Why We Should Conserve Water?

Why We Should Conserve Water?

In this article we are going to talk about the why we should conserve water. How much water do you drink a day or how much water you use per day? We always consider hygiene and cleanliness but does that mean we are here to waste all the water that’s present to us? I think no, we always ignore the thought of water conservation thinking that three fourth of earth is water. But the fact is not all of them can be used. Think of yourself, question yourself that while using water how much of it do you waste? I guess in one way or the other we all have some points to how we waste.

Do you thinking getting those points in our mind is a good thing? I think no, because water is such an important resource we are gifted with, and wasting it like anything won’t be a good step at all. There are places where people walk miles in order to bring water to their houses. We might be easily getting water in our taps but we don’t understand its worth at all. Many of us would also come up with a sentence like; I’m paying for the water that I am using.

But let me ask you, can money overcome your thirst of water? No, we all have to understand that water is something that’s necessarily very important, we use water in many different ways, you can never cook rice without water, and I don’t think it would be a good thing to keep counting things. There are innumerable things. It should be within that we must never waste any resource that’s gifted by nature. And why do people even need to be learned about water conservation, but still many don’t know. So today we will take in account of the number of reasons to conserve water.

Why we should conserve water?

Water conservation doesn’t means that we have to stop using water or doing our basic works but it is about using water in a manner that it is not wasted, being aware of the quantity to be used and quantity that we are using. It’s all about awareness within, we are always given an essay to write upon water conservation, no doubt many write in such a great manner but when we look at the reality it is something different. We need to conserve water, because it’s so horrifying to think of the day when we are left with no water. And we must respect nature as well. 

1. Food That We Eat Comes Because Of Water

Food That We Eat Comes Because Of Water

You might be confused with what I mean by this, how food can come from water. For this might I think we must look it a very logical manner, food production requires water for its growth. And if the water supply to the water fields is not enough then we won’t get a good quality crop. Water is a major content for crops, no matter how much land you own or how much good quality seeds you have bought; they are all nothing if we don’t have enough water to water crop fields.

And it’s also not that you can use any type of water, it has to be freshwater because water also contains some important content that makes it so important for our body, and if the water being used is contaminated then all the energy used in making that field ready would be a waste and we won’t get good quality crop or maybe no crop.

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2. Although Its 71% Still It Is Finite

Although Its 71% Still It Is Finite

We all think we have 71% of earth is water, and then is there any use of conserving water. We can use it all as much as we want to. But as we all know, little knowledge can be very dangerous and here it is making us go into danger, because we all have this in our mind that 71% of earth has water and we don’t have to worry. The truth is as we mentioned in the introduction not all of these 71% is of the quality to be used.

We can only use freshwater which is just present as 3% and out of this 2% of freshwater is in form of glaciers and ice caps or the form that we can’t use. So we are left up with just 1% of usable freshwater and this amount has to serve the complete humanity. Don’t you think, conserving this 1% is as important as anything that can be counted? We have to be very careful while using water. (The percentage might vary.)

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3. Energy Saving Mode

Energy Saving Mode

If there are tankers coming to your doorstep then it could be because of the fact that groundwater level must be low that you can’t get direct supply to your houses. Bringing those tankers to your house requires fuel to be used in the vehicles, so if we conserve water then it can reduce the routine of those tankers and also would save a lot of fuel on a yearly basis. By saving water you just don’t contribute to only the water levels but saving of lot energy in different form. In this manner you are also contributing good steps as a responsibility of citizen of earth.

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4. Basic Needs

Basic Needs

Accept it or not we use water in several ways, and I think it’s quite easy for you to figure that out. From the morning tea/coffee to our tasty dinner, we have to use waters in many ways. It’s not that we need water for drinking only. When we think of water conservation then we only take account of drinking water and forget to count our basic needs. Use of water is so much. This is the first thing that we carry with us when we are going on trip or daily office. Water is not a need rather a habit that every human has. So we have to conserve water in order have that same easy going life but with a sense of saving water.

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5. Think Of Other Living Creatures As Well

Think Of Other Living Creatrues As Well

Each and every species are important for balancing earth in its own ways. We can’t imagine our planet earth with all the animals died, the ecosystem won’t be balanced at all and hence will be a deadly situation. It would be really hurting for us to see animals died because of lack of water which a human beings mistake. Water is not important for human beings only, but it is equally important for all the living creatures even if we talk about camel or we talk about cactus. We should not take actions for which we will obviously pay but also makes those innocent animals to suffer.

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6. Increase In Global Warming, Carbon Footprints

Increase In GlobalL Warming, Carbon Footprints

Water is the thing when we think about cooling something or it’s about coming back to home after travelling in so hot whether condition. But what about earth, the lesser the amount of water the hotter our planet is and it also increases the water demand. It is a fact that water conservation leads to eco system conservation. Everything has to be balanced and so is the water quantity. Water is not only human beings need but water connects directly to our nature.  The Water has to be in adequate amount in order to have our earth balanced. 

Situation has come that we can see in news that forests are catching fire and all the creatures are being hurt by that and due to that several green forests are turning to a land that has nothing. To have control over these we must be concerned much about water and take required steps.

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7. Think About Water Shortage And Drought

Think About Water Shortage And Drought

 We are well aware of the water cycle, but there are places where due to water level depletion makes them suffer through water shortage and drought. Where people die due to shortage of water, can you even imagine that how painful it would have been to die because of thirst of water? And think about those families whose income is totally dependent upon agriculture, how would they survive in this world if their land is so dry. Water cycle does returns water back to earth but the spots are different. At some places it rains so much that it’s flooded with water and somewhere it’s so zero that they have to face droughts.

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8. Don’t Force Nature To Take Its Step

Don't Force Nature To Take Its Step

I think we are all aware of this fact that earth takes it step when it becomes so much of deadly actions. There’s always some of the point in our history where we can see how earth took its step to balance earth. It might sound so ancient talking all these. But don’t compel nature to punish human beings for the activities they are doing, be it anything. Along with the advancement we are forgetting the harm we are doing to the nature. Respect nature in order to get respected back by nature. I am repeating the same thing again and again that always respect nature and the gift it has given to us. Don’t let nature take the other step.

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9. Oxygen


Water itself contains oxygen that we can clearly see. Water is a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen thus drinking water helps us to get oxygen in our body through that way. And also it is the reason how aquatic animals also survive. And if this source of oxygen is extinct then the indirect ways water has been fueling us would turn zero. Also if there’s depletion in water level then surely trees would be also affected in return the amount of oxygen that we breathe. We have now understood that each and every resource is connected in one or the other ways.

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10. Future


Would you be so impressed in gifting our future generations with a planet that has no water to drink? Think of the fact by questioning yourself. Don’t be so harsh at using water that your future generations also don’t exist hence having no creature on earth. Misusing water can be so deadly. Be wise whenever you feel you are wasting and always keep account of the quantity.


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