Why We Should Do Meditation?

Why We Should Do Meditation?

In this article we are going to talk about the why we should do meditation. Health is the most important wealth that one can possess. Our character, thoughts and performance very much depends on our physical as well as mental health. Learning to take care of our body and respecting it can help develop a sense of well-being.

Good health can be achieved mainly through good food and regular exercise. A well balance diet is a key factor in maintaining healthy body. While food provides nutrients and nourishes the body by providing adequate energy, exercising can help burn these calories and help in the proper working of all the organs. It keeps mind and body active.

Yoga is a way of exercising. Yoga helps us to connect our body and mind. Most of the postures involved in yoga basically focuses on meditation. Meditation is basically the act of focussing one’s attention and connecting with yourself. It mainly involves breathing exercises.

Why We Should Do Meditation?

There are different ways in which meditation is practiced. The type differs based on the result one likes to yield form meditation. It has been practiced in various religious and cultural traditions. Meditation has been believed lay the path for self- realisation and enlightenment. It has got various references in cultural and traditional texts and has of been linked with spirituality and the higher purpose of life.

Meditation has a lot of health benefits, both physical and mental health. Practicing meditation can cause a major lifestyle change, in a good way.

1. Improves Concentration

 Improves Concentration

Meditation ultimately aims at improving your focus and concentration. It can make one focus for longer duration and can redirect thoughts when you get distracted. Meditation helps to gather your thoughts and helps to better understand and analyze topics, concepts or situations.

It helps you ignore distractions and make you more motivated. Better focus can help in easy decision making. It can also help analyze concepts better and help in learning. Increased concentration in work can help perfect it with ease.

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2. Reduces Stress

Reduces Stress

Meditation can help reduce stress and the various health issues that come with stress. It aids in making your mind relaxed and peaceful.

It works by reducing the release of stress hormone cortisol and can prevent other complications such as anxiety and depression. Stress can often lead to overthinking which over time can manifest as depression. Meditation helps prevent this by preparing our mind to manage thoughts and think positively. It helps us to trace our thoughts back to its origin and can push out unwanted thoughts.

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3. Reduces Anxiety Issues

Reduces Anxiety Issues

Anxiety can be linked with stress. Managing stress can automatically help reduce anxiety. But certain instances or circumstances can be so overwhelming for some people, usually people suffering from anxiety disorders. This can lead to people experiencing panic attacks.

One of the best ways to deal with panic attack is to breathe in and out slowly and letting yourself calm down. This is a quick meditative session. By practicing meditation regularly one can reduce panic attacks as well as learn to manage them. Experiencing panic attacks and anxiety attacks can result in coronary artery disease.

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4. Overcome Addiction

Overcome Addiction

Addiction is the basically a brain disorder. It makes one feel dependent on a certain activity or substance, more commonly narcotic drugs. This can almost always be harmful, but it is hard to overcome. The sensation or pleasure they provide can be very tempting which leads to that being repeated.

De-addiction is very much possible in all cases. But cutting of the use of the substance or activity can induce certain responses from the body which is termed withdrawal symptoms. This can be very painful and can usually last for a few days.

Meditation helps recover from addiction by making the person realize that he/ she is addicted. In most cases, the patient would be in denial.  By making one realize he’s addicted, he can take control and can work to stop it. Meditation also helps ease out the withdrawal symptoms. While physical withdrawal may last for a few days, it is emotional withdrawal that takes time and can last for months.

Meditation can help recover fast from addiction, both emotionally and physically.

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5. Healthy Heart

Healthy Heart

Reducing stress, anxiety and overthinking can lead to a healthy heart. Stress and anxiety can cause high blood pressure and various other complications. By meditating and relaxing, our blood pressure can be regulated and that is very essential for a healthy heart.

People more prone to heart diseases can reduce the risks by regular meditation. A healthy heart is essential for pumping oxygen to all parts of our body and for nourishing our body.

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6. Manage Your Emotions

Manage Your Emotions

Meditation can help us to manage our emotions and feelings. It helps us to take control of our emotions and build up a good emotional quotient. It can help avoid mood swings and elevate your self- esteem.

It can also prevent impulsive thoughts and actions and help us develop a better understanding of our feelings as well as others. The meditation can bring clarity to thoughts. It makes us empathetic and self-confident.

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7. Helps To Sleep Well

 Most of the people nowadays have uneven sleeping patterns and most are sleep deprived. This could be due to so many reasons, the prime one being stress. Insomnia can also kick in due to various other reasons like anger, grief or trauma.

Meditation does a very good job in inducing good sleep. A calm, relaxed and well composed mind can very easily bring sleep. Sleeping at the right time for at least 7-8 hours is very essential for a healthy body.

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8. Other Health Benefits

Other Health Benefits

Meditation has numerous other health benefits. A healthy heart and mind can obviously lead to a fit body but meditation helps tackle other health issues as well.

Meditation can reduce inflammatory disorders. It can help prevent many diseases like asthma and rheumatoid arthritis. It can also provide relief from pre-menstrual syndrome.

Meditation can also increase pain- tolerance. It helps us to be patient and tolerant and be less temperamental.

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9. Sense Of Satisfaction

Sense Of Satisfaction

Meditation induces a feeling of content and satisfaction with life. It helps elevate our self-esteem and self- confidence. Meditation can help develop a sense of gratitude towards life.

It also makes us kind and compassionate. A healthy mind is an abode of good thoughts and this can reflect on your behavior and attitude towards others. It helps to improve our relationship with others. Regular meditation can also increase your will power over time.

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10. Improves Life Style

Improves Life Style

Meditation opens up one’s mind. It helps us appreciate the small things in life. It changes us into a good human being. It helps us to respect and love our life more and urges us to become better.

Meditation helps prevent social isolation. It helps us to connect with people. The meditation improves the bond we have with ourselves, helps to connect our mind and body. It can gradually lead to improvement in our lifestyle and also our character.

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Practicing meditation has lots of health benefits. If it is practiced regularly the right way, it can benefit us in a lot of ways. It can improve the quality of our life and can make us optimistic. But meditation involves us being alone with our thoughts. While focusing on thoughts and trying to take control of it one might find themselves being overwhelmed. This should be prevented, especially people who has had huge traumatic experiences in the past. Also meditation cannot be forced on anyone. It had to be practiced self willingly and with the right intentions. Believe before you do it. Trust yourself and your body and you will see yourself transform into a better personality.

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