Why You Should Travel Around The World?

Why You Should Travel Around The World?

In this article we are going to talk about the why you should travel around the world. Travelling! This one word is strong enough, to bring back all of those vacation vibes and memories. Travelling is that one attribute, which we all have started ignoring and are giving, a busy work schedule as an excuse, for doing so. Travelling is a must, one must try to travel and discover different places and try on various kinds of things, which one could never even think of

Top 10 Reason why you should travel around the world

So here are those ten reasons as to  why you should travel around the  world.

1. To Give a Feast To Your Eyes

To Give a Feast To Your Eyes

Getting to  see flowers and vibrant colour everywhere, you could gaze. This might be so delightful to even think about. When you travel, you get exposed to various types of new things. You get to see how the world actually looks. You get to see places different than your locality. One gets to meet and greet new people.

When one travels, they start noticing all of the minute details of mother nature.

For instance, watching a mother of sparrows, feed them with some food or enjoy a breath taking view of a sunrise or an eye catching visual of a sun  set or some such changes in the atmosphere, which makes the sky looks pink or swallow the orange colour completely and enjoy with the chirping birds. All of this is quite scenic to gaze at and the one who could see it, is quite fortunate enough to see it.

 This is something which one cannot do when they are at their home, just chilling in their living room and watching some random or out dated sit com. For enjoying all of these marvels of nature and experiencing them, one needs to get out of their comfort zone, pack up their bags, take in some money and hop on a convenient mode of transport and travel to different places across the globe.

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2. Explore Nature

Explore Nature

We all know that many of those places where tourist generally prefer to go or have a visit are situated at different geographical zones.  Now when people travel to visit different places, they generally cross their geographical zone and reach another zone, they tend to experience, various changes.

These are changes in the climate, temperature and a lot of physical features of a place. These changes, for instance changes in temperature, make different type of flora and fauna available at that particular place. There is a variation, variation in the climatic cycle because of this. Different types of trees, maybe some extinct animals, make people wonder about the beauty of the mother earth.

One can keep on wo⁰ndering and fantasizing about the marvels of the nature. This also invoked sense of observation amongst humans and this attribute is one of the most important attribute, one must possess in their lives.

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3. Come Across Different Languages

 Come Across Different Languages

Travelling not only introduced us to different climatic conditions or people, but also different types of languages spoken. Travelling different places around the world makes us realise that even pronunciation of words are different and are mostly location oriented.

For example; a particular word had a different pronunciation in Britain and a completely different one in the United states. Travelling also makes us aware that the any word used to denote any attribute or actions are not the same. They can be different.  For ex there is a word “flyover”, which means there is a raised a bridge which carries one particular railway line or a road over another. Now, in the US, fly overs are called as over pass. The function or the meaning of both the words are the same, its just they  have different words used, based upon their location.

We come to know about this, only and only when we travel to different places.

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 4. Discover Various Types Of Cultures

Ddiscover Various Types Of Cultures

We all know that different places have different languages as well as different kind of pronunciation and word usage. Because of the difference in the following factors, there is a difference, even in the kind of culture, these places possess.

Once we start travelling, we will eventually realise that there are different incarnations of God, different types of customs and a lot more complex and diversified religions. With different religions come different customs and practice to hr followed. One can easily explore all of these and understand the versatility of different religions only and only when one starts travelling around the world.

Travelling makes people merge and mingle and understand each other an their background. This broadens one’s thinking and mentality. There is exchange of thoughts and ideas. People understand and learn about different types of cultures and what their religious ideologies are. People tend to become more and more open minded, when they start travelling to different places.

In this way, people start learning about community development as well. Thus travelling is necessary for understanding different aspects of leading a happy and a healthy life.

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5. Good For Our Mental Health

Good For Our Mental Health

When one tracked, they get to go to different places, do different types of things. These may include sight seeing, telling, visiting temples or going down the lane for a long walk in a soothing climate. All of these things start giving one pleasure and are really necessary for one to maintain their mental health.

When one travels, they start discovering different places, they start resonating with such kind of atmosphere and start mingling easily with the people they meet, make new friends and start being happy and cheerful. Once some one travels they start feeling some feeling in the air, and once they get accustomed to this feeling, they easily become relaxed and start chilling and unleashing their stress and worries. This enhances one’s self love and keeps their mental peace on the right track.

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6. When You Have a Good Amount Of Savings

When You Have a Good Amount Of Savings

People prefer travelling when they have whole lot of savings secured. This is an amazing way of enjoying traveling to different places. When one has a lot of money, they can spend it on good food, visiting new places and a lots more.

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7. For Some Fun

For Some Fun

Travelling is quite a fun activity to do. When one travels, especially with a food company; maybe close friends or their family. One tends to go to all of those places liked by all the people in their group. This increase the number of places one visits. This not only adds the fun factor but also helps one to make tonnes of new and fresh memories.

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8. When You Need Some Sort Of Adventure In Your Life

When You Need Some Sort Of Adventure In Your Life

We all know that travelling is quite versatile, we get to learn a lot by simple travelling to quite a number of places.

Travelling not only teaches us mingling with different people, but also teaches us life lessons and gives us an adventurous kick in our lives.

People have generally travelled for loads of adventures. Para gliding is one of the most wanted and loved sport.  People from all he nook  and corners, try their hands on this sport.

River rafting is another adventurous sport, where people show their bravery and their resistence to cold temperatures. This is because river rafting is quite often carried out at places with very less temperature.

One must try on various adventurous sports, and for that one must travel quite often to various different places on the earth.

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9. When One Desires To Try Out Different Cuisines

When One Desires To Try Out Different Curisines

Our taste buds get bored of having the same type of food. This is not something wrong. It’s quite natural and bound to happen; because change is what our mind craves for and change is what makes one happy.

When one travels, he or she gets introduced to a lot of different kinds of food. When food is prepared by using a different method, its taste changes. This is what one realises when he or she travels. This is what the magic of travelling is. Food Is  not limited to just one cuisine. There is a variety of food available. Different cuisines, which one ant even keep a count on our fingers.

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10. You Should Travel To Make Some Change With In Your Self

You Should Travel To Make Some Change With In Your Self

Travelling is the best teacher, it teaches us  a lot of things. Be it mingling with people and broadening our outlook or making new things.

From learning new languages to making new friends, from travelling to different places and sight seeing to completing all of the adventurous sports, from forgetting home made food and instant and ready to make food mixes or noodle to trying out different types of cuisines and different taste buds.

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 Travelling covers it all. This is the reason, that traveling can be considered as a blessing in disguise, as it helps in learning all of these things.

Travelling is quite interesting, by now we all are aware that what are the different reasons, why we should travel across the world. Travelling is a must, it helps us in understanding what life actually means. The travelling activity should surely be in one’s  to do list.

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