the internet. Beside it “smart” may have a different meaning at different brands. One may be using their own kind of system environment and some might be using the android one. So see and find out which one is finding attractive by you and buy it.

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6. Curved TV or Flat TV

Curved TV or Flat TV

As their name suggests curved television is curved from their edges whereas flat television are just flat. The benefit which Curved TV has over the Flat TV is that the curved screen of them is able to follow the shape of our eye. Therefore the picture displaying on the television corners looks sharper to us in case of curved ones than the flat ones. With an advantage, a disadvantage also comes with Curved TV. If we do not sat in an optimal position than the geometry of the picture displaying would be distorted by the curved TV which do not happens in the flat ones.

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7. Screen Resolution

Screen Resolution

Resolution of a television determines the sharpness of the picture. Nowadays you will be able to get a resolution from 720p to 4k. Full HD 1080 is the most common nowadays as there’s no benefit in the HD ready and the 4K ones usually fall out of budget of many. Mostly every video in today’s world is not present in 4k so it’s better to not waste money on 4k television if you can’t afford but if you can afford it that you can buy it so as to be future ready too.

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8. Contrast


It is the feature of the television which helps you in describing the brightness levels of your television. Contrast ratio, if written simply is the difference between the brightest levels and the darkest levels of the television. It makes the difference between a good image and bad image. It has the same criteria like Refresh Rate i.e. the more is the contrast, the better it is.

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9. TV type

Tv Type

Till now the various types of TV available in the market are LCD, LED, QLED, OLED. Most of the LCD TVs use LED on the edges of the screen.  Fully LED televisions are also there present. In these a grid type is created which are lit up and darkened individually. In these types more detailed picture is seen than the LCD ones. This technology is usually used in the starting range

Next comes the QLED where quantum dots are used for backlighting. This technology is used in the mid-range section.

At the end is the OLED technology which uses a layer of organic LED, all are controlled at the pixel level so as to achieve absolute black and stunning level of contrast. This is used in the high range television.

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10. Brand


This is the thing I would like to look after in the end. Only go for brand if you can afford it and not just for fame. The more the brand name is, costlier is it’s television. Where a good company will give you a television at a price range of 20k, the same television if you buy of some branded name will be available around 30k. Therefore look after this thing when you have decided all the other features.

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These are the conditions which you choose one by one and you will be able to buy a good television with all the things which you want in it. But as usual there’s a thing called budget which everyone has to look after so as to run his life easily. Therefore, never ever spend an extra amount of unnecessary money on buying television just so for your false fame.

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