What are the important things to carry while travelling in Train?

What are the important things to carry while travelling in Train?

In this article we are going to talk about the what are the important things to carry while travelling in train. Everyone likes to travel. Some people travel for work purposes and others do to visit new places. Travelling by train is a fabulous experience. No matter whether you are going for a short journey or a long journey, carrying some essential things while travelling in train is an integral part of it.

If you have a child with you, the number of things can get increase. But we are going to discuss 10 most important things to put in a small bag for everyone to avoid any inconvenience. These things will boost the comfortability and optimisation of your journey. After reading these 10 points you  need not to ask from your relatives ‘what should you carry to prove your train journey a successful one?’ Although the modern trains have all the facilities yet having own material is pretty good.

What are the Important Things to Carry While Travelling in Train?

Let us discuss the important points to consider before boarding the train:

1. First aid box

First aid box

Health comes first. As we never know what is going to happen with us, arrangements for the betterment is essential. Any health problem while travelling not only becomes the hurdle in the enjoyment of yours’ but also of nearby sitting travellers in your berth. Some people suffer from vomiting while travelling long distances. If you also have ever undergone the same situation, you must carry the prescribed medicines with you to intake instantly before it creates a serous problem in the way of your enjoying experience. Besides, painkillers are also essentials in case of headache or stomachache. Don’t let anything come into the way of your enthusiastic journey and keep the small lightweight medicine box into your backpack.

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2. Ticket and all other important documents

Ticket and all other important documents

Although it is not mentionable to have a train ticket with you while travelling in the train itself, yet some peoples forget it at home or lose it in the way of railway station due to carelessness. If you are going across an international border, remember to keep important documents like ID detail also. Having a soft copy as well as a hard copy of the ticket is necessary. Suppose you are having the digitalised copy of your ticket while online booking. And your phone lose the battery at the time when ticket inspector comes to you. Instead of showing any ticket perhaps you would display your dumbed face. Therefore as relying only on soft copy or hard copy can put you in a stressed condition, keeping both types safely at your access is the dominant requirement.

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3. Bag latch for safety

 Bag latch for safety

As if you are travelling in the train to a faraway destination, it means you would definitely carrying your luggage also. So the safety of your luggage is the thing to put into consideration. Instantly purchase a small lock and use it for the briefcase. In case of not having the lock, you would have to undergo the abominable condition. If you would want to go for the washroom, would you like to drag the bag in the corridor even up to the washroom? Or leaving behind on the responsibility of any companion can also role you on the roller coaster of negative thoughts. In order to beware of pickpockets, you must use the number lock or any other whichever suits to you for your luggage while fade off to sleep to take a nap or to go somewhere out of your compartment.

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4. Eatables and water bottle

Eatables and water bottle

No one can easily pass the hours without eating and drinking. I personally think first of all about the eatables whenever decide to go somewhere. I will recommend you as well to take some boxes of snacks to nibble on it again and again. You can jump on the lip-smacking lays packets also if possible Use the train luggage racks for comfort. Rather than fishing for vendors who usually board the train to sell some mouth-watering dishes, eat from your sealed containers of hygienic food.

Standing in a queue to drink water or to refill a bottle on platforms is a long and arduous process. So always keep some freshwater bottles in your bag. Though these will increase the weight of your luggage, you should bear something to get something.

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5. Something to pass time

Something to pass time

Passing time is the big boredom. Spending hours in train sitting at one place is difficult. So why not pack some playful and informative things. I will recommend you to take your favourite book. The book for which you haven’t had time to read during your hectic schedule or want to read again. It is very interesting to go through the pages while passing through the beautiful sceneries of outside the window. Or you can also manage E-reader according to your convenience. In addition, you can also take copy and pen to jot down your experience and expectations of your journey. Moreover, you can also take a game box such as chess, Ludo, snake ladder, and so more. These types of hard copy games will give you an opportunity to ask from nearby sitting travellers also.

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6. Toiletries


If you are going for an overnight you obviously need toothpaste, shampoo, soap, or detergent, towel, and so on. If one think that these basic things will be available in washroom under the special services of the train so many others like him would also be thinking the same. Using a public towel or a soap is infectious so don’t let yourself be counted in uncouth community. These things are neither too heavy nor expensive. Take a small bag to put all the basic things like hand detergent and a small towel in it to be educated and cultured. Moreover, Also have a trash bag for peelings of your eatables with you because untidy surroundings will lead to a mess of energy. Immediately go and pack these things one by one so that you don’t forget.

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7. A comfortable small pillow

A comfortable small pillow

Along with other so many things rest is also necessary. the clunking and crunching of machinery can tempt you to get rid of it through sleeping. Some trains are very uncomfortable and disturbing. So to take a nap you should have a comfortable small pillow with you, the one on which you can sleep in any condition. Take a lightweight and compact pillow to put your head to enter into the world of dreams. Without it and relying on the bedclothes by train services can trigger uncomfortability if in case you do not get something of your suitability to sleep upon. It can also help you in neck support while reading a book for a long time. Because a bad position of sitting leads to some health problems like migraine.

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8. Full charged mobile or power bank

Full charged mobile or power bank

I don’t need to clarify the importance of a mobile phone. You know better how much you are dependent on your mobile. So if you are going to continuously use the gadget, you need to charge it full or better to take a power bank with you. It is not easy to keep an eye on the switchboards in the train to charge your phone. To surf social media websites for a long time or to complete some pending works on a phone or especially to click photographs of a beautiful sceneries and landscapes, go and add one more thing in your bag. Explore everything whatever you want in the journey without pondering upon compensating something with joy.

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9. Money


You should have change as well as some big amount of money in your pocket or in cards. While travelling you need change rather than a 2000 rupee note. To buy a packet of Kurkure you cannot ask people to give you some change of your note. Sometimes you need to photo state something of your documents. If any really needful person comes to your window and asks for some alms, you can give him happily rather than replying “Go, I don’t have change”. On the other hand, if some incidents do happen which demand access to a large amount of money, you could easily manage to ward off the difficulties. Thus, secure journey needs not only booking the ticket but also carrying some amount with you.

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10. Some shareable things to make new friends

Some shareable things to make new friends

Finally, I would recommend you to take something for others as well. When we go somewhere and do not create some memorable moments we easily forget that time. You can take a torch and a hotspot facility to change strangers into new friends by sharing with them. It will not only help you but also give you the opportunity to share with others. Your first aid box can also help someone. Sharing a camera too will record the memories into permanent photographs. 
Go and put something in your bag for your travel buddies.

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Summing the rounded up material, after getting to know all these important things to carry while travelling in train for your comfort, secure, and enjoyable journey, I am sure you would have begun packing rather than fishing for more tips.

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