Why is it important to have a healthy breakfast every morning?

Why is it Important to Have a Healthy Breakfast Every Morning?

In this article we are going to talk about the why is it important to have a healthy breakfast every morning. The term ‘Breakfast’ refers to the first meal that a person consumes during the course of the day, in the early morning. Apart from being the first meal, it is also the most important meal in a man’s daily food consumption and has the maximum impact on our physical and mental progress and performance. Hence it is rightly said that a man’s breakfast should be as great as a ‘King’s Meal’. This following article is aimed at making people realize the importance of breakfast and to make everyone aware of why it is necessary to have a healthy breakfast every morning.

Why is it important to have a healthy breakfast every morning?

Here are some reasons listed that tell us why is it important to have a healthy breakfast every morning for our physical health:

 1. Receive Adequate Energy

Receive Adequate Energy

Glucose is the primary energy source of the human body, which is received through our diet. Our body stores some of the obtained glucose in the form of glycogen in the liver and muscles for future use. During the entire night when our body does not receive any glucose continuously for about 9-10 hours, more of this stored glucose in the liver is broken down to produce energy to ensure the proper functioning of the brains and other internal organs, and therefore in the early morning, our body has a shortage of stored glucose.

Thus we desperately need to consume a healthy breakfast every morning so that the glucose requirements of our body are fulfilled, and we possess the sufficient amount of energy needed to last the whole day. Without having a healthy breakfast with the required carbohydrate content, our body starts breaking down the fatty acids thus causing a sense of fatigue and tiredness. Hence it is very important to have a healthy breakfast early in the morning, so that our body receives the required amount of energy to be able to concentrate at work and remain active throughout the day.

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 2. Maintain Standard Weight

Maintain Standard Weight

Researches have proved that consuming a healthy breakfast every morning helps an individual to maintain an optimal weight. It is because when a person does not have breakfast then there might be two possibilities. The first being fluctuations in his/her blood sugar levels and increased hunger as the day progresses thus causing to have any and every available food at any time, thus causing an overweight. Contradiction to this the second possibility may involve improper nutrient and glucose supply to the body at required times, which may lead to fatigue and loss in weight. Hence it is very important to have a healthy breakfast daily, early in the morning to maintain one’s standard weight, as well as maintain blood sugar level and appetite.

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 3. Boost Brainpower

Boost Brainpower

A good and healthy breakfast early in the morning supplies the body with an adequate amount of glucose required to last the whole day. If the adequate amount of glucose is not received, then one may feel sluggish and struggle to focus and concentrate due to lack of energy. The shortage of glucose supply to the brain for a continuous period may affect its development, concentration capacity, an attention and reduces human efficiency.

A healthy breakfast in the early breakfast is essential for mental growth and development, and enables one to be physically active and focused throughout the day, and skipping breakfast may lead to adverse effects on human efficiency and performance and also cause mental retardation. It is also scientifically proved that every successful person has a healthy and nutrient-rich breakfast early in the morning to be able to increase his productivity during the entire day. Thus, one must always resort to consuming a healthy breakfast in the early morning.

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 4. Reduce Risk Of Diseases

Reduce Risk Of Diseases

Having a healthy breakfast daily in the morning reduces the risks of falling prey to several diseases. This is because having a proper breakfast helps to control one’s appetite and blood sugar level. Hence a person consuming a healthy breakfast every morning will have his cholesterol levels lower and thus will have lower risks of suffering from any cardiovascular disease. Also having a good supply of nutrients and glucose in the early morning will keep his energy levels high throughout the day, and further diminish the needs of consuming harmful excessive calorie food, thus controlling the calorie level in the body and preventing obesity.

Along with excessive calories, and obesity, type 2 diabetes is also a major disease that is prevented by having a regular healthy breakfast at a proper time. Thus everyone must have a healthy breakfast as per requirements at the proper time to prevent themselves from dangerous cardiovascular diseases along with obesity and type 2 diabetes.

