Top 10 Most Dangerous Jobs in the World

Top 10 Most Dangerous Jobs in the World

In this article we are going to talk about the top 10 most dangerous jobs in the world. So how do you define what job is? I think in simple terms it’s the repeated task we do daily in order to earn living and get the things we desire, I think you can connect to what I have said, right? Different people, various jobs, dreams, positions and a lot more to be mentioned when it comes to job; many have some greatest earning jobs and many don’t (something that’s considered to be fact and not being offended). Well each and every job is unique and fulfilling in its own and we are not here to create a discrimination or division based on jobs, rather to discuss what are some most dangerous jobs (and salute to the people doing that).

Top 10 Most dangerous jobs in the World

Today we will be taking account of top 10 most dangerous jobs in the world:

1. Driving jobs

Driving jobs

Well, I guess you would have already figured it out why I have mentioned driving jobs. Here out of all the people reading would be so familiar with this word and would be driving back to home and office on a daily basis. I mean we get a lot of comfort with vehicles but at the same time they are dangerous, I hope it just doesn’t happen but we all know that how often accidents occur in driving and it’s not something that has to be blamed on you but on a regular note you don’t know how other drive and also the vehicles condition, you can’t always be prepared for everything.

So doing job of driving can be easily counted in one of the dangerous jobs, although it’s not something regular but dangerous for sure. So even if you aren’t a driver you do drive, for which you have to be careful enough. But I hope you can link to what I said and why I considered driving jobs to be the dangerous ones.

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2. People working in mines

People working in mines

Diamonds, coals all these resources are available by nature but yes they come to us because of those people working in mines and those who are continuously working for these resources. Be it observational work or getting inside the mines by own, although there’s been a lot of technical advancements but we all know humans are humans for reasons; so be it any kind of work; people working for mines are the ones who are also doing equally dangerous works.

Like for example we all are familiar with the blasts and technical issues and the bad lucks of earthquakes at such places; I know it’s not so regular but yes it is dangerous and working at places like these is so much breath taking and we all know how are people reacting to when they listen to that you are working for mines, it’s because of the danger they walk along.

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3. Fire brigade

Fire brigade

So they are the life savers for many, also its not only about extinguishing the fire but also they risk their lives to save others in many cases. You would have a lot of respect for these people but we can’t deny when we see them working we get the thought of believing that how dangerous their job is which actually no doubt is.

So working for fire brigade is also one another dangerous jobs, because if there’s some place that has caught huge fire and has destroyed a lot then getting that fire down is quite very risky and in many cases they have to jump into, I mean anything can happen and you never know how strong that building or apartment is, that has caught fire. So yes, it is dangerous; no matter how great precautions are taken.

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4. Pilots and the people related to flying jobs

Pilots and the people related to flying jobs

Flights have made transportation so easier that wouldn’t have been imagined several decades ago. If it’s about getting you to some other country or it’s about your stuffs that you have couriered. Well flights are so easy options and with day numbers of airports have been increasing so that more places have these facilities and the job related to flying no matter if it’s we are talking about pilots or the air hostess; it is a dangerous job though.

Well if we are pretty specific to pilots then, yes they carry a number of lives in their hands and as well as their own as well. So being a pilot and related jobs are really dangerous. Yes, it takes a lot to become one, but we can’t deny the fact that it can easily be counted into those dangerous jobs (I am not at all questioning their skills, but none of us have control over time).

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5. Army and police jobs

Army and police jobs

It’s a great honour if you find yourself working for the society and your country; that’s really a great honour and we can’t really describe that into words; surely it’s a huge matter of hard work and focus that took you there but we also must accept the fact that when we tend to give security to a number of people then there’s no doubt it’s at your own life’s stake.

So we are all well aware with the fact how honouring and dangerous at the same these jobs are; we are not only respecting for those soldiers who spend all their to the nation but all the policemen who keep working all day in order to maintain the area’s security but we also forget that how much risk they carry along. Many parents are even not allowed by their family to get into these just for the reason being danger and their life’s stake.

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6. People working in the filed of construction sites

People working in the filed of construction sites

Day by day buildings are being constructed and renovated so labours and those people related to construction works are so involved. Making those wonderful buildings, don’t take the note because no matter if it’s about making a small house of the greatest Burj Khalifa you just not only need an architect to plan but also you need those workers to get that work done.

It’s not always a safe job hanging at the top and doing minute detailing of the greatest of buildings even after a lot of advancements in the technology, we do need humans for that and accidents at construction sites are so normal and you would have yourself noticed those danger warnings whenever you pass by some construction area. Well it is quite easy to add this work into the dangerous jobs.

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7. People involved in electricity jobs

People involved in electricity jobs

Whenever there are some appliances not working, we automatically take them to electricians, well we are surely not going to only cover this aspect but also we see electricity men hanging over electric pole and fixing the problem that has occurred as it truly involves a person to get their hands into it to get it fixed. So I think it won’t be good to make you know or learn that how dangerous it can be. Like that person is dealing with huge amount of electricity and how it can’t be termed as not a dangerous one. It’s about all those people involved into it. Be it the care taker of the power house, they are equally responsible and daring.

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8. Cleaning jobs

Cleaning jobs

I think we have already mentioned the construction danger but I think we must not miss with the maintenance of those great buildings so, we have to mention even those people who keep handing over heights in order to get those buildings keep shining and looking good. It’s a no doubt that that even these jobs are equally dangerous. Making yourself hanging at a great height and with a matter of minute mistake you can easily lose your bones, health and life. So it’s about including all those people who are included in such activities and involve this kind of work. We can also include those people who are involved in getting big hoardings placed and even those people who paint at greatest heights. I think you can easily relate to what we are trying to convey.

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9. Fishing and water related jobs

Fishing and water related jobs

So many of you might be fish lover or those who love sea foods, so would you only appreciate the chef or even those people who were involved into getting that fish to your place, so all those people involved in fishing are making these happen to come into market and then your plates. So have you ever wondered that these jobs can also be dangerous for people, like being in water for a long time, getting fishes in a huge amount out and we never know which kind of poisonous fish would come along and can be dangerous for these people; and also those people who are involved into deep water diving because they come across many species deep down water and it’s never possible to be in knowledge with what’s poisonous and what’s not. So these jobs are equally dangerous.

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10. Doctors


I don’t have any intentions of hurting the respect we have for doctors but we often skip these thoughts that doctors are equally in danger, because they are exposed to a lot of patients in a day that they deal with a lot of people. All the doctors have equal respect in the society, but we also know they keep their patients life first before their own. Well we can also see nowadays many doctors being infected by COVID-19 while saving thousands of them. So they carry a lot of respect from each of us but also they are also living the life which is dangerous for them, well nothing is great than saving someone’s lives and doctors are no doubt another form of lively god on earth. We have huge respect for doctors.


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