10 Characteristics of a Professional Teacher

What are the Characteristics of a Professional Teacher?

In this article we are going to talk about the what are the characteristics of a professional teacher. Teaching profession is considered the noblest profession ever. A teacher is considered above God in Indian culture. Such an important position is attributed to a teacher for they impart knowledge to students. The position of a teacher can never be replaced. It requires not just a degree alone to hold the position. It is the dedication and passion that brings forth a good teacher. Everyone can teach, but a few become models. Dr Radhakrishnan is remembered as a great teacher not just for knowledge in his subject but because he was beyond that.

What are the Characteristics of a Professional Teacher?

It is when a teacher’s degree is combined with several other qualities that a teacher is born. Here are some characteristics of a professional teacher:

1. Dedication and passion

Dedication and passion

Everyone look upon to the educational qualification of a person to evaluate how good a teacher they will be. It is absolutely wrong, for a brilliant student cannot necessarily make a professional teacher. Dedication and passion for teaching is the uppermost quality required. Even if someone does not excel in scoring marks, they might have the qualities of a good teacher. Dedication comes with passion. If a person is passionate about teaching others, they are sure to dedicate their full energy and time for it.

On the other hand, others would consider it part of their duty and teach for the sake of teaching. Passionate teachers have the ability to find the reason behind a student’s weakness. Whatever it be they are sure to help him out of the situation. They will be skilled in understanding a student. Passion is what leads us to creative ideas. These qualities cannot be developed all of a sudden but comes from a sense of purpose. Realizing the greatness of the profession is the first step. The understanding that the student who sits before them is to be moulded into a good citizen is what makes a person a teacher. From this realization germinates a good teacher.

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2. Wide knowledge on the subject

Wide knowledge on the subject

Teaching means imparting knowledge. If a person has to teach someone, then they should have enough knowledge on the subject. Only then can they make the students understand them. The reason behind students forgetting something taught in lower classes is that they are just being asked to by heart the matter, while no additional information is provided by the teacher. Before entering a class to teach a subject, they should do a research into the subject, making sure that every concept is clear for them. This pre-checking is essential because only then will the teacher be able to clarify doubts asked by a student. Vague answers always create more confusion. The teacher should be capable of answering any doubt put forth by the students.

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3. Patience and a calm demeanour

Patience and a calm demeanour

Patience is an essential quality for a teacher. He/she might have several expectations about the students. But it is not always necessary that they live up to it. This can frustrate them a great deal. But it is the patience of the teacher that is required to nurture them. Staying calm is very important. A short-tempered person instil fear in students. They will never be open to those teachers. Patience is also required during unexpected circumstances such as when a student commits a wrong. For the child to understand the severity of the crime, a patient teacher is required. They can then explain the gravity of the mistake done. It is always the kind face that wins hearts.

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4. Skill to interact with students

Skill to interact with students

A teacher should be skilled in interacting with the students. They should know the vibe of the children. The generational gap between a student and a teacher is sure to create differences in opinions and believes. It is the prudence of a teacher that ease the tension between them. If a student feels that he can trust his teacher, then he is sure to be open to him. Another important aspect is that, a teacher should always be impartial. It is a dangerous mistake to show partiality to one child alone in class. There is a chance for the student to be left alone by other members. Similarly, a teacher who consider one child over the others will never be able to find and encourage the talents of others. This would destroy the confidence of those left out.

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5. Understanding


The ability to understand their students is an important attribute. They should be a second mother to children. When a student is sad or gloomy, they should be the first to notice. When someone shows weakness in studies, the teacher should find the reason. Understanding others is a natural ability. It is when the teacher starts to understand them that she/he will be able to impart knowledge in a better way. The ability to render personal attention marks a teacher above others. Such a quality helps the teacher determine whether the child is following the class or not, if the student is lying, why she is late to class, the reason behind the aggressive behaviour, the financial background and more.

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6. Good communication skill

Good communication skill

Communication skill is essential is several professions, specifically in teaching. Even if the teacher has wide knowledge in the subject, if he fails to communicate it with the students, then it is of no use. The aptitude to communicate a message is essential. A teacher should have clarity, sound, energy and a perfect understanding of the subject. In a class of fifty, all the students might not comprehend the topic in the same pace. Some might require repeated explanation while some other might find it boring. A teacher should develop the aptitude to manage each of them. It is not the verbal communication alone but also the non-verbal, visual, body language and writing skills.

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7. Being a model for the students

Being a model for the students

A teacher should always be a model for the students. Students look upon them for example. Lecturing them about good manners and values is not enough. It might not stay in their minds. But a good example shown by a teacher is sure to be kept in mind. Being a role model is the way to attract them to you. Never go to extremes. Neither a too easy going nor a very strict teacher is pleasing. He/she should be both friendly as well as strict. They should be able to correct the student if wrong, but at the same time be understanding enough to forgive him. Lecturing them on how to lead a perfect life may not succeed but showing them how to live is sure to make an impact. Staying cheerful in every circumstance is also important. It encourages them to stay optimistic in every hard situation.

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8. Leadership and encouragement

Leadership and encouragement

A student always look forward to their teachers. An encouraging statement from a teacher has the power to change a student forever. Be the leader whom he/she can follow. Set examples before the children in every aspect. Taking part in every school activity, interacting with confidence, understanding others, expressing their opinion, being honest, working hard and so on are few values that a student should learn from their teacher. A teacher should be friendly and kind. They should encourage the strong as well as the weak. There are numerous examples from real life where a single positive statement from a teacher led to the birth of a great personality. The teacher should find the talent hidden in the student.

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9. Creative in teaching

Creative in teaching

The ability to think out of the box is essential for a professional teacher. Children spend their whole week in classes, forced to listen to every subject taught, whether interesting or not. It makes them exhausted. Creative ideas in teaching is a way to rejuvenate them. Every topic can be taught in a hundred different ways. The same scientific concept can either be explained using theory or can be demonstrated using example. It is always the latter one that remains in the mind of students. Confining the children to the four walls of the classroom is suffocating.

Let them out to explore the gardens during a biology class; show them the wonders of the sky during physics; make mathematics interesting using demonstrations; arts subjects should never be by-hearted. Employing diverse methods and ideas to deliver a concept makes the class interesting. This determines the success of a teacher. The students should feel to study the subjects they hated before. They should be good enough to explain it to someone. The success of the students determines the success of the teacher.

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10. Involved in extra

Involved in extra

curricular activities: Studies should never be confined to classroom knowledge. Take interest in extra-curricular activities and encourage students to do the same. Every child will have some talents unique to them. It is the ability of a teacher to find those and encourage them. Youth festivals and sports event are the main activities conducted in schools. Encourage children to participate in them. They might be shy or frightened. A good training can help them excel. A teacher should take personal interest in the same. They should be aware of the talents of their students. If possible, he/she can conduct small cultural programmes inside classrooms that would help reduce the stage fright.

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Teachers are the guiding light for students. Nobody can become the epitome of perfection. All people, whether it be a teacher or any other person, will have their individual flaws. But a professional teacher can be created out of determination. All the above-mentioned characteristics might not be found in a single person, but every teacher should try to be one by practicing as many values as possible.

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