10 Questions to Ask When Buying a Used Car From a Dealership

What Are Some Questions to Ask When Buying a Used Car From a Dealership?

In this article we are going to talk about the what are some questions to ask when buying a used car from a dealership. Car was an important invention through evolution of time. It made travelling long distances much easier than earlier. People used to have cycles and two wheelers before car was made. The advantage of car over other means was that it carried more people as well as can carry lots of load. As a result, it gained popularity very much among the people. As the maintenance and initial cost was high, it was considered as status of richness in the society.

About 30 years back, buying a car was matter of pride. The cost of car has not become so less till now so that lower section of society can afford it. Anyhow if poor people buy the car, the maintenance required and fuel needs is also costly. Therefore, many of them go for buying used car as the cost drops by half of the initial cost if the car is used earlier in Indian market. Other reason to buy used car as many people don’t know driving properly and they try to learn driving on cheaper car before going for costlier cars.

What are some questions to ask when buying a used car from a dealership?

There might be another different reason for buying a used car but we should be aware of some facts about the car before buying. These facts should be asked owner and some question should be obviously asked. Some questions to ask when buying a used car from a dealership are as follows:

1. Buying Certification

Buying Certification

As the rate of crime is increasing day by day, it has become necessary to ask for cortication of car. Robbers steal the car and try to sell it as second hand car. They don’t have certification of car that they have registered that car under their name. Certification shows that car is bought by specific guy. Beware of certificates as many fake certificates have also been recorded and caught up by police. Certificate has some serial number which can be matched with RTO to prove its originality. Also, you can ask that if it was bought in auction or sale.

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2. Selling certification

Selling certification

This is certification given by government authority to every vehicle which has to be sold. The certification includes inspection of car through every aspect before sale. It also shows that what and when maintenance has been done to the car. Thus, it enables user to know all the true details before buying the car and buyer should ask for such certification before buying it. It is important that certificate is from any good manufacturer or seller.

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3. Test Drive

Test Drive

Cars are generally sold as it has become old and cold with passage with time. Thus, it is necessary to ask the dealer about how much time he could lend car for test drive. Assure that you won’t drive it much and just want to get normalized with it. If he allows for keeping the car for about 2 days, try to keep it overnight and then run it next morning. Most used cars engines go cold and don’t start after keeping it overnight. Submit your ID and driving licence for proving that you are a legit citizen as most sellers don’t trust customer for giving their car whole day.

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4. CarFax Report

What Are Some Questions to Ask When Buying a Used Car From a Dealer

It is believed that CarFax report helps the user to decide whether to buy or not buy the used car. Millions of customers rely on this report. Report contains information about the desired car like accident history, service history etc. Legit dealers will have no problem in showing this report but any fake dealership may have changed or damaged CarFax report. It is necessary to match car identification number with the VIN number present on the car.

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5. Price


This is the most important factor while going to buy a used car. Ask the dealer about the price of the car before talking about any other detail and further communication. Proceed only if the price of car is 40-50% less than the price of new car of same model. Many sites are there which help customer to get best offers as well as do all the paperwork. Dealers try to add up their commission with the price put up by seller.

Apart from this, he also tries to get some commission from both seller and customer end. Thus, try to negotiate the price of car before confirming of buying. It is better if you directly buy it from seller as middle party is gone. Ask for the price if you pay the amount in cash as it will reduce much of the work of seller and dealer. This will definitely help in reducing the price of used car.

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6. Return-Policy

What Are Some Questions to Ask When Buying a Used Car

This is something which rarely any seller will provide it to you. Return policy in sense of returning of vehicle if it is not functioning properly and giving many problems. Only the customer-friendly seller will understand this problem but at most he can give you some value back. He also won’t take the vehicle back after purchase and this should be kept in mind before doing the checkout.

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7. Mileage


As the fuel prices have gone up rapidly and use of car has become more essential, it is very necessary to know the mileage given by the car. Mileage is the amount of distance travelled by the car per litre of fuel given. It becomes important if you drive car a lot. Try to investigate about the car fuel estimate usage and amount of fuel it can carry in it. Older cars have less capacity to carry fuel as well as mileage given by them is also less. This is because the older technology and wear and tear of vehicles part after certain amount of time.

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8. Distance travelled

Distance travelled

With the knowledge of mileage, it is important to know about the distance car has travelled. Many manufacturers ask for replacing timing belt after 60000 miles and it is costly. So, if you are going to buy car which has travelled 40000 miles approximately, you may need it to replace it and this will add up to your expense. Apart from this, long travelled cars need servicing more often than normal cars, so it is better to get information about kilometres it has travelled.

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9. Total cost

Questions to Ask When Buying a Used Car

This cost is all the cost added up together which are dealership fees, title transfer fees, notary fees etc. The price put up on the car is different then the total cost and it is much more then thought if this all cost is included. Therefore, being aware of this cost before any buying to avoid panicking and asking for financial help at last moment. Just have an approximation of these cost before proceeding.

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10. Warranties and insurance

Warranties and insurance

You may ask your seller for what all warranties will be provided by him after buying his used car. Most sellers provide with some coverage inclusion and deduct the fees for that. They may also pay for insurance of vehicles which removes burden of load from customers head.

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