10 Best Job Interview Tips for Freshers

Best Job Interview Tips for Freshers

In this article we are going to talk about the 10 best job interview tips for freshers. Interview for freshers sounds difficult, as it’s the first step towards the new phase of life. Freshers are the people who just graduated from college and this is the beginning of another phase for them. First few Interviews for freshers tend to be difficult as it is a new experience, not all students in their college life are trained for interviews. Interview is the first personal interaction between a company and its shortlisted applicants.

Although sometimes the interviewer is already made aware about each candidate and their strengths and weakness, interviews are held so that the interviewer and personally meet them and have formal conversation so that he could decide among all the applicants, who is the better fit for the job. Also the interviewer judges them for their overall performances in the field of the job, their past experiences or efforts made by them. Whereas, an applicant should not worry about above mentioned criteria for selection as each and every company has different criteria and also the applicant should focus on itself and make efforts towards making yourself a better fit for the job.

10 Best Job Interview Tips for Freshers

Here are some tips stated below that would help a fresher should keep in mind beforehand. The best job interview tips for freshers are as follows:

1. Resume


Whenever a person goes to interview, they have to make sure that their resume is updated. As it is the first document the interviewer looks at. The resume should be updated in a manner that it should contain your skills which are relevant for the job, and also other things but skills that may be relating to the job profile in any manner should be in the starting itself, so that it’s one the first things an interviewer reads. A person cannot use a resume for different job interviews, that the resume needs to be updated according to every other job. Your resume should only contain the details which are true and relevant, it should be professional, no personal details are to be given in a resume. It should be made in a chronological order i.e. recent events written at the beginning followed by the past events.

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2. Well Dressed

Well Dressed

As it is said ‘First impression is the last impression’ .The interviewee should always be properly and well dressed. Which would leave a positive image of him in the eyes of the interviewer. The way people dress themselves up shows what kind of person they are, their interest for the specific job and their creativity. The interviewee should be dressed formally for the interview. Vibrant, attractive colours and Eye catchy looks should be avoided while getting ready for the interview as it might distract the interviewer from the topic, or he might not be able to focus on the interview which might end up to unfavourable outputs. Dressing is the first thing that represents you in front of the interviewer even before you start to have a conversation and one should keep that in mind and dress decently for the same.

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3. Be Confident

Be Confident

When a person goes to an interview, as of normal human behavior they tend to get conscious and nervous. Confidence being as one of the most important aspect about you, the interviewee should always be confident no matter what. Although there is a mild difference between confidence and overconfidence, one should always make sure that they are confident but not overconfident. Being confident gives a positive impact on the interviewer whereas being overconfident makes them think twice. Confidence is the key aspect of one’s behavior, if a person is confident; they tend to be on their feet about everything. Overconfidence makes the interviewer think that interviewee is trying to act superior to them. Hence, a person should always be confident but never overconfident.

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4. Punctual


Just like any formal meeting or gathering. An interviewee should always be punctual for their scheduled interview. One should be on time or even before time but never late. Being late for the interview might give the interviewer an impression that the interviewee is not interested or is not serious for that particular job, which would decrease your chances of getting selected and the worst which could happen is that the interviewer may even cancel your interview. Being on time for the interview is as important as to be there for it. Even after being capable of getting the specific job, you might not be given preference because of being late or not being punctual. Punctuality is something which is not stated but is judged by the employer. In their view, if the interviewee could not appear on time even for the interview, which costs them the job. Will they even value the job after getting it?

Punctuality is an important element for the interview and life as well and should always be remembered.

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5. Be Prepared

Be Prepared

When an interview is scheduled the interviewer and interviewee are both made aware of it. So, when the interviewee comes to give their interview they should be well prepared. Prepared for the questions that could be asked, prepared in a way that they know about the company they’re going to interview for and also the job profile. Being aware of everything around and about, having general knowledge.  Being prepared for the questions that could ask is as important as knowing about the company. As it impresses,  the interviewer when a person comes prepared for an interview as it shows how much they are dedicated to their work and they value the job, which means even if they’re selected they will tend to work hard in order to  secure their position in the company.

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6. Direct and clear answers

Direct and clear answers

The interviewee should always give direct answers of the questions asked by the interviewer. At times the interviewer my try to confuse you or ask indirect questions but the interview should stay focused on his question and do not get distracted by any distractions even the given by the interviewer. The answers for the questions asked by the interviewer should be direct, on point, short and brief. Every word you say should make sense as the answer to the question meaningless and pointless stuff should not be said. Even for the questions which the interviewer does not know the answer for should be set directly and should not try to beat around the bush and waste the time which could have been utilized by some other candidate or for some other purpose.

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7. Carry all the documents

Carry all the documents

The documents required for the interview I usually stated by the company before hand. One should make sure that the carry all the required documents for the interview that has been stated and also the basic documents which might not have been stated. In completion of documents may lead to postponement off the interview or cancellation. The interviewee should make sure to carry all the documents and be aware of all the documents to be carried if there is confusion about the documents it should be clear before the day of interview. It is not easy to be prepared and collect the documents at the same time so the interviewee should collect the documents earlier and keep them safe to be carried on the day of interview.

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8. Be Polite

Be Polite

One should always be polite with the interviewer or even the people around. As it is the company they look forward to work with, they should always be polite with all the employees of the company. A cooperative employee is what a company looks for. Also any applicant should never argue with the interviewer regarding anything, one should always be polite even while contradicting them. An interviewee should keep in mind to not completely disagree with the interviewer as that might sound rude to the interviewer, even while presenting their own point of view.

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9. Be yourself

Be yourself

Show them the real you. Do not pretend to be someone you are not. Showcase yourself as you are to the interviewee during the interview. Do not try to do something you wouldn’t usually do just because you think that it will be smart and you could impress the interviewer by doing so. If the company selects you and appoints you they will get to know about you and what you pretended to be but are actually not the same which would disappoint the employers. Don’t be someone who you think is smarter than you. Be yourself and present your strengths and weakness to the interviewer so that they know if you’re suitable for the particular job or position or not.

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10. Strong Communication skills

Strong Communication skills

As stated above and applicants be confident and it should appear in the way they talk or express themselves. When a person is confident it is reflected in the way they speak their, body language or how they express themselves.  It is when a person is able to talk fluently using correct grammar. Strong communication skills also refer to the strong convincing power the speaker should have. Being able to explain your point to the listener and convince them in your favor without arguing depicts strong communication skills.

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These are some of the tips that that would help a fresher to prepare for an interview.

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