Why We Should Be Happy With What We Have?

Why We Should Be Happy With What We Have?

In this article we are going to talk about the Why we should be happy with what we have? Being happy anytime or throughout is not a selection but a preference. When you believe you deserve to be smiling there’s merely anything that could make you unhappy and staying happy with whatever you have is being satisfied with everything you have or whatever you inculcate. A person should find reasons to be happy no matter what, a person should never be sad for a long time. When you find reasons to be happy rather than sad, you’re going to be happy for as long as you want and when you’re happy there’s nothing but positivity and happiness you’d spread that would make others more peaceful.

10 Reasons why we should be happy with what we have?

A satisfied person never regrets their decision, you always be satisfied with what you have as your past would not affect your future decisions once they’ve been made in the past. You would know that it was you who made the decision and you would still stand by it happily. A few reasons why we should be happy with what we have are as follows:

1. Health Benefits

Health Benefits

Being happy with what you have is essential as it has several benefits. Being happy and staying happy have a lot of health benefits such as it provides you energy, boosts your immunity, helps you attain mental stability and also protects cardiovascular health. As when a person is happy they tend to eat good food that provides the energy and also boosts their immunity which increases their agility. Being happy with what you have also referred to the term being satisfied. When a person is satisfied the mental state of a person is stable as they do not tend to overthink or think negatively about their situation.

They feel complete in whatever situation they might be. Being happy means having a stronger immune system and moving more because of the happiness that keeps you excited is also protecting your cardiovascular system as happy and healthy people are less likely to get heart attacks. When you’re happy it also protects you from several other health conditions that can harm you mentally as well as physically for example; depression, anxiety and overthinking. Happiness and calmness is the key to a healthy body and healthy mind.

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2. Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind

When you are happy there’s nothing you do that could harm you or your body. Happiness comes eternally but it also depends upon your activities the people you live with, the people you spend time with, anything you do in your day to day life. Being happy is not an option but a choice when a person chooses to be happy they choose more wisdom self-control and for them to be healthy.

A healthy mind makes a healthy body it is important to have peace of mind for the proper functioning of your whole body. As it’s the brain that controls and commands our neural system, digestive system and other parts of our body. So it is important to have peace of mind so that brain is not distracted from the primary work that bothers it. When we are happy our brain remains healthy and focuses on its primary work without being distracted by anything around.

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3. Live in the present

Live in the present

One should always live in the present and be happy so whatever they have. Things cannot be changed as they are in the present one can always make efforts to make their future better as they wish but the present cannot be changed so people should be happy about everything they have as thinking about what they could have had or how different situations would have been would make anyone happier and they will lose everything they have at the moment. Living in the present and not thinking about different situations would make them happy and they will be able to enjoy the moment they are in. Thinking about everything they do not have would make them lose whatever they have therefore people should always live in the present to be happy.

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4. It could always be worse

It could always be worse

People should always be happy with whatever they have because the probability of the things they could have had also come to the probability that they could have lost the things they currently have. One should always be thankful for whatever they have because it could always have been worse. People have whatever they need but may not have what they want, needs are essential then and what people want,  so they should be happy that they have whatever they need. They could have been sad or upset if they didn’t have what they needed but until it is so they should always be happy with what they have.

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‌5. Happy people are more productive

Happy people are more productive

Happy people are more productive as they can focus on the things they plan to do. If you are sad or upset about something your mind will keep on thinking about it and you won’t be able to focus on other things. You will start overthinking about it as a result of which you would not be able to do any other required stuff. Whereas when you will be happy your mind won’t get distracted thinking about this stuff and you will be able to do the work with full concentration and will be able to finish it early. A happy person is way more productive than an unhappy person as they will be able to completely focus on the work given.

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6. Better decision making

Better decision making

Satisfied people make better decisions as compared to those who are unhappy as they can see all the consequences of their decision there as unhappy person would only think about the points that had been going on in their mind and making them unhappy they would only think ok about how they can change it and be happy and not look for all the consequences. Also a satisfied person would not regret his decisions even in the future because they will be happy and satisfied with their decisions at the time when they make the decision or even after. Unhappy people would always think about what difference it would have been with the slightest change in their decision and regret it even after nothing can be changed. It is also said that a person should not make decisions they are angry or unhappy as they might regret their decisions later.

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7. Increases Life longevity

 Increases Life longevity

When a person is happy with what they have makes them enjoy their life completely. In fact, When a person enjoy life living it as per their will they tend to eat healthily take care of themselves to exercise daily and keep themselves fit, like they willingly want to live their life. When a person is happy and satisfied they live longer as they want to. Whereas, when a person is sad or depressed they tend to give up on their lives easier and do no keep themselves healthy which leads them to early deaths. According to a survey conducted, happier people live 14% longer than the sad ones.

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8. Success


As stated above happier people are more productive being more productive makes them successful. As it is rightly said by someone that, success does not make us happy but being happy makes us successful. It states that whether a person is successful according to society or not, but when a person is happy he or she is happily satisfied they are successful for themselves which is eternal happiness.

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9. Reduces pain

Reduces pain

When you are happy you tend to ignore things that might make you sad. As stated earlier that being happy or happiness is a choice it reduces the pain that you are going through or you might have to through. Being happy with what you have is being satisfied knowing that you have worked for it your entire life to reach what you are today. It’s not an easy job accepting who you are no matter what you are and liking and being satisfied with it, so this way it makes you go through the acceptance and no pain. Whereas, people who do not accept themselves or be happy with what they have, go through a lot more pain than a person usually does.

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10. Makes you likable

 Makes you likable

Being and staying happy makes you likable because by being happy you’re not only one who is happy, being happy creates a positive aura around you. Happy people tend to spread their positive Vibes to everybody they meet or be friends with. Being happy almost every time makes you a person that people might think could be extrovert, But it does not mean you have to be an extrovert to be happy. Happiness comes from within, it can also be found anywhere, or even created. Happy people are like by others as they are satisfied with themselves and others as and they tend to spread their happiness by making others happy. So when you are happy you make others around you happier which makes them like you and creates a positive sense about you and their minds.

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