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 5. Facilitate Essential Nutrient Intake

Facilitate Essential Nutrient Intake

Foods consumed during breakfast play a major role in providing our body some of the most important nutrients required throughout the day. If healthy items like dairy, grains, and fruits are regularly consumed during breakfasts, then essential nutrients like carbohydrates, vitamins especially vitamin B, calcium, foliate and fibers are supplied daily to the body in required proportions. As a result, a person consuming daily healthy breakfast will never suffer from nutrient deficiency and this will help to keep several dangerous diseases away from the human body. Regular essential nutrient intake also increases productivity and mental growth and thus enabling one to progress and achieve success in life. Hence it accounts for the reason why people with healthy breakfast habits are generally very healthy and succeed in life. Thus it is extremely important to keep healthy breakfast habits.

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 6. Kickstart Your Metabolism

Kickstart Your Metabolism

Having a nutrient-rich and healthy breakfast as required by the body, helps to kickstart the mechanism of the body. It is because in taking a healthy breakfast causes our body to receive sufficient amounts of glucose from the consumed carbohydrates, which break down due to body metabolism as required for providing and supplying energy. Thus glucose intake in the early morning is essential to start the glucose breakdown mechanism thereby releasing energy. Hence if a person does not consume a healthy breakfast, his body does not have any reserve glucose to metabolize and thus it starts breaking down fatty acids which in the absence of carbohydrates are metabolized partially thus unable to produce and maintain the required energy levels, thereby causing a non-effective metabolism. Thus consuming a healthy breakfast in the early morning helps an individual to kickstart his body’s useful and effective mechanism.

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7. Encourage Healthy Eating

Encourage Healthy Eating

People who consume healthy and sufficient breakfast every morning are less likely to be hungry for snacks during the morning. Contrary to them, those who do not have healthy eating habits are likely to consume unhealthy and nutrient-deficient snacks during any random time, thus leaving their nutrient requirements unsatisfied. Hence people not consuming a healthy breakfast thus develop an increasing habit and temptation to consume unhealthy snacks and food in more quantities than normal, throughout the day.

As a result, their diet lacks proper and required amounts of glucose, vitamins, minerals and fibers thus making them vulnerable to several dangerous diseases that arise due to nutrient deficiency. Such improper habits can also lead to excess calorie consumption and obesity and thus can further hamper the well being of such people. Hence one must remember the old saying that ‘Where there is health, there is wealth’ and strive for maintaining healthy eating habits, and all of it starts with a healthy breakfast.

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8. Remove Morning Crankiness

When a person wakes up in the morning, he naturally feels a bit lazy and cranky, perhaps wanting another half-an-hour of nap in the bed. Just after waking, one does not feel like working or immediately speaking to someone, but what most of them forget is that their stomachs are still starving for about the last 10-11 hours. Hence one needs to mandatorily consume a healthy and nutrient-rich breakfast in the early morning as it helps one to get rid of their morning crankiness and further enables them to develop a good energetic mood that helps them to work tirelessly and enjoy the day to their fullest.

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9. Properly Portion The Meals

Properly Portion The Meals

Another immense benefit of consuming a healthy breakfast in the early morning is that it helps one to properly portion his/her scheduled meals. Initially after waking up, one may not feel much of a hunger or appetite and thus may think of having a very light breakfast or perhaps skipping it. But what it consequently does is that it either forces one to have some unhealthy snack in a random and uncommon time, which may lead to improper and insufficient nutrient supply to the body, or it might lead the person to ever eat at lunch and the subsequent meals of the day to satisfy his/her appetite.

Hence it leads to overeating or unhealthy eating at a particular time, both of which are unhealthy and not advisable for our bodies. Hence one must have a healthy breakfast every morning to be able to consume all the subsequent meals in proper portions.

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10. Prevent Starvation

Prevent Starvation

When we do not consume any food after waking up from a nights sleep, our body assumes that we are starving as there has been no supply of food for a continuous long time. Hence it starts storing the available calories in our body in terms of fat which is harmful for our body. Further our body slowly gets transformed into the survival mode, and when there is no food for a long duration, the cells of our internal digestive system start destroying themselves trying to somehow provide a bare minimum energy required for the functioning of all organs, and this is very harmful for our body. Hence to prevent one’s health from deteriorating due to prolonged starvation of the body caused due to skipping breakfast, one must resolve to have a healthy breakfast every morning.

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Thus the above article highlights the 10 Reasons why one should have a healthy breakfast every morning. I hope it becomes successful in generating health awareness among the readers about the importance of a healthy breakfast in the early morning, which is extremely beneficial and crucial for their health.              

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