10 Benefits Of being Famous At A Young Age

Benefits Of being Famous At A Young Age

In this article we are going to talk about the 10 Benefits of being Famous at a Young Age. Being famous at a young age is often frowned upon by society. To truly understand the benefits of being famous at a young age, we need to understand what ‘fame’ is. Formally defined, ‘fame is the state of being known or recognised because of their skills or achievements’. Several negative connotations and attributes are affiliated with being famous at a young age. People often think that becoming famous at a very young age will only result in negative outcomes. They believe that fame needs to be handled in a particular manner and this manner comes with age. Thus those who receive fame at a younger age do not know how to handle it and thus they ruin their lives.

10 Benefits of being Famous at a Young Age

Though people might talk about numerous things such as them not being able to have a normal childhood and them being in the spotlight at the age of being in the playground, the positives are undeniable and to a certain extent outweigh the negatives.

1. A Head-start in Life

A Head-start in Life

Receiving fame at a very young age in life gives the person a head start in life. They can go out in the real world and put themselves out and express themselves through their thoughts and through their art which is appreciated and discussed on a wider spectrum with a larger audience. Thus they can put forth their thoughts and ideas and their art out for the world to enjoy, evaluate and cherish and quite often these works are preserved and cherished until posterity. They are thus given a head start in life as opposed to the others of the same age group. At a very young age, they can follow their dreams and earn a living.

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2. Financial independence

Financial independence

Being famous comes with numerous perks and one of them is the financial stability that one earns through their achievements and works. Being famous at a young age means children not only gain financial independence but they also can support their families. Though most children who receive fame are not in complete control of their income, their works allow them to earn a steady flow of income for themselves and their families which most other children in their age group are unable to. Earning money at a young age can be seen negatively by a certain section of society because they are at the age where they must focus on learning, however, it is important to keep in mind that they are learning but differently and that is portrayed through their works.

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3. Expressing themselves

Expressing themselves

Those that receive fame at a young age are allowed to express themselves and channel their creativity through their work. They can incorporate their creative energy, their thoughts and ideas into their work and that is put out into the world for the world to appreciate. Their individuality and their uniqueness is appreciated and quite often criticised by people all over the world. Most people never get the opportunity to do so and thus numerous works of art goes unnoticed and ignored.

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 4. Making a change in the world

Making a change in the world

Being someone famous means that they have a wider spectrum of people they can reach out to all across the globe. Because these individuals have such a wide audience, they can influence numerous people. They, at their young age can use their fame to impact numerous people. Because most of the general population often look up to those in power or those ridden with fame, famous people have the power to greatly impact the people. Younger people can reach out to the younger population and impact them greatly. Famous people can reach out to those in need.

There are numerous instances where people who have used their fame and their benefits from the same to help those in need through charities and donations.  They also have the power to reach people and make them realise the needs of others and to try and make a change in the world and make it a better place. For example; celebrities often use Social media as a platform to reach out to people and make the general population aware of the struggles that certain people are facing and how they can be helped. Because the young generation is the future, the influence of the famous young people can greatly aid in the world becoming a better place.

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5. Explore the world

Explore the world

Being famous also involves being able to travel around the world for the purpose of promoting their art and their work. At a young age individuals cannot only explore the physical world but they are also able to explore themselves and their own experiences and portray that through their works. This is an opportunity that most people are not able to achieve even in the entirety of their lives. Being famous includes having a vast audience and supporters al around the world and thus they can travel the lengths of the world and explore the world in all its entirety and beauty.

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6. Having supporters

Having supporters

Earning fame at a young age means having numerous supporters. At a young age individuals can receive appreciation for their work and earn several supporters all around the world. They often also receive a lot of criticisms for the same but quite often, they receive constructive criticism which allows them to be able to better their work. Thus if at a young age, an artist is given support, appreciation and constructive criticism for their work, if they are passionate they can work more towards the betterment of their work and themselves.

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7. Represent the younger generation

Represent the younger generation

Those who are famous are recognised in society and their thoughts, ideas and opinions are greatly valued and taken into consideration. Their voices are heard and thus they can stand for and be the voice of those that are silenced and shunned by society. They can be the voice of the younger generation and represents them by being their voice. In a society where people often silence the younger generation because they believe they do not know anything because of their lack of experience and their age, they must be represented by someone who will be heard. For example, Greta Thunberg is an environmental activist who brought forth the concerns of the younger generation who fear living in a world that has been destroyed for hundreds of years. Throwing light on other examples, numerous celebrities have fought for Women’s rights and the rights of the people from the LGBTQ+ community.

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8. Learning through Collaboration

Learning through Collaboration

Receiving fame at a young age allows individuals to learn several factors from others who are more experienced in the same field as them. They can collaborate with those who are more experienced and can learn more from them.

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9. Increased self confidence

Increased self confidence

It is very important for individuals to gain self confidence at a young age. Being famous at a young age boosts the self esteem and the self confidence of the individual to a large extent and they are thus able to express themselves better through their work.

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10. Motivational force

Motivational force

Those who receive fame at a young age can also be a great motivational force for others. They can use their fame to encourage others of their age to put themselves out there and follow their dreams. They have the ability to motivate and encourage others.

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 Thus numerous benefits come with being famous at a young age. Although certain people might focus solely on the negative aspects and characteristics and the disadvantages of earning fame at a young age, it is important to keep in mind that fame, just like every other prospect in the world come with certain advantages and certain disadvantages. It also comes with certain positive outcomes and certain negative outcomes, and it all depends on the individual how she/he accepts, embraces and balances both.

As the famous saying goes, ‘Not everyday can be a sunny day.’ It is important to know that though there are numerous obstacles one might face when being famous at a young age, the benefits and the positive characteristics greatly outweigh the disadvantages and the negative aspects. Another factor that we need to keep in mind is that a large section of society does not realise that most people are incharge of the outcomes of their lives and this is not specific to famous people. One has complete control over their lives and it is only in their hands how that choose to live it and what they make of themselves. A person’s life is greatly influenced by those around them and the environment they are in, thus when society talks about how young children ruin their lives when they receive fame, it is quite often generalized.

Those who are famous are constantly under microscopic invigilation and are constantly on media, be it magazines, newspapers, television or social media and their every action is constantly monitored. Thus they are often portrayed negatively and quite often the information provided is false. This however does not mean that other people of the same age group do not do the same things that they are doing. It is only because they are constantly portrayed in a specific manner, the public has a certain image which then results in the generalization of all those who are famous at a young age. Thus resulting in the world seeing fame at a young age as a negative aspect.

However, it is important to keep in mind, whether an individual is famous or not, their life and its outcomes greatly depends on the choices they make and how they deal with all the aspects of their lives, be it positive or negative. Thus by highlighting the benefits of earning fame at a young age, the aim of this article is not to negate the fact that numerous disadvantages come with the same, it is to understand that by striking a balance between both, the benefits and the disadvantages, one can lead a successful and fulfilling life.

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