Best Investment Blogs To Follow

Best Investment Blogs To Follow

In this article we are going to talk about the Best investment blogs to follow. Now a day’s people want to invest their money for better future and for early retirement, so that they can get relief from there hectic job and can enjoy some time with their family and friends without worrying about their finance. But the investment should be done wisely and before investing one should know about it very deeply and clearly. The easiest way to learn more about investing is to go and check the best investment blogs. It’s really easy to understand personal finance and investing by knowing the experiences of others about investing.

If you really interested in investing then make sure to check some of the following blogs and websites which provide you best investment advice. The people who write investment blogs are knowledgeable one who have knowledge in finance, no matter whether they are certified financial planners or they gained their knowledge from their own investing experience and get success in the market. Reading the experience of other investors through the investment blogs help you in your own situation and can help you to improve your investment plans, money management, retirement plans and in many more things as well. In this article we are going to discuss about top 10 investment blogs which help you in learning to become a better investor.

Top 10 investment blogs to follow

So, to learn and educate yourself about investment money, below we are going to discuss about top 10 investment blogs that you can follow and can understand finances and investment in better way:

1. Investment


This blog write articles about finance, economics investment and hardware design. It also provide you tools that calculate and visualise on everything from income to net worth to taxes. It also provide research that deeply tell you about every single topic so you can decide the right action. These all things are useful as you can understand your own finances very easily and quickly. It help you to learn about investing for your retirement. You can find well research investing and economic articles.

2. Financial samurai

Financial samurai

Financial samurai is a site which was created by Sam dogen who worked in a financial industry he created that site during the time when financial crisis are on its height. He realize that he need an exit strategy and decide to save his 50% of his after tax income. The site provide you wise financial investment tips that help you to create a lifestyle that he talk about. The articles feature on the site help you to understand that how you can create income and can get an early retirement. Financial samurai offers reviews on tangible advice and financial products, about how you can manage your money. It also provide you information about free wealth management, top financial products, negotiate a severance and real estate crowdfunding.

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3. Good financial cents

Good financial cents

This blog is created and founded by Jeff rose. Jeff rose is a certified financial planner and do blogging on good financial cents. The blog content is very easy to understand and it talk about lot of articles and experiences of people. Rose provided you advices about dept. money, insurance, investing, retirements. Also his articles are about insurance companies, how to make money faster, income ideas, and short term Investments. He also write about wisely investing for retirement and his blog features many stories and general financial tips.

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4. Retire by 40

Retire by 40

This site retire by 40 is created by Joe udo. He retired at the age of 38 from his engineering career and become Stay at home dad and a blogger. He created the blog to keep Track on his early retirement journey and to share his experience with other people, so they can learn with his experience. The site focuses on long term investment Strategies and crowdfunded real estate companies and rental properties. He write articles about investments and stock market and many more. He provide you the strategies to figure out how to retire early and tell you about that passive income is the key to early retirement.

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5. Investor junkie

 Investor junkie

No matter that you are interested in micro investing, crowd funded real estate or in robo- advisor the Investor junkie will help you to learn that how you can invest your funds. This site is created by Larry Ludwig. It also provide you a lot of tricks that you can apply to grow your wealth. It features a lot of comparison of similar financial products so you can understand the investment more easily. It analyse and compare tools to help you make the best decision for your personal financial situation. The site is highly organised which makes easy to find articles, resources tools, and financial products. This site is also useful for beginners who are stepping in investing first time. The site provide you educational articles like how to gain proper asset allocation or don’t need an emergency fund. The site try to make investing simple so you can easily understand the process of investing and can become a better investor and entrepreneur.

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6. Wallet hacks

Wallet hacks

The wallet hack is created by Jim Wang. He created the site to help demystify money but the site doesn’t offer any product or any service, it’s just inform to help you to become a better with your money. It just focuses on that how someone can become better with his financial situation. The content of wallet hack is very great and well written and presented. The articles are quite easy to understand and are interesting as well. The content of the site is for information and for educational purpose, it also provide you money saving guides as well.

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7. Seeking alpha

Seeking alpha

Seeking alpha provide you stock ideas, market outlook, investing strategy, and tell you about ETFs and Funds. It’s a crowd source service that offers insight from investors and industry expert. Most of the investing site show sell side but its show the buy side. The articles also focuses on market, new stock ideas, portfolio, management marketing, forecast investing strategies, and earning report. This site totally focuses on investing and quite complex for beginners. So if you are a beginner investor than some of the content is not easy for you to understand. Here writers also recommend you stocks where you can invest.

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8. Zen Investor

Zen Investor

Zen Investor is a blog which help you to understand the trading strategy, skill training and consulting. The website promise you that they will make you a better investor. This site is created by ex-wall street investor T Erik Conley, the formal head of equity trading at northern trust corporation. This sites also provide you tutorials and courses that help you to understand that how you can invest more wisely. It also provide quizzes on its homepage to find out that how good investor you are. It also offers coaching and consulting services which helps you to improve your investment strategies. So, here you can learn investment from professionals.

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9. Investopedia


Investopedia provides you educational content so you can easily understand the investment terminology and concept. It provides you information about beer market, CD rates, and essential guides to ETF. Here, you can also understand volatility measurements, high yield savings accounts rates, etc. It also provides you information about net worth, financial plans, finances, social security, budget, and credit score. It also have a news section where you can update yourself about latest investments. There is also an investing basic series which help you to make investing decisions.

10. Vanguard blog

Vanguard blog

The vanguard blog is run by one of the largest investment management companies, Vanguard. The blog features stories about investments, Stocks and retirement. The website designed in a very simple way and the articles helps you to understand things like stock portfolio, coping with market volatility and many more. Vanguard is founded by Jack C. bogle. It provide you article about market volatility, bond ETF discounts, financial advice and many more.

So, here we are with top 10 investment blogs which you can follow for learning investment strategies. These blogs provide you various information about finance. In these blogs you can learn investment strategies, financial terms and ways to increase your income. So, if you want to learn about investment ideas than these blogs can help you. All blogs are not run by professional investor, few are run by people to make their living, but all these blogs provide you good amount of information about investment where people share about their personal experiences and share their knowledge to increase your knowledge. There are lot of great investing blog coming out all the time, but these one definitely help you and educate you in the field of investment.

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