Advantages And Disadvantages Of Having Long Hair

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Having Long Hair

In this article we are going to talk about the Advantages and Disadvantages of having long hair. “The only thing I want to do with your hair is get out of it, literally.” This is a famous quote from the movie Tangled, where the protagonist is a girl with exceptionally blonde hair which possesses  magical powers. In real life, long hair might not give you magical powers but it does make you feel like you have them. Imagine walking down the streets with a mane which is shining under the bright sun, reflecting all the rays falling on it.

Attributes like these add to your character, very strongly, reflecting yourself to be an image of this immensely confident person.
Long hair was a feature every actress and even actors used to flaunt in the olden days. People have become more versatile with their hairstyles and hair lengths nowadays but the value of long hair is not lost! People still love to watch a well maintained head of hair and if it is styled well, it can make you feel like you have superpowers, very much like the princess Rapunzel.
To top it all off, if you flaunt your hair over established platforms, you can just build a career for yourself in the hair care industry which showers you with endless opportunities.

Actors ranging from Shah Rukh Khan from Bollywood, to Johnny Depp from Hollywood have donned long hair and pulled it off quite well. They even reached the peak of their career with their long hair and helped popularize the culture of having long hair amongst men. It was because of the fact that they pulled it off so well that this culture got popularised.

Certain advantages of having long hair include: having the versatility to style your hair in diverse ways, having to wash your hair less often as chances of it getting oily very fast is unlikely, people with good quality long hair can engage in hair product advertisement, it also provides protection against the cold, and shows that you are confident in the texture of your own hair throughout its length. Similarly, some disadvantages are: it is very tiring to style, takes a long time to dry, tends to get tangled up in clothes or linens, it is a lot of weight to tie up, lot of monetary costs in parlours.

5 Advantages of having long hair

Here are the advantages of having long hair discussed below:                                        

1. Versatility


An excess of something not only means more in amount, but it also paves the way for more opportunities and ways to play around with the excess amount. A person having long hair means there is more hair to play around with. Hence more ways of styling, and more diversity amongst styles to work with. You can tie it in any way you want, you can colour it in a lot of ways, and you can even try different haircuts. A lot of complicated designs can be practiced on long hair. Further, new styles can also be invented through experimentation on long hairs.

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2. Wash less often

Wash less often

Due to its length, the oils secreted from the scalp cannot reach through the entire length of hair. In contrast, shorter hair gets oily quicker as the oils released from scalp can spread through the entire length of hair. This is why short hair needs to be washed more often than long hair. Another advantage is that this results in more water being saved and more shampoo being saved. This is especially helpful in today’s day and age of such extreme water crises in cities all around India, especially metropolitan cities like Chennai. Hence this is a good advantage to having long hair.

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3. Hair product advertisement

Hair product advertisement

Having exceptionally long hair sets you aside from the crowd, especially on social media. Through social media, you can be discovered by advertisement agencies for advertising their hair products. This way, if you are looking to get into show business, you can get a good head start. Moreover, you might get to try samples of free hair products which can enhance the quality of your hair way more than your day to day shampoo usage will. Some YouTubers like James Charles even create hair care and cosmetology videos which are very helpful to people looking to know more on these topics.

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4. Protection from cold

Protection from cold

Just as the hair on your skin plays a role in regulating body temperature, the hair on your head also helps in keeping your head warm. It behaves as an extra layer of insulation from the heat. But with longer hair, your neck is provided with a lot of warmth as well. Further, if you have even longer hair, your back also gets an extra layer of warmth. The warm air gets trapped in the hair around these areas.  There is lesser requirement for winter clothes like scarves, or caps. Further, in places with unpredictable weather, when it gets colder, you can just open your hair to protect yourself from the cold.

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5. Shows that you are confident with your hair texture

Shows that you are confident with your hair texture

If you are confident enough to grow your hair out to a long length, it means your hair must be of pretty good quality. Having longer hair means you have good enough hair quality that you can grow out your hair but not have it lose its texture, quality, volume etc. If one has long hair, it shows that your hair is strong enough to be able to maintain its texture, quality, volume and other characteristics throughout its length. Having long hair with texture that remains the same throughout its length is an amazing thing and would even look great.

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5 Disadvantages of long hair

Here are the disadvantages of having long hair discussed below:

1. Very tiring to style

Very tiring to style

While it is true that numerous hairstyles can be made on long hair, it is also very tiring to style long hair. Your arm will start to hurt after a certain point. First of all, the long hair needs to be combed very well. That itself can start to hurt the arm because it requires a lot of time. After you are done combing your hair, you will then have to style it. Intricate stylings can cause further hurt to your arm as you will have to deal with a lot of hair. This may cause your arm to develop pain that may last for a long time.

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2. Takes a long time to dry after the hair has been washed

Takes a long time to dry after the hair has been washed

After a person washes their long hair, it takes a lot of time to dry as the volume is a lot. It remains damp for a long period of time. This dampness for long durations can lead to scalp problems, as it is a favourable environment for unfavourable things to grow. You can get rid of the dampness of your wet hair with the help of a dryer, but that also has negative side effects. A dryer can make your hair very dry and that will negatively impact the quality of your hair. It is often not advisable to use a dryer for drying wet hair.

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3. Tends to get tangled up in clothes or linens

Tends to get tangled up in clothes or linens

Due to the sheer volume of it, it can be difficult to keep track of your long hair at all times. This will lead to your hair getting caught up in parts of your clothing, or even any other piece of clothing. Sometimes, a chunk of hair can get stuck in a location from which it can’t be removed. This will lead to having to cut off that hair. This is not favourable for anybody. Furthermore, you may even hit someone in the eye while flipping your hair. These injuries or accidents happen because a person has unmanageable long hair.

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4. It is a lot of weight to tie up

It is a lot of weight to tie up

Long hair has a lot of volume in itself. Due to the excess amount of hair, it has a lot of weight. This can be difficult to carry for some people on their heads. This can even be problematic for people with thicker hair strands, as the complete weight of their hair is more as a result of that. Further, some women even get headaches as a result of having a heavy head of long hair.  This can be especially problematic for people with migraine issues, as it will increase their headaches by a lot. It is not advisable to maintain too long hair for people who are prone to suffering from, or suffering from migraines.

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5. Lot of monetary costs in beauty salons

Lot of monetary costs in beauty salons

As there is a lot of hair to maintain, it costs a lot to get treatments done in beauty parlours. More volume of products is needed for treatments than the regular amount. For colouring your hair, keratin treatments, straightening of hair etc, more product than the normal amount is needed. How much more product is required is determined by how long the long hair is, and the costs for these treatments are determined by the amount of product used for those treatments. Since more products are being used, the price for the treatments will be more than the general amount.

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