10 Best Car Blogs to Follow

Best Car Blogs to Follow

In this article we are going to talk about the 10 best car blogs to follow. Ever wondered about the varieties of cars and their features? Ever got confused for selecting the best car for yourself? Ever found difficulty in finding the difference in the cars and selecting a good car in specific price range? If ever, car blogs are solution to your problem. Internet is a vast source of information and can be accessed in your fingertips in no moment. Everything in the world is connected to internet and we can’t even imagine world without internet. For example, if a person wants to buy a car, normally he will start researching and finding the difference among the cars in the internet.

10 Best Car Blogs To Follow

The information in internet is very wide and diversified. The comparision and selection of car has become difficult as there are many choices available in the market. The features of each car are being upgraded every moment making it more complicated to choose among them. Here the role of car blogs come into play. They help us to find the differences, a suitable car for us, etc. These are written by automobile enthusiast. This car blogs are helpful for normal people as well as car dealers, auto mechanic, etc as the products and its services in automobile industry is constantly evolving and it has become difficult to keep up with all the knowledge. Thus this is the list of best car blogs to follow you should follow in order to remain in touch with the latest technology and trends:

1. MotorOctane


This is basically updated from Mumbai. It is the place where you can get all the updates, news, reviews from the automotive industry across India. Many motor enthusiast follow this blog to get proper and true information. This blog is also run by auto enthusiasts. It help us in buying a new car or bike to getting information of what is going on in automobile industry. It keeps the detailed and updated information of upcoming unveilings too. This group of 7 car and bike enthusiasts also describe the experience when you go to buy some car or bike and gives comparison among the various models of same category and features. They also tell the best cars suitable for them. The blog is very properly designed and organised wbhich helps the user apparently.

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2. Cartoq


This is another beautiful Indian blog written for car and bike enthusiasts. This blog is considered to be ranked number one on the basis of car news, reviews, launches etc. This blog was started in June 2008 and gained popularity since then. It is very efficient to use and help us in comparing cars according to our needs. It is said that it is only site for owners, car lifestyle and car modification videos  are for watching. The frequency at which site gives information is 8 posts per day which is very good in market. Thus if you are trying to gather up some information about vehicles, cartoq can be a good destination.

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3. Indian Auto blogs

Indian Auto blogs

This is another famous Indian auto blog written for cars and bikes in world. This blog claims to be world’s best provider of auto news, unveilings, new feature updates etc.  Following this blog will help you not missing any updates about the car you want or any other vehicle. It posts about 3 blogs per day which can provide you with enough information. Its blogs are very advanced and predicts the advancement going to happen after sometime. It also shows the images about the unreleased cars spotted testing.

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4. India car news

India car news

Indiacarnews.com is a site which provides up with comparison among the cars. It is totally unbiased while comparing cars and information provided by this site is reliable. This features make this site unique and different from others. This portal is totally dedicated towards providing information about the cars. It was started in 2013 with a goal to provide customers with valuable information and insights which weren’t readily available for the customers. In addition to comparison and information, it also consist of FAQs, reviews and buying recommendation which makes this site more lucarative.

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5. AutoX


This is blog written by obsessive motor junkies since September 2006 and has grown as one of the biggest automotive lifestyle publication and portal in India’s automobile industry. According to some researches, it is said that companies official meet this site officials before unveiling some product so as to make its product attractive through this blogs. The reviews in this portal are genuine and honest and readers rate the quality of reviews as one of the best reviews globally. This portal is determined to put customer highest priority by giving them best information available in internet as well as information given by the automobile industry.

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6. Auto Car India

AutoCar India

This is another beautiful blog written on cars and bikes. People love this blog as the information by this portal is very honest and verified.  It has become one of the most selling automobile magazines around the world with blogs printed in this magazine. This car blog is famous for giving minute information about the changes and updates in the car and bike models. It also compares the cars and bikes with the filters you wan to use and this feature has helped most of the buyer for buying cars suitable for them. The blog is properly designed having clean section for navigations providing best experience to its user.

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7. The Super car Blog

The Supercar Blog

As the name is so interesting, the blog is interesting as name. This is Pune based blog which promises to give all the information about the supercars and high octane motoring. High octane motoring in layman terms is the efficiency of engines that are used in racing cars. It was started in May 2014 and gained trust of bike and car enthusiasts. This blog has a frequency of 9 posts per day making it informative and highly dependable.

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8. PowerDrift


This is the blog written for bikes lover and excites those who are looking for speed comparison, engine power etc. This site showcases the video of each and every bike with its specialty and its detailed review. The information provided by its blog is enough to satisfy any bike lovers as it provides in-depth specification of the bike and detailing is discussed keeping the point in mind about the customers. They also try to show stunts and action done with the bikes to make the blog more exciting.

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9. Drive Inside


This is a blog written for cars and bikes produced or imported in India. Basically it is an Indian blog which establishes connection with citizens (buyer) of India as it is very well versed about the information it has to provide to customers in India or the feature a common Indian man is looking for. It covers the latest happenings in India automobile industry. Thus following this blog will help us stay informed about the cars and bikes industry.

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10. Motoroids India

Motoroids India

This is another online portal designed for car and bike enthusiasts to provide them with legitimate information. Its blogs displays the latest news, updates, review features etc. The unique feature of this blog is it has a product catalog which has the every detail of the product in accordance to the product in the specific page. It also gives the customer the estimated amount of the product before the launch as well as the news features so that buyer should be informed before buying the previous models.

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These were some of the blogs for car which are helpful for those who are going to buy car anytime soon as well as good for bike and car enthusiasts.

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