How to Improve Memory Power And Concentration Power in Studies?

How to Improve Memory Power And Concentration Power in Studies?

In this article we are going to talk about the how to improve memory power and concentration power in studies. While studying it is important of being aware of what your strengths and your weaknesses are, so that you can improve on your strengths and work even harder on your weaknesses. When you know that there is a topic or subject you are lagging behind in, your mind tends to focus more on that field or either get bored of it. Majority of people face issues in concentration or memory power. Humans brains do not remember everything it goes through. A million things happen during a day and everything cannot be remembered by us.

It can become an obstacle for a brighter future, concentration is the key element in completion of any assigned work as it cannot be completed effectively unless you concentrate on it.

10 Best Ways to improve memory power and concentration power in studies

Here are some tips about how you can increase your concentration and memory power.

1. Yoga


Yoga helps in improving concentration as it relaxes our muscles, soothes our mind and as our body relaxes, the distractions decreases as our mind focuses more on a healthy body and a healthy mind .Thus, we cannot concentrate our minds into studies. As there are certain body postures in yoga that specifically help in improving your concentration power and regulate the pattern of breathing that help you release stress and concentrate on studies. Yoga also makes your mind fresh which increases your memory power as fresh minds tend to you remember better and memorize things better. Yoga not only increases your concentration and memory power but also has many health benefits and is suggested by many physicians in order to keep your body and mind fit and relaxed. A person will obviously be able to focus and remember things better then they will be physically and mentally fit.

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2. Meditation


Meditation helps a person to improve their memory as well as concentration as it help you focus. A person does not have to stick to just way to meditation. As meditation helps you focus you can understand things in a better way and easily. Meditation is an easy way to let out negative thoughts and feelings and let in positivity. You don’t have to follow a strict schedule to meditate.

You can meditate anytime, anywhere you’re comfortable. Meditation means focusing on your breathing pattern, or how your body responds to various command given by our brain, it refers to understanding yourself. Doing Meditation for long is not easy for beginners, so it does not have to be long. Meditation for about 30 minutes a day with or without intervals is also effective. Meditation in short span of time when done regularly, has a large impact on human brains. As per the surveys conducted by scientists, meditation is the easiest way to improve your focus which in result helps to improve memory even for people with short term memory and better concentration.

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3. Consume Dry fruits

Consume Dry fruits

Dry fruits such as Walnuts, almonds and pine nuts are always said as brain friendly. Do you remember how your elders force you to eat dry fruits, especially almonds? But you never knew the reason or benefit you could get from it. All dry fruits being good for your body, there are some dry fruits which improves your memory and concentration. As scientifically proven, dry fruits are rich in healthy acids, antioxidants and also Vitamins. Majorly, Vitamin E is found in such dry fruits that help in proper working of the break, decreases damage of the information stored, Hence improving the memory. These dry fruits also help in improving your sleep pattern as well.

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4. Visualization


Human brains tend to remember images more than audios or writings. It is is always beneficial to visualize the points to be remembered. Images can be retained faster by a human brain then the text memorized and that’s scientifically proven. Even teachers in schools and colleges try to depict answers in the form of images so that it could be remembered by the student in the long run. Visualizing things make it less boring and more interesting to concentrate on them. Images are are more eye catching and difficult to ignore as compared to text. More information can be remembered by human brain via images than in any other form. Visualizing anything is just a better way to remember them.

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5. Make Acronyms

Make Acronyms

When someone studies a huge amount of data altogether, the information stored by the brain might mix it together, leading to inaccuracy of information or not remembering it at all. So while studying a person should always make use of Acronyms, as our mind can store information that is brief and compact.

For Example. There are already some Acronyms used in various subjects to make it easy to understand.  Like in mathematics BODMAS is the most used Acronym for kids and it refers to ‘Brackets ,of, Division, multiplication, addition and subtraction ‘  which along with all the calculations to be used also states the order in which they should be used, this being an example of already provided acronym to the students,  students can also make acronyms for other information making it easier for them to remember.

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6. Repetition


Repetition refers to revisions, i.e. repetition refers the regular need of the minds of students to study the same topic regularly after some time so that you do not forget it, as human brain does not store all the information given to it as it is. Each and every memory deteriorates when a new data is given to it. Reading or listening the same thing again and again makes it clearer in the mind of the reader or listener and makes them remember it for the longer period of time. Going through one thing again and again leaves a greater impact on the brain.

Repetition of things makes it difficult to be forgotten and it is one of the best ways to remember things. Even schools and colleges advice their students to do so which is not followed by all. Repetition of things majorly audios tend to last longer. For example people remember lyrics of songs just by listening to them again and again, it could be the same way with your studies, just your syllabus in place of lyrics of songs.

Repetition of things makes it difficult to be forgotten and it is one of the best ways to remember things. Even schools and colleges advice their students to do so which is not followed by all. Repetition of things majorly audios tend to last longer. For example people remember lyrics of songs just by listening to them again and again, it could be the same way with your studies, just your syllabus in place of lyrics of songs.

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7. Regular breaks

Regular breaks

A human mind cannot concentrate on the same subject for very long. Everyone has a limit till they can concentrate onto something for a long time. This limit differs from mind to mind, but usually it varies from 40 minutes to 1 hour 30 minutes . As it is the maximum limit a human mind can concentrate on a specific topic. So, in order to increase the concentration one should always take a break when they’re tired or begin to get distracted by other things around. Taking breaks from studies after ever set period of time means that you have given a short period of time to your minds to penetrate the information given and then relax, so that you can concentrate more on your further topics.

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8. Minimize distractions

Minimize distractions

While studying a boring topic our minds tend to get distracted even by small activities or things around us. So, in order to improve  your memory and concentration it is important to minimize distractions, as distractions are not easy to avoid. It is better to get rid of distractions while studying, as avoiding distractions is also a distraction. It is important that to make sure that the place you’re studying is a quiet place, with nothing to distract around you. Now these distractions are not the same for everyone, it includes your mobile phone, emails, things you’re attracted to such as for kids it might be toys, whereas for adults their computers, whatever they might be, while studying your studying area should be free of them and be quiet so that you can peacefully concentrate on your studies and focus more.

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9. Sleep schedule

Sleep schedule

Incomplete sleep would not give you peace of mind, body will not be able to relax, mind will keep on thinking about something or other. People will not be able to focus or concentrate on one thing if their mind isn’t relaxed and and get distracted easily, not being able to focus on one thing and with several things going inside one’s brain will tend to make them tired and exhausted easily.

It is very important to complete your sleep schedule of 7 to 8 hours a day in order to keep your mind relax and focused. If the mind is already tired it would not be able to understand and focus and will require sleep in between the work being done. Improper sleep can also cause brain diseases as a result of which concentrating on one thing won’t even be the issue but to do the work itself will be a problem.

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10.Calming Music

Calming Music

Everyone has their own way to relax themselves and freshen up their minds. According to science nature sounds at as calming music which relaxes your mind and makes you feeling less in pressure which helps in more concentration. Not all nature sounds act as the calming music but some nature sounds such as voices of animals, birds and other disturbing noises act as the distraction. Calming music includes voice of rain, waterfall, a flowing water and waves, voice of fresh breeze etc act as the calming music. It is one of the best ways to relax your mind for better concentration.

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