What Does it Mean When a Girl Ignores You, But Likes You?

What Does it Mean When a Girl Ignores You, But Likes You?

In this article we are going to talk about the what does it mean when a girl ignores you but likes you. We humans are gifted with the expression of language to smoothly communicate what we feel, yet we seem to be the ones facing the most problems to do so. I’m pretty sure guys have been confused as to why a girl who is interested in him would ignore him. Sorry girls, but the cat’s out of the bag and I’m going to be dropping all the secrets and motives as to why girls ignore a guy the like.

If a girl is ignoring you, she either is genuinely not interested to talk to you, or she is dying to talk to you but doesn’t know how to. Here’s an interesting fact, it drives girls crazy when guys, especially the one she likes ignores her or doesn’t give her attention. The only way to get a girl’s attention is by not giving her attention because then her interest and curiosity towards you is highly intrigued. A pro tip for every guy out there, focus on her body language, it will never lie. Her body language will speak louder than her words always and just with a shift in focus, you can analyze what she wants. None the less, here are some reasons why a girl ignores you even though she likes you.

What Does it Mean When a Girl Ignores You, But Likes You?

Here are some top reasons due to which a girl ignores you even though she likes you described below in detail:

1. The girl wants you to make the first move before her

The girl wants you to make the first move before her

Girls prefer being the catch rather than having to chase a guy. It makes her feel more special when a guy puts in efforts just to get a few seconds to talk to her and these efforts never go unnoticed, as you may think. A girl will notice everything you do for her, but she might just not let you want to believe so. She wants the guy to take the initiative and set the pace for their feelings or sense of attraction towards each other.

They want you to take the lead and set a tempo. Even if she is dying to talk to you, she will act composed and just wait for you to make the first move, no matter how long it takes for you to do so. And trust me, it’s not about her ego being bigger than yours, she just wants to feel wanted and desired and she wants you to express that through your actions.

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2. She wants to play hard to get

She wants to play hard to get

Girls love the whole phase before the actual relationship when they can play hard to get and witness all the tactics guys deploy to woo them of their feet. Even if she is highly attracted to you and is always available for you, she will never let you know that. She will purposely respond late to your texts, be a bit busier and try to convey the message to you that she is not going to be available always at your convenience.

She will want you to realize her worth and do various things incessantly until she makes you realize that. Even if she just wants to come running to you every time you call her, she will always pretend to be busy and have other important things to do. Girls love this phase where they have that kind of control over a guy and love teasing you because they know for a fact that you will heed to everything she says at that point in time.

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3. She’s too shy to talk to you

She’s too shy to talk to you

Let alone talking to you, some girls are so shy to even be around the guy she likes. The moment her crush walks in, she becomes super conscious about herself and is suddenly very aware of her surroundings. For her, talking to you even for just a minute might overly excite her and make her cheeks flush. The girl will not even be able to make eye contact with you while talking to you and will always try to create some distraction. She is also likely to overthink the entire conversation in her head all the time but suddenly words don’t seem to roll off her tongue when she’s with you. She is probably highly overthinking everything she said to you and would never talk to you out of the fear that she might say something stupid to you and embarrass herself.

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4. She wants you to notice her

She wants you to notice her

Guys generally like a more mysterious girl who doesn’t seem so available all the time. She will put all her efforts to grab your attention but will ever come directly and talk to you. She will put on her best pair of clothing and match everything perfectly, just to make you look at her once. But she will pretend like you don’t even exist when you walk past her even though her heart is happily dancing to the beats of her pride. Two people talk more with each other with their thoughts than when they talk directly, and she has already planned the entire set up in her head with a full execution strategy to get your attention. The best part is, there is always a contingency plan as well.

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5. She feels you’re too arrogant

She feels you’re too arrogant

Girls love confident guys, but there’s a fine line between confidence and arrogance which most guys fail to realize. If a guy is so full of himself and looks down upon others thinking it will make him looker, he is completely wrong. A girl will never try to talk to you if you are so rigid and give her a very arrogant vibe and are unnecessarily rude to people. If she feels you are unapproachable and don’t have a welcoming vibe, she will stay clear of you even if she likes you.

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6. She might be genuinely busy

She might be genuinely busy

We all live in a fast-paced and dynamic world, where we fall out if we don’t keep up with this pace. Sometimes a girl doesn’t deliberately ignore you, she is just too busy with her work and you slip off her mind which is filled with the hundreds of things she is required to get done. The same applies to boys as well. People get too engrossed in their work that they sometimes neglect their personal lives, which is understandable. In such situations, talking to each other and communicating your thoughts will help avoid any misunderstandings and create a healthy relationship.

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7. She might have lost interest in you

She might have lost interest in you

As bitter as this sounds, it is the truth and it happens in several cases. She might just not find that spark with you or doesn’t feel the connection to take things further, after getting to know you well enough. She might have even found someone else with whom she has better chemistry and who activates the butterflies in her stomach, which she doesn’t feel with you. The two of you may just have very varying interests and can’t seem to find a mutual connection because your vibes don’t match. This is completely fine because you don’t need to click with everyone, be it a girl or a guy.

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8. She might find you to be too clingy

She might find you to be too clingy

Girls hate clingy guys and those who never give her personal space. She might be interested in you, but if she feels you’re taking things ahead too fast and interfering in her life too much and she needs some more time to sort things out in her head, she will ignore you for the time being. She might not yet be ready to be emotionally invested in you and will want to take her time to get to know you better so that she can make a much more informed decision.

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9. She doesn’t want to give you the power over her

She doesn’t want to give you the power over her

Even if a girl is head over heels for you, she will never let you have control over her than can break her down. She will build a wall around herself and try to make you feel that you can have no sort of power over her so that she doesn’t get hurt. She might have a sorrowful past and might not trust you immediately, which is why she will try to keep her distance and take time to sort out what she wants with you. The girl doesn’t want to seem too vulnerable and fragile in front of you. She will blatantly ignore you just to show you that you can’t break her heart and she is strong enough to withstand anything. This just shows that she needs more time to trust you and the two of you should try spending more time getting to know each other.

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10. She feels you’re not interested in her

She feels you’re not interested in her

It’s all glitter and sparkles in the start until she suddenly feels that you are not putting enough efforts to be with her and senses mixed signals from you. The minute a girl gets confused, she will back off and take time to think through what is happening. The initial momentum that was built between the two of you might have been lost, which will make her doubt her choices and your interest in her.

This is when the conversations are dull, there is nothing new to talk about, the tempo is lost, and the guy seems to be unsure. If you want a girl to know that you are emotionally invested, you should show it to her and make her feel special. Be it a girl or a guy, your actions will speak for your true feelings and one must never try to mislead the other by concealing their true feelings.

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It all boils down to how effective your communication is because communication is the key to everything. Be open and vocal about your feelings and try to understand what the opposite party feels about you as well. Put in efforts to show each other that you care because every small gesture counts as it finally adds up to the bigger picture. Don’t be too afraid of rejection and just shoot your shot, if it clicks well and good. If not, you will have someone better waiting for you.

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