How Can I Improve Myself Every Day?

How Can I Improve Myself Every Day?

In this article we are going to talk about the How can I Improve Myself every day? The road to self-realization is a gradual process. Nirvana is a state of mind achieved through effort and is an idealistic state that we all aspire to reach. But realistically speaking can a person attain even a state of mind at par with Nirvana. I strongly believe you can. We are all humans with the ability to self-evaluate and to make amendments in the way we lead our life. Unlike an ant which can only move from its colony to gather food and back, you get to do more with your life. Even with the small portion of brain we use, we have gained so much in life. Have you ever thought how your life can be transformed if you increase your productivity a bit more?

How can I Improve Myself every day?

There are many places where we lack in, finding out the same and rectifying the problems can help you lead a happy and productive life. You can find Top 10 tips to be followed every day on how to improve yourself here. See yourself metamorphose to the most ideal version of yourself.

1. Say Bye-Bye to Procrastination

 Say Bye-Bye to Procrastination

Procrastination is dangerous. Whether it is for submission of an important assignment, finishing new project assigned by your manager or in getting up early, perform your task as early as possible. Leaving out tasks for tomorrows will in the end result in a massive pile of chores you have to complete. It is the most important tip to self-improve. Make it a habit to finish your duties well before the deadline. This is also applicable to household chores such as cleaning up, washing dishes and cloths.

Have you noticed that one day’s laziness to wash cloths will result in formation of a heap of it causing bad smell? Just like the saying goes, “Early bird catches the worm” never dilly dally on the daily tasks you have to complete. Schedule the tasks strictly and follow them to be well ahead of time. This would definitely help you to have a successful career. Stop convincing yourself that there is still a lot of time left.

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2. One skill a day

One skill a day

There is no such thing as too much when it comes to learning new skills. Imagine how impressive your resume would be if you had many skills. It can help you through many situations in life. Learn basic skills such as cooking, computer skills etcetera. even beginners can easily learn graphic designing, web development, SEO training and much more. This will help them to earn than extra coin. For graduates it enriches their CV. Scores of people teach themselves video editing online and make big money. Some even start their own freelancing after in depth self-teaching. Learning many skills make you more knowledgeable and interesting in the eyes of others. Upskilling is very easy in today’s age and times through online services of Skill Share, Coursera, Udemy and many more.

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3. Self-care no internet

Self-care no internet

To improve yourself the first step is to rejuvenate yourself. Everyday make sure to keep aside at least 30 minutes for a self-care session at home or office. Meditate daily for some time to relieve stress. De stress yourself through religiously doing skin care routines. My favorite time of the day is lying by the balcony with a cool sheet mask on, music playing softy in the background. Self-care includes complete purification of one’s inner soul and mind as well as external skin. Self-care routine creates an overflowing positive energy. It leaves us energized to face the next day with vivacity.

Don’t spend your off days in front of your phone. Turn off your Wi-Fi or mobile data and connect with the real physical world around you. Spend time on full body care. Most people are worn out by the middle of the week, take extra care on those days. Have yourself a whole pampering session on Wednesdays to drive out the exhaustion and drowsiness.

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4. Personal Diary

Personal Diary

Start of the day by going through your very own personalized diary. Enter all the goals of the day in bullet points. Strike them out after completion. This will give you a sense of accomplishment. You can write down how your day went in the diary. Mention the areas you feel you were lacking by the end of the day, also self-assess and suggest ways to overcome those faults. A diary is helpful even many years down the lane to remember the important things that happened on a specific day.

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5. Find a new hobby

 Find a new hobby

Keep yourself busy by adopting new hobbies. Hobbies make your life more colorful. They occupy our leisure time more productively. Hobbies can be something like collecting old coins to toffee wrappers. There is no one judging you. One of my friends keep a book which she calls her “Anemone”, named after bright red and purple flowers symbolizing “anticipation”, she glues beautiful flower petals on every page of the book. Any color and any variety can be found on her small diary. The hobby keeps her busy at the same time she learns something new about the flower world. It is also always good to have a hobby that earns you money. Writing, DIY crafts, photography and even gaming can earn you money if you look for opportunities at the right place.

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6. Learn new language

Learn new language

Revamp your old image to one of an intellectual. Try to learn to read and write in new language. This has many benefits. Developing multilingual skills has been known to increase a person’s brain power be it better memory, analytical thinking and problem solving. Choose a language that is most in demand in your country for job opportunities. Or like me You can also select language that you would really love to learn without force which in my case in Korean. Set yourself an aim to complete reading a book or even watching a series in that language without aid. Keep challenging yourself.

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7. A book for every week

 A book for every week

Books can change our perceptions of the world as we know it. they are powerful tools for self-development. Spend at least 15 minutes a day on reading good quality books. “Awaken the giant within”, by Anthony Robbins and “Rich dad poor Dad” by Robert KIyoski are two of the must reads in my list. Reading introduces you into a new world, which allows you to be free from all biases and re examine every aspect of life. Reading non fiction books are important and fun too. They might offer you more information and grasp of a problem than other methods. Reading expands your world.

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8. Exercise Routine

Exercise Routine

A healthy body is essential to keep up with the daily hectic lifestyle of the current century. Be it a student or a working professional, both parties have to spend majority of their time in front of a PC. Sitting like a log in one posture for too long can cause serious illness among adults and children. Human body is designed not as a static being. One must move around every 1 hour at least. There is no age bar for exercise. The intensity of the same can be adjusted according to the present body restrictions and age. include 40 minutes int your schedule for exercise. Burn off excess calories and maintain a healthy weight. By doing regular exercise you reduce chances for stroke, diabetes, Blood Pressure and Depression, Anxiety among a few. Exercise also gives you self-satisfaction and energy to start of the day.

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9. Cut off all the negative

Cut off all the negative

It is impossible for the sands of time to stop falling. so why should you spend even a fragment of it on pessimistic people and prying eyes. The world is so wide and broad for you to explore it. keep a safe distance between those who constantly puts you off. Learn how to say yes and more importantly No to certain requests. To ask someone to stay positive is the easiest advice to give, but the hardest for them to actually follow.

Remaining optimistic about life in fact depends on the environment you are surrounded with. For a healthy mind, weed out the unnecessary junk of thoughts forever. Improve yourself by removing the bad habits. Get help from a trusted family member or friend to reduce smoking or drinking habits. Avoid over thinking and analyzing. As much as it is important to have a well-planned life, it is equally necessary to leave many things out to fate. It is unnecessary stress to have to constantly be worried about the unknown future, when you can actually utilize the time on the present.

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10. Family Hour

Family Hour

Life is only complete and happy with the few people who keeps it from wilting away. A whole day’s stress can be eliminated in a matter of minutes by having a heart-to-heart conversation with your close family members and friends. They are the panacea to all your problems. Having a shoulder to lean on is the biggest blessing one can have. End everyday with a good chat with them. Share the jokes as well as the pain. When you empty yourself of all the worries you automatically become more enthusiastic about the next day. It takes effort from everyone’s side to keep a bond alive. Catchup with them often, don’t always let them find you first. Encourage your dearest to embark on the journey of self-improvement with you

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