Websites like Naukri : Top 10 Naukri Alternatives

Websites like Naukri

In this article we are going to discuss about some best job websites like Naukri. So, that in case you are looking for a job in India and don’t come across the desired latest job vacancies then you can easily search jobs on other top job portals in India. We live in a world where the price of living is going up day by day. To survive substantially and live a life of our dreams we need to work hard 24*7 and find jobs that actually content us along with paying for our bills.

In times of digitalization, one problem that is struck off of our list is the hectic work of finding a suitable job for us. Now, we can easily sit at our places , surf through the internet , fill up our CVs and apply for  jobs of choice. The work has been made this easier for us by the online job recruitment websites that allows a person to apply for company’s job available and if selected then work for it without any hassle. is one of the most widely known and used website for finding job opportunities by the users. But with the rising demand and users so is the number of websites. New websites catering to the cause of providing jobs to it’s users are coming up on a daily basis on the internet.

Here, we are going to help you choose some good reviewed and used websites for job placements , amongst the many available.

Top 10 Websites like Naukri

Here, we are going to discuss and review some top alternatives for Naukri to help the users make a better choice. Here we go.

1. Monster is a global platform for online employment by the recruiters from all over the globe.  It is a website that acts as an interface between the employer and the employees, who are students or candidates from any stream of education be it arts, science, humanities , engineering, architecture, Hotel Management, pharmacy and so on.  It is an online portal that does not charge it’s users in any way. One of the great features provided by the website is the option to filter out the results according to your choice of place, type of work and so on.

Best Job Alert Websites

It has categories like work from home, walk- in jobs, contract jobs, fresher jobs and so on.  In addition to that, it also provides Monster Analytics to help the newcomers understand the basics of trends and analysis in the market. The major website layout is black text on a white background with the use of purple to highlights the important heading and categories. It has mixed customer reviews as many people were not pleased with the way it’s customer services work.

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2. LinkedIn

Part time jobs in India

LinkedIn is one of the most renowned online portals for job seekers and employers. It is a place where people from all over the countries and industries meet and find jobs or employers. It has an amazing network of people and opportunities. You can also access the portal using the LinkedIn app as well. It is more towards professional work and technically educated employees.  A major advantage of using LinkedIn is the option of making your own resumes and profiles which speaks a lot about you and your work. You can also add graphics and multimedia to enhance your profile.  Mostly all the basic features are for free but additional features requires payment .  The disadvantages of the website include the many unnecessary emails being sent from the website by default and the layout not being very user friendly but It has been reviewed well by the users.

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3. Glass Door

Top Job Websites

Glass door is a website that majorly serves two main purposes through its platform. One, to give a wide variety of job opportunities to the sellers and employees and second, to allow the users to anonymously review the companies and view it’s salaries. Here, the users can view all the details of the job offering being made by the employer before applying. It also provides with the option of managing their  profile to the employers but for more additional features payment is mandatory. It is user-friendly and transparent website that promotes a learning culture and flexible working hours.

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4. Times Job

Most popular job search engines

Times job is another known name in the field of Indian websites providing  employment online. The website provides the job seekers and it’s users the opportunity to make their own profiles and  make work portfolios to easily communicate with the employers and get the desired job. It has three major industry focused offshoots of corporate jobs which are : TechGIG. Com for IT industry , Retail jobs portal , Advertising jobs and government jobs. It has categories ranging from engineering, Manufacturing, sales market to banking and finance. The layout of the website is black text on white background with red color used to highlight important options and categories. It has got mixed customer reviews as some associated people feel that the website asks for unnecessary money and leak their information, while others claim it to be one of the best alternatives for

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5. Angel List

Top 10 job search sites in India

Angel list is an online platform that allows it’s users to raise money online, recruit employees and apply for funding. The profiles created by the startup companies and users on the website is available and accessible to the general public and search engines.  It is majorly focused towards promoting the startups and their talent.  It is website that holds itself accountable for it’s offers and deals available and is extremely transparent in a way that it shows all the company details like company size, funding, salary and so on , to the user before applying . It offers it’s basic services for free and the paid features are pretty expensive. It has a user friendly interface and uses black as a bold highlighter for important headings.

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6. Indeed

Best job Websites

Indeed is one of most useful websites in setting up your career.  It is an all inclusive job posting platform that offers jobs in all sectors like private jobs, tele caller jobs, BPO jobs and so on. Indeed let’s you create your profile on the website for fresh and find jobs. It is a user friendly website that allows options for filtering out the companies, job boards, staffing firms, other associations and cater pages according to your preferences. It is a website that has been highly rated by the users who got employed and are satisfied with the work. The website is said to be flexible and has good management services.

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7. The India Jobs

indeed jobs

The India jobs have established themselves as a renowned name in the industry of job portals because of it’s quality services. The website primarily focuses on providing experienced and qualified employees to the companies or firms seeking them. The major categories of jobs provided by The India jobs include, IT, engineering, energy, insurance , banking and so on.  It offers free of cost signing and getting employed. It is a website well reviewed by it’s users for it’s transparency and  good customer support and care. The website has a beautiful layout that is easy to navigate and understand.

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8. Career Age

best job sites in india

Career age is considered to be one of the most trusted and reputed online portal for jobs, employment, career, placement and  education . It is a great website to start your career as a fresher and establish yourself. New jobs , placements and recruitments are  put up daily. The content and information on the website is genuine. It offers options such as ‘Jobs abroad’ and ‘jobs today’ to directly look for the jobs required in the country or abroad. In addition to that, it has categories like, ‘walk in interviews’ and ‘Freshers’  to help people navigate easily and find their choice of work. The website makes the process of applying for jobs quick and easy and also allows it’s non- registered customers or users to apply for jobs.

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9. Freshers World

Latest job vacancies in India

Freshers world, as the name suggests is an online portal dedicated  to primarily fresher’s for employment. It also serves as a good job seeking website for trained and experienced ones. It has jobs from all sectors of work like, Government jobs, Private jobs, Technical jobs and so on.  It had the ease to use and you can filter out options on the basis of your preferences. It gives all the information about the job available in short and precise.  It has got overall mixed reviews from its previous users who at times feel the jobs are not authentic and the website demands unnecessary extra charges.

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10. Jobket

Job Updates

Jobket is a one of it’s kind online website portal that not only allows the fresher’s, experienced and professionals to get jobs and placements but also rewards the one who refers the website to it’s family , friends and relatives. It specializes in IT, Digital, Marketing and engineering fields of job employment and finds suitable match for the users. It also helps to find jobs abroad. It has a great working environment and gives higher value to skill and caliber. It is a website that has been well reviewed by it’s users who are now happy customers and are able to work and earn because of jobket.

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