Top 10 Benefits Of Being A Chef

Benefits Of Being A Chef

In this article we are going to talk about the Top 10 benefits of being a chef. Although being a Chef requires a lot of responsibility and discipline, but it is the most rewarding and exciting job. For many, job is just a source of livelihood, for Chefs work is their passion. If you love cooking, and can take it as an occupation or line of work, then you don’t need any other reason. If you have passion, knowledge and skills required for it, then there’re no second thoughts on not turning this into your hospitality career.

Here are some fantastic reasons to become a chef.

10 Benefits Of Being A Chef

Here is the list of benefits of being a chef mentioned below in detail:

1. No degree or diploma

 No degree or diploma

Being a chef doesn’t require you to have and professional degree or diploma. If you believe your talent and have self-confidence, approach any hotel and ask for a job or internship and showcase your talent there. Of course, you will be hired at lower post but with the span of time, you for sure take over the job of Chef. But this way may consume a lot of years of your life.

But, having degree always gives an edge. You learn discipline and management skills. The institution provides you with many opportunities.

Some of the top self-made chefs include:

 Jamie Oliver, Ina Garten, Tom Colicchio, Charlie Trotter.

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2. Salary


According to a report, as of 2017, the average salary for Cooperate/ Executive Chefs in the United States was $42,950 per year. The amount of money a Chef makes is directly proportional to the chef’s education, experience and the type of company they work for. The more you master this the more you earn.

Be it any job, a fresher is never given a large package. So, if a person thinks that he will get paid this figure on the day of his joining then he is completely wrong. The growth in salary depends on your dedication towards the work.

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3. Perks


There are a lot of perks given to the Chefs depending on the company they work in. They may receive family trips, paid holidays, bonus, vacations, flexible working schedules and many more.

Perks solely depends on your dedication towards your job and your interest toward the job.

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4. An Ocean full of jobs

An Ocean full of jobs

There are some places where a Chef can work that are listed below. For example:

  • Bars
  • Resorts
  • Nightclubs
  • Prisons
  • Schools
  • Private Business
  • Lounges
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Cafeterias
  • Casinos
  • Government Institutions
  • Royal Kitchens

5. A sector with exponential growth

A sector with exponential growth

We all know people love to eat out and are always in search for good food. Whatsoever be the condition of this industry it’s always in need of more professionals with hands-on-experience or culinary training. Skilled Chefs are always warm heartedly welcomed.

This sector/industry is also fruitful to those who have a wanderlust. As, most of the time chefs travel different parts of the world. They get to know different culture and cuisines. When the world is hungry for delicious food, the chef becomes the saviour and quenches the thirst of world for delicious food.

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6. It’s a title of respect

It’s a title of respect

Chefs are known for their knowledge and the miracles they do in the kitchen. Chefs command respect and they are the one who know how to win the heart. True is the saying that, Path to heart goes from the stomach. This is a title that makes a person immortal. It never goes away; it doesn’t require a renewal. Some executive chefs also make it happen to meet many celebrities and well-known personalities also. Some may become judge to many cooking shows and many can setup their own tv show.

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7. Self-Employment


Start your own Restaurant!!

Many chefs earn their skills in someone else’s kitchen for years. These experiences teach a lot about management and aspects of operating a restaurant. After gaining some work experience from the job, one may walk on the path leading to a brand-new restaurant. Even if one hasn’t worked or new to start the career, this is one option. This will definitely give a thrust to one’s career.

Many well-known chefs have their cafes and restaurants across the globe. Having a restaurant of one’s own not only makes a person more popular but also adds to the income.

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8. Flexibility of hours

Flexibility of hours

Now this might be one disturbing issue. We have heard over years that working hours of a chef are not as usual 9 to 5, they might get called any time depending on the work load. But actually, chefs work a variety of hours. Some restaurants are only open at night and some are open only at night. But for a person with an interest in cooking and having an urge to provide hospitality, work hours aren’t an issue. It is very obvious that when you do work of your interest you neither get bored nor you have the ides of time spent here.

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 9. Express your creativity

Express your creativity

Chef is a profession where you are required to shower the rays of your creativity on the ocean of your knowledge. The result is always as soothing as the golden glittering water.

Chefs have freedom to innovate and to numerous experiments with the dishes. People are always attracted toward new dishes. At many a jobs people have many ideas in their mind but they are never able to make it reality.

A chef profession provides you a flexibility of creating special meals. Cooking is not only a kind of science but it’s also a form of art.

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10. Become a Teacher from student

Become a Teacher from student

A person is not a born chef. He nurtures under the authority of another chef. He learns discipline, ways to tackle different situations, different cuisines, management skills, how to add taste in a dish and learns how to do miracle with the spices. This is a taking and giving process.

He then passes this knowledge to further coming generations.

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To summarise, it’s proud to be a Chef. This profession holds a different place in society. At last the weight of waiters’ pocket filled with tips makes a chef immensely happy and he learns the fact that his hard work in kitchen bore fruitful results. Path of becoming a Chef teaches a lot about life.

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