What Should I Do For Career Growth?

What Should I Do For Career Growth?

In this article we are going to talk about the What should I do for career growth? The way we live has changed a lot in the past hundred or two hundred years. The innumerous advancements in technology and healthcare have turned the world upside down, both in good and bad ways.

In recent times, automation has caused a rise in unemployment rates, not just in the manufacturing sector but in many other areas. Technological advancements are further helping create machinery that can do the work of x number of human beings. As a result, many big companies are replacing human labor with machinery since it increases profits. It, in return, causes unemployment to rise (in fields such as farming or manufacturing).

To make matters worse, the world population has been rapidly growing as well. As the population increases, so does competition between individuals. Getting a job in this day and age has become a lot harder since you have to compete with a lot of people.

What should I do for career growth?

There are things that you can do to better your chances of getting a job. There are also ways to grow your career so that you don’t remain stagnant. This article will talk about the top ten ways to grow your career. They are as follows –

1. Do What You Love

Do What You Love

It is pretty hard to do what you love, considering one’s circumstances and the given competition in the job market. However, one should at least try to do what they love because the job becomes a lot more fun. If you do what you love for a living, it becomes much easier for you to dedicate time to it. Not only time but hard work as well. You will not mind working hard if your work is fun. You would want to. Hard work by itself doesn’t necessarily guarantee anything since you need to work smart too. However, hard work often pays off.

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2. Change Jobs

Change Jobs

If people barely value you at your job, you should consider changing your job. If you feel that you have outlived your job, you should look for other places. Apart from challenges, it could be for various other reasons, like not getting a promotion, pay too low, etc. It is also about how the job makes you feel. Growth is not limited to your job designation, your income, etc. It’s also is about whether you are satisfied or not. It is also about your level of contentment. If you don’t like the job, just look for other ones.

Society often misleads you into thinking that you need to compete with other individuals to determine how successful you are. But you neither have to earn a certain amount of money nor need a mansion to think that you are successful. As Aristotle (an ancient Greek philosopher) said in his work Nicomachean Ethics, money is only essential to the point that it can help sustain life. Beyond that, it is unnecessary.

Nobody is forcing to have a job change. Everyone has different aspirations and dreams. But know that there are a lot more ways to look at growth than the ones society has normalized.

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3. Take A Risk

Take A Risk

This point is in line with the previous one as it builds upon it. Sometimes in life, to get somewhere, you need to take a risk. Without risks, you are playing it too safe. There is nothing wrong with playing it safe. However, the issue is that with no risk is that there are no rewards that can suddenly change your life for the better or move you up the ladder.

Risks are opportunities you can learn from. Sometimes the risks that you took do not work out. But that does not mean that all has failed. You get to learn a lot during those times. The setback usually forces one to grow as a person. If you successfully grow as a person, it will indirectly affect your career’s growth as well.

That being said, if you are planning to take a risk, like quitting your job, make sure to have savings. Sometimes it takes a while before you can land a new job. Ensure you will have money to get through such a period.

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4. Gain New Skill sets

Gain New Skillsets

In this day and age, the number of things you have access to and are available to you, compared to the past, is insane. Everything is available at the tip of your finger. You can search for anything and can clear any of your doubts at a moment’s notice. You are living in the age of information. And considering growth in your career, this accessibility and availability is a boon for you. There are many websites you can get certificates from, like Udemy, Coursera, Oxford Home Study. Keep improving your skillsets so that you grow as a person, which aids your career growth.

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5. Be Kind To Your Colleagues

Be Kind To Your Colleagues

Sometimes, you get into a fight with your colleagues. Other times you want nothing to do with them because you do not like them. You can avoid them, but doing so can come back to bite you. The point is, some do not get the job/promotion even if they are qualified. At times like these, your colleagues can help you out. If you are good with them, they can put in a good word by sending a letter of recommendation for promotion.

That being said, you should not fake kindness because of underlying goals. In the words of Immanuel Kant (a German philosopher), don’t treat another human being as a means to an end. Be kind to everyone because you should be. Them recommending you is merely a bonus.

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6. Pay Attention To What You’re Doing

Pay Attention To What You’re Doing

If you want your career to grow, you need to do things that will help facilitate that. You can’t be wasting away from your free time. There isn’t much time for you to work on yourself when you are busy doing your job. It is in your free time that you can do so. Hence why you need to keep tabs on what you are doing when you are free. Doing this will help you realize whether you can achieve your goals or not. It’s pretty simple. If you want something very badly, you’ll work for it. 

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7. Network


This world is interconnected. Unless you are someone who is super-rich or powerful, you will need other people’s help. You will need to know people so that they can help you out. Networking is crucial for you to figure out what opportunities are available and what doors are closed. You can use websites such as LinkedIn or Glassdoor to find chances to make improvements in your career. The point of these platforms is to provide space for people to network their way into getting jobs and opportunities. It makes it easier for the employer and the employee to connect. Focus on improving your portfolio and reaching out to people.

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8. Make Business Cards

Make Business Cards

you a professional touch that is often required. It shows that you mean business. Also, you will need it while networking. Although due to the pandemic, you are not getting the chance to network; however, once it is over, you’ll go back to doing so. Once it resumes, you need to be ready to exchange information with other people. Business cards are the best way to do so. People may have to write down your info on random pieces of paper if you don’t give them your card. As a result, there are chances that the information will be misplaced. Avoid this by using business cards. Plus, if you use a business card, the other person has to do less work and has all your information in one place. It makes it easier for them to contact you if needed.

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9. Attend Public Speaking Conferences

 Attend Public Speaking Conferences

You will need to hone your soft skills to have an impact while networking. Business cards are good to have, but what good does it do if you do not have the skillset they are looking for. Qualifications are essential, but they aren’t the only thing you should focus on. Countless individuals are qualified and fit the job description. Many are even more qualified than you. Your soft skills give you a chance to beat them.

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10. Social Media

Social Media

Depending on your job, you might want to dabble in social media as well. We have gone past the point of people saying that social media is only for teenagers or is a waste of time. The outreach of social media is insane. Apart from using websites like LinkedIn and Glassdoor, it wouldn’t hurt to use websites such as Facebook and Twitter. Some employers scour through social media in search of potential employees. If you know how to use social media, it can be advantageous for you.

Jobs are tough to get and even more to climb the ladder. Many will want you to fail, and many might actively try to set you back. But despite all that, I hope this article will help you do so. Thank you!

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