How To Become Someone’s Best Friend?

How To Become Someone’s Best Friend?

In this article we are going to talk about the How to become someone’s best friend? The strenuous journey to the successful future, sad and tired nights with cold wind and even the glorious triumphs at the end will be incomplete without a companion to share them with. Best friends mark their territory around you, guard you from bad relationships, toxic family members and constantly keeps pushing you to work hard. While it is easy to find friends its extremely difficult to become best friends. Once in a blue moon you meet some people whom we connect with gradually and form a soulmate like closeness.

How to become someone’s best friend?

The world is too sad and cruel to be alone. A close friend who shields you from the misery, a companion in the fun is what we all want deep down. There are no shortcuts to become best friends with someone. But of course, there are some methods that can develop a deeper bond between your friend and you. Find out them below.

1. Fun


The shared memories of unlimited fun, all of the laughter and the jokes creates an inevitable bond that cannot be easily broken. I remember the first time me and my best friend of 8 years met. We were put together as a team for a club activity at school. As the game progressed, we became less awkward and had tonnes of fun and laughter together. By the end of the program, we were inseparable. Inviting the guy or girl you want to be your friend to have fun is an easy way to befriend them. The more the time spend with them joyfully the closer you become. Forming a bond like soul mates is a gradual process. It takes many fights and tears to reach a point where nothing can break you apart. Trust the process you are in.

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2. Trust and honesty

Trust and honesty

The key to a long and lasting friendship is trust. Trust forms the foundations on which a strong connection is formed. You need trust in your friend and they expect the same from you. From maintaining the vow of silence on their secrets, keeping guard of their crush’s name, to not snitching on them to their parents or teachers will surely develop trust in you. Let your friend know that they can depend on you always anytime. Trust is an invisible promise between people. They don’t have to speak about keeping a secret you have to know it without them saying.

Never break their confidence in you. Make them believe that as long as you are there nothing can go wrong. If you want to come across as a trustworthy person, make sure to stay a mile away from gossipers. If you constantly dish out on your friend even as a fun joke, they will slowly loose the confidence they had on you. Be truthful to them for them to be true to you. Honesty and transparency is a must in friendship.

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3. Compassion


Whenever the grannie who lives next door is sick or tired her all time bestie aka my grandma visits her. They spend hours together chatting, sometimes even brooding in a silence together. They met each other in their early twenties when they married into their respective families. Their compassion never seizes to amaze me even on a rainy day they can be seen sipping tea often doing nothing but sharing their days stress and comforting one another. The time spend tending to each other’s wounds, visible and the invisible ones bring you closer. Be the bandage to your friends cut. Giving a hand in healing. Call your friend whenever they are feeling sick, take care of them, buy medicines. Be gentle and considerate whenever they need it.

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4. Partner in crime

Partner in crime

If you do crazy over the top shit together and have the time of your life even when you turn the whole place upside down needless to say you have already become best friends. Be the mischievous pair, be that friend who will be there for all kind of fun. The synergy between you will be always exploding with energy. Share that side of you that you have never shown anyone before. The wildest side that does all the insane things. Next time you cut your class invite your friend too. Do all the silliest stuffs together and when you get caught share the punishment together too.

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5. Supporting protective

Supporting protective

No one understands us as much as our best friend, am I right? Parents, teachers and counsellors can only do so little to uplift us. Best friends always support each other through the thick and thin. You will be knowing their real dreams and desires, their aim in life, the career they want. A best friend is someone who understands your dreams, critically analyses our capabilities, believe in us and correct us if we are in the wrong. They guide us through the right path, support our dreams and find happiness when we achieve the same. To be someone’s best friend give advice and unwavering support to them when they most need it. Best friends always protect us in their optimal capacities, even as a silent shadow.

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6. To the sunsets and sun rises

To the sunsets and sun rises

No place is hard and dull to travel if you are with your loved ones. Travel often with your pal. explore the familiar and the unknown together. When you go on trips together, you get to know the different sides we’ve never seen before. It is a good way to form a deeper relationship between your friend than before. Go on crazy adventures together. Be each other’s support when you do sky diving and paragliding. Take a lot of photos together. Relive them by sharing the stories many years later.

Camping is a fun exercise to strengthen relationship. Building a tent together, setting up a cozy space inside with fire increases the intimacy with your friend. Going on long car rides also does the same, since you are both stuck inside the same vehicle. It does not really matter where you are going, it is about whom you are going with those matters. Do you know that the same old sunset and sun rises are never the same with your friend? Each day marks a new memory.

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7. Understands deeply the likes and dislikes

Understands deeply the likes and dislikes

How much do you know about your friend? Do you know what drives them mad? What makes them extremely happy? Their crush? Their favorite book? I don’t mean the generic replies your friend gives to everyone but what they really like inside. My bestie always answers her favorite food is sushi to her boyfriend, she even has a programmed answer to her favorite restaurant. But both me and her knows that her bias is fries and chips. She will even choose chips over me mind you. Observing your friend teaches us a lot about them. From The face they make when a certain someone walks by to the crack in their voice can tell you a lot about them. Learn about their allergies, the foods that gives them gas, the fragrance that puts their mind at ease and the passion they have for arts.

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8. Through the good and the bad times

Through the good and the bad times

Friends become best friends and soulmates when they go through similar experiences together. even through the worse times, be with them. Fighting for a cause together can definitely level up the bond between you two. Mark your presence when your friends is struggling and help them find a way out to the light. Be with them when you have the spotlight. Your journey is not yours alone. Your best friend is your partner for whom you will readily show the light. I have seen many temporary friends over the course of my life. Whenever I am in trouble and can’t get out of my own the hands that were around me slowly disappears. Usually, I see just one hand and that is my best friend. We stick by our best friends in all their dilemmas, even if they are too reluctant to ask for it.

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9. Comfort zone and listen

Comfort zone and listen

The besties always have each other. The moment their eyes lock in a party with total strangers, they get relaxed. You don’t need many people to have a great night you just need that one person whose been with you through everything at the end of the day. With your best friend you are able to talk and talk about all your insecurities and self-doubts knowing that they are actually listening to you. You know that the chai time with your bestie spilling all the dirt can ease you of your tensions with full confidence that these won’t be disclosed later on. you must be patient to develop such a link with your friend.

Calm to listen to the end of your friends chatter even if its bullshit, help them make decision all the while offering a comfortable atmosphere. The best way to make people more comfortable is by exposing the embarrassing things about yourself. Then your friend will feel comfortable to share theirs too. Even spending time in a bench just staring at the endless sea, all silent is comfortable among the best friends. All the farts and smelly socks are funny not awkward between the two of you.

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10. Accepts the whole of you

 Accepts the whole of you

Best friend completes you in all aspects. They know the parts that you lack in and they complete you by helping you there. Also, They are not embarrassed by you loud voice and snorts while laughing like your boyfriend. They are not ashamed of your grades or your job like your parents. They love you knowing all of these and still proudly proclaims that you are their best friend forever. Everyone has things that they would rather hide from the world. Do you know what they are for your friend? It can be a sad family life, a tragic past or whatever. Will you still see your friend through the same, yes? Are you embarrassed when your friend speaks bad English? Can you accept their dark skin tone? The more you accept the weirdness and the uniqueness of your friend the greater buddies you become.

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