Advantages And Disadvantages Of Being a Sales Manager

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Being a Sales Manager

In this article we are going to talk about the Advantages And Disadvantages Of Being a Sales Manager. A sales manager post is something many of us dream about after knowing about the scope of commerce and accountancy. It is that position which holds great role in the development and success of various departments in a company associated with sales. The job, as such requires good knowledge of the department he will be in charge of.

One needs good leadership qualities, responsible character, patience, an optimistic attitude towards everything, and abilities to tackle whichever hindrance he has to face in the upliftment of his company and associated sales. He has to encourage healthy competition among the sales staff in order to procure all the benefits which are associated with better communication skills between the staff under him and the customers. The role of a sales manager in the success of a company is very crucial.

Here are some important key points which will provide you with a better idea of the advantages and disadvantages of being a sales manager.

A brief description about each point mentioned is also given so that you can get a better idea on the pros and cons of this particular job.

Advantages of being a sales manager

Here are a few points which highlights the advantages of being a sales manager:

1. Income


Sales manager post is the one which opens vast areas of future scope for a person. The income one gets from this post is definitely high as compared to other sales-based jobs. The managerial position offers a dignified post with a decent income. The opportunities that the field offers are also limitless. An experienced sales manager with 10-20 years of experience can earn an average of $85,000 per year. Some companies offer performance-based bonus and other allowances in addition to the basic pay. The income may also vary according to his team’s work. Better work offers a better pay.

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2. Leadership Quality

 Leadership Quality

A good leader is the one who guides the ones under him in the right path not just by giving orders, but by making them understand the tactics they must apply in different areas of sales and associated communication. He must be successful in helping them tackle different challenges which the sales profession raises. He is the one in charge of guiding employers under him, training them to achieve right goals, creating sales plans and proper execution, etc… The end result of a team work is basically the responsibility of the team head, which is the manager.

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3. Motivation Skills And Development Of Optimistic Attitude

Motivation Skills And Development  Of  Optimistic Attitude

Sales manager holds a very honourable post demanding respect and recognition. The energy and enthusiasm budding in the employers under him is completely dependent on the positive vibes which are conferred by their manager. He is responsible for motivating his staff with full commitment and sincerity. The optimistic attitude showcased by him can be meritorious in future achievements of his whole team under his strong leadership. It is the one which will raise his company to a better place in the competitive world around him.

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4. Continuous Learning

Continuous Learning

Continuous dealings with customers from different fields helps to increase the knowledge and responsibilities of the one in charge. Also, a fast-paced, constantly evolving position which one acquires adds up to his personal achievements along with his professional excellence.

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5. Wider Career Opportunities

Wider Career Opportunities

The career opportunities that a sales manager can achieve are plenty in number. With the involvement of technology, career opportunities for sales persons are also improving at a very fast rate. The market value of a good sales person is tremendous.

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Disadvantages of being a sales manager

Here are a few points which highlights the disadvantages of being a sales manager:

1. Working in sales is not easy as one thinks

Working in sales is not easy as one thinks

It requires immense mental strength and power. Otherwise, even the slightest work pressure you face may put you down, both physically as well as mentally. Some people have got the ability to work better in a stressful environment. It actually boosts up their competitive skills. But the case is different with another group who fails terribly when the work load increases. They may even run out of energy and knowledge.

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2. Communication Problems

Communication Problems

Sales job requires effective communication with a lot of people including staff and customers. People who are short-tempered are not really apt for this area of work. The job demands patience, effective communication skills and good leadership skills. Lack of any of these will adversely affect the work of a whole team itself. People having issues with anger management suffers when employed in sales posts.

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3. Work Pressure And Stress

Work Pressure And Stress

A recent survey revealed that sales account manager post was ranked as the second most stressful job among all jobs. Sales people, especially the ones holding a higher position in sales are under a lot of emotional and mental stress to meet quota and keep their rankings high in the market. The increased number of working hours and associated stress may contribute further in building up stress-related health issues including headache, hypertension and other stress disorders.

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4. Uncertainty About Future

Uncertainty About Future

There is no assurance about the existence of a sales company as such, even when we take a near future into consideration. Even one minor mistake made by a single employee can invite serious complications and consequences. Also problems associated with raising of funds and achievement of target is a challenging task.

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5. Low Morale At Work

Low Morale At Work

An employee’s morale lies in his attitude, confidence, satisfaction and overall outlook towards his job and associated dealings. Deterioration of morale may cause lack of enthusiasm in work and absence of commitment and interest. It may arise either due to the work pressure imposed by a superior officer or may be as a result of some guilty conscience lying deep within him.

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Various aspects explaining the advantages and disadvantages of a sales manager has been discussed above. It will definitely throw some light on people who need a better understanding of the job from different view points.

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