How Does A Woman Act When She Is Falling In Love?

How Does A Woman Act When She Is Falling In Love?

In this article we are going to talk about the How does a woman act when she is falling in love? When people are in love, they act in certain way. They change themselves sub-consciously in a way that their love interest would like to see in them. People say that love makes you blind, and probably it is true. People really do silly things when they’re in love. We want to see the person we love happy and content and that too because of us. Everyone has a different way of showing their love but the underlying emotion is almost same for everyone. The emotion of love brings such happiness in our lives that no other emotion can. It fills our heart with warmth and our lives with laughter.

How does a woman act when she is falling in love?

Admittedly, love is not always hearts and flowers and everything beautiful. There are ups and downs in love as well. But it is not because of that particular emotion, it is because of fate and people who constantly make it complicated. If we could all end up with our soul mates and live happily ever after, there was no point of destinies. So you need to open your eyes and ears and get to know when a woman is falling in love with you. It can be difficult or very easy depending upon you and her. Here are a few things you might notice in a woman’s behaviour when she is falling in love with you.

1. Priorities


Not only women, every person who is in love tries as much as they can to prioritize their love interest. Women do this too. They would prefer you over anyone and would want to spend their entire time with you. Everyone has their own life; she had too before meeting you. And she still does but her priorities would change when she’s in love. The time she used to spend with her friends or cooped up in her house watching a romantic drama, she would want to spend that time with you.

You would notice these changes automatically by the time she is spending with you in comparison to the time she used to spend with you when you both had just met. In fact, many women fall so deeply in love that they even start prioritizing their partner over herself. She would rather take care of you than herself. This way you would know on your own when she’s falling in love with you.

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2. Mingles with your people

Mingles with your people

When a woman is falling in love she would try her best to mingle with the people who are important in your life. She would never give up a chance to meet your parents, siblings and friends. She would try to impress her and often ask you how to do that. She would make sure that she becomes one of the people who you love and hold closely to your heart. If your parents and siblings would like her as your partner, he would see you in a different light than just any random woman and she knows that. You would see her as the woman of your life and she wants just that. Every woman who falls in love and is ready to give endlessly also expects the same in return.

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3. Opens up to you

Opens up to you

Not all women can be the same; some are introvert, some extrovert and some a combination of both. But one thing that is common among all women is that they are often wary of stranger men or just men in general. They do not open up about their life and themselves to any men who they do not trust. So if she is opening up to you and like to share each and every detail of their life with you, it’s a clear cut sign that she is falling in love with you.

You would be the first person to hear about any good or bad news about her life as you re the first person who comes to her mind whenever she wants to share something. Even those women who do not like talking too much like to be listened when they are sharing their life stories so make sure that she opens up to you, no matter how hard you have to work for that.

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4. Plans for future

Plans for future

Women are very complicated creatures. They are observant and over-thinkers. They think about every little detail about their plans for future. If she shares her future plans with you that she does not share with anyone else, it means that she trusts you enough that you would not judge her for seeing unrealistic or even silly dreams. Also, you would get to know if she sees you there in her future and if she would like to spend the rest of her life with you. Men also plan their future with the one who they love and so is the case with women. They like to think of the happily ever after that she gets to see in movies. If you get to have a place in her perfect ending then she is definitely in love with you. There cannot be a more clear sign than this.

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5. You’re the only one

You’re the only one

Most of the women have many prospects that are chasing after her to get just a little bit of attention. And if there aren’t any men who are courting her, there have to be certain kind of men that she looks at while thinking of her potential partner. There has to be some man she has a crush on. But when she has found you and is falling in love with you, she would cut off all the men that were in her life. She would clearly tell every man who was chasing her that she has feelings for someone else and she would automatically get over all of her crushes. At this point it won’t even matter if you are exactly as her ideal type of partner or not. She would want you and only you.

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6. Expresses her love

Expresses her love

If you want to know whether she is in love with you or not, you have to keep your eyes and ears open. She would drop a lot of hints for you to pick and if you manage to do that you would have the key to her heart. Not all people are able to express their love through words easily. Some people have a lot problem in telling their partner how much they love them. Most women would tell you directly if she loves you. She would straightforwardly say the words “I love you”.

And if she is unable to tell you the exact words she would do that through all the other little gestures like asking you to drive safely, cooking or ordering your favourite meal and calling you at regular intervals to check up on you. This is her way to show her love; all you have to do is understand her love language.

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7. Possessive


Human beings are naturally possessive creatures. They do not like it at all when other people get to close to the person who is very important to them. This happens in friendship as well but even more so in a relationship. When your best friend gets to close to some other friend, you are bound to get a little jealous. It is similar when your partner gets close to someone else. Women are very possessive when they are in love.

She wouldn’t like other women ogling at their partner; she wouldn’t like it when you talk to other men. Some women are open about this feeling and would tell you to not do so in the future but some women bottles up their feeling of jealousy but it would definitely damper her mood and you would have to understand why she is getting moody all of a sudden. Try not to make a jealous too much as it would not be healthy for your relationship.

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8. Meaningful gifts

Meaningful gifts

Women absolutely love gifts. They love it when someone gives them gifts that have some meaning behind them. And she loves giving gifts even more than receiving them. They put in a lot of thought while planning to gift you something so that you have that priceless expression on your face when you open the gift. It would be something small as a reminder of one of your memories together or even something that you have wanted for a long time. She would love to surprise you with her thoughtfulness and you also must appreciate it. She would put in so much effort only if she is deeply in love with you and you mean the world to her.

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9. Blush


This is trait not only particular to women. Human beings blush when they feel shy or when someone compliments them. It is a natural phenomenon when all the blood reaches up to your cheeks and ears and your whole body starts heating up. It is only natural for a woman to blush when she is in the presence of someone they’re in love with. So make sure to notice if she gets flustered when she is near you and make sure to make her blush with your random compliments. This would make her fall deeper for you.

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10. Laughs


A thing that women do when she likes someone is laugh. She would laugh at all your jokes; even the very bad ones. She would see this as an opportunity to get your attention. She is not laughing at you for cracking bad jokes; she is just trying to grab every little ounce of your attention. She would even try to crack good jokes of her own so that you notice her and get attracted to her laugh. But this is not that clear of a sign. You should see for all the behavioural changes and then reach to the conclusion of whether she loves you or not. Don’t assume things on your own as this can lead to complications.

Watch out for all these signs and get to know if she is falling in love with you or not!

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