Why do you feel like you need a girlfriend?

Why do you feel like you need a girlfriend?

In this article we are going to talk about the why do you feel like you need a girlfriend. Girlfriend is a friend who is more valuable than any other friend if the guy is taking the relationship seriously. We all want to come to relationship essentially serious and proper relationship, so that we can experience things which can never be experienced by staying with friends. Relationships demands too much care and attention for the partner. Nowadays making girlfriend has become too common which wasn’t the case earlier.

We can even say that in foreign countries, making girlfriend and dating are pre-requisites of marriage and wedding. Trend has also gained popularity in India, where male youth have also started making girlfriends for dating and love marriages. Making girlfriend is now taking among the teenage children which can be said wrong but cute. If someone is not in a relationship nowadays, they are prone to be mocked upon.

Why do you feel like you need a girlfriend?      

Here the questions arise that is it necessary to make girlfriend or start a relationship? Some reasons can be given about why do you feel like you need a girlfriend and those reasons are:

1. Special


It is always better to have someone by your side. In other way, we can phrase that it is very important to have some special like girlfriend to whom you can share your every memory, ideas and whatever you want to say. You can even share those things in your mind you feel ashamed to share it with your friends. Girlfriend will help you create some good memories with you. Special is someone you want to talk all day long and discuss everything in your mind without any hesitation. Sharing your thoughts without hesitation can be one reason you feel like you need a girlfriend.

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2. Emotional support

Emotional support

Each of us go through bad times. Most of us are even now through bad time. At our low times, we need someone who can support us and stand by our side. The person understanding our problem is the one who can support us emotionally. Most of us usually try not to bother our parents or ashamed to depend on our friends for emotional support. Boys mainly hide their feelings in front of others. Someone like girlfriend is very special person whom boys can turn to for emotional support at their bad times. Girlfriend can help them to grow out of their grief but supporting them emotionally.

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3. Moral support

Moral support

We all face failures in our daily lives but many of us can’t cope up with failures and choose wrong ways to face it. One of the reasons for this can be lack of moral support. Moral support is totally different from emotional support. If someone like girlfriend understands their boyfriend truly, they always try to provide moral support to their boyfriend which can help them to walk in right path even after failures and disappointments. This can be reason why you feel like you need a girlfriend.

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4. Peer pressure

Peer pressure

This is the worst reason why do you feel like you need a girlfriend but this reason is relevant in most of the cases. Peer pressure is defined as the influence or pressure created upon you due to other members of the group like friends, colleagues etc. It is like all of your friends have girlfriend, so it pressurises you make one too in order to be talk in context with them. When some group plans for trips and they are going in couples, it is necessary for you to make a girlfriend. Thus, this can be a reason for making a girlfriend.

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5. Motivational support

Motivational support

We don’t have much motivation around us nowadays. People go through their usual schedules regularly with no big goals. To increase the goals of today’s youth, it is necessary to provide them with motivation. Children rarely listen to their parents and colleagues for motivation. Someone like girlfriend can help up to boost up their confidence and help them to achieve higher goals. When a boy has a girlfriend, he will be motivated to achieve higher goals to make her happy. This can be reason you feel like you need a girlfriend.

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6. Hormonal changes

Hormonal changes

When a human being hits puberty, it goes through lots of hormonal changes. Hormonal changes are of many types. Many of them help to grow mentally. Some hormonal changes often lead to attraction towards opposite gender. Boys are attracted to girls and in the same way, girls are attracted to boys. This isn’t pure form of attraction but can be termed as teenage love. This may even lead you to wrong paths and negative feelings but it will fade away with time. Therefore, hormonal changes can be one of the reasons why do you feel like you need a girlfriend.

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 7. Basic needs

Basic needs

Live in relationship has gained popularity nowadays. Live in relationship is relationship in which girlfriend and boyfriend live together as a couple. You may think that you need a girlfriend to feel the taste of relationship where you may help each in their works, do basic chores together, know each other needs. Live in relationships help us to know each other which is important for any relationship. This may be reason you may feel to have a girlfriend to get an experience of a couple.

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8. Taken care of

Taken care of

We all have seen that girlfriends are expert in taking care of their boyfriends. Most of them make food for them, help them to dress up, help them with shopping, finish their work when they are busy etc. These all are counted under taking care of boyfriend. She even cares when their boyfriend is sick. She willingly does any favour his boyfriend needs from her. This is what makes boyfriend value her. Every boy tries to make a girlfriend to get love and care from her.

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9. Companion


Companion is someone more important than a friend. Feelings are important for every person.  Every guy looks for some companion when he is facing bad time. Girlfriend can be someone who can be companion and help boy in his bad times. Comfort is something boys demands when he is alone and lonely. Girlfriend can help him to feel good and comfort him. This can be reason you may feel you need a girlfriend.

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10. Sexual desire

Sexual desire

People talk about this topic very occasionally. Many of guys look for physical intimacy in their relationship. Girls are also sexually attracted to boys too. Girlfriend can help boyfriend to fulfill their sexual desire. Most of guy really want to hook-ups rather than to come into relationship but some prefer relationship too. Kisses are something boys love. This can be a reason you may feel that you need a girlfriend.

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