10 Best Ways to enhance your reading skills in English

Best Ways to enhance your reading skills in English

In this article we are going to talk about the 10 best ways to enhance your reading skills in english. English is considered to be one of the widely spoken languages in this planet. Learning English is not at all difficult when considered at a base level. But to learn good English with good grammar and vocabulary as well, you have to put some efforts. Because the number of words which we have in English is huge also you should learn a proper grammar to put those words in a right order and speak. So learning English in depth needs a lot of efforts and practice than one ever thinks.

10 Best Ways to enhance your reading skills in English

Now coming to the reading part, we have a number of books and other content to read in this language. To read in a proper and efficient way, one has to make themselves first familiar with the basics in English. Until you get the basics you might not be able to read the content efficiently. So here are some ways mentioned to enhance your reading skills.

1. Read Extensively

Read Extensively

This is one of the best ways to improve your reading skills. It is one of the obvious things which one would suggest you to follow when it comes to improving your reading skills. Only if you read a lot in the first place, it will help you to improve your language as well as your reading skills. Except for the native Englishmen, for every other people in this world English is one of the foreign languages.  Reading doesn’t mean only books for that matter; it can also be newspapers, magazines, blogs, posts, articles, research papers, reviews and a lot more depending on your area of interest. Set a specific time everyday; let it be even 20 minutes for a day, but use that time only to read something in English. The genre which you are going to read can be of your choice.

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2. Read something which interests you

Read something which interests you

You will get the interest to read something only if you show your complete involvement in reading it. You can only get this involvement by choosing something which interests you more to read it. For instance, if you are a person who loves tech things then just read something related to it like articles in magazines, reviews, critics etc… Else, if it is novels that you like to read, opt for your favorite genre and author. So pick something which really interests you to read it and does not give you a chance to get carried away. Reading something which interests you also will encourage you to read it more. So choose carefully when you select something to read.

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3. Don’t get stuck with the details

Don’t get stuck with the details

If you aren’t able to understand something or if you feel something doubtful with that respective content, don’t get stuck up there. Try to move forward with the content. This is because; our aim is only to improve the reading skills. If you get stuck up with some detail you will not leave it until you understand it or get a clear view about it. If you do so your reading time taken to complete that particular content is going to get increased and your flow is going to get interrupted. Only if you go with a flow you might be able to get a proper reading skill with all respective attributes. So try to avoid concentrating much on details. You can see the details once you have gained a good reading skill.

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4. Read aloud

Read aloud

This is one of the best ways in improving your reading your skills. It has a number of positive impacts when considering your reading skills. When you read aloud you not only read, you also tend to listen to what you read. While doing this, you might be able to correct any pronunciation errors (if any) and also you might be able to monitor the speed in which you read. When you read your voice should be audible enough for the listener and you should not be too fast or too slow in terms of the speed in which you read.

Your voice must be clear enough and mild at the same time. Your voice should not be too low or too high when you read. So you might be able to know and correct if you do any error in all these part once you yourself try practicing to read aloud.

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5. Try reading the same things which you’ve read already

Try reading the same things which you’ve read already

This is one of the ways of correcting your mistakes (if any) done you have committed while you were reading something.  Consider you are having some pronunciation errors while reading some content. You refer to some source and had known the exact pronunciation after completing the content. Only if you read again the content in which you had made some mistake while reading, you might be able to rectify and not repeat it again. Not only that you can also increase the speed while reading if you read it for the second time because you will be already familiar with the content. It also helps you in trying different accents other than your own accent. Accent is also considered to be one of the major problems when it comes to reading and speaking in English. So you can improve yourself with the accents too by trying this method.

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6. Learn new words

Learn new words

You have literally so much of words in English. Sometimes there are a lot of words which convey the same meaning, but it is quite difficult for someone to know all the words available. There might be some words for which you don’t know the meaning. Better note it down and refer the meaning of the word once after you complete your reading with the content. Once after you get the meaning of the word, go again to the place in the content where it was mentioned and read the sentence once again so might be able to understand the meaning and context in which it is used.

The next time when you see the same word, well you will remember its meaning. This is also considered to be one of the issues a person face while reading. They fail to get the meaning of a particular content due to some small unknown words. Once if they do this and get strong with their vocabulary their reading skill might also get better side by side.

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7. See whether the level is accurate

See whether the level is accurate

You should always choose content for reading which matches your level. The level should be neither too high nor too low.  The level or difficulty of the content might be increased once you get proficient with your current level. If you choose something which is really difficult to read in terms of vocabulary, you’ll spend all your time in searching for meanings of words available in that content. If it the level is too low when compared with your standards, you’ll find no difficulty in reading and you cannot improve your language. So be careful when you choose your content in terms of difficulty level.

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8. Learn to imagine things while you read

Learn to imagine things while you read

Always good readers get into what they read and they let it trigger their imagination. This helps you to go deep inside and does not allow you to concentrate much on not questioning too much. It also gives you the pleasure of reading of something. Learn to enjoy reading even if you don’t understand the crux of what you read. If you begin to enjoy and imagine things which you read you will eventually get to the crux and you will also get the habit of reading something on a regular basis. So again by doing this you will read a lot and reading a lot helps you to improve your reading skills as mentioned earlier.

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9. It is common to commit mistakes and take it easily

It is common to commit mistakes and take it easily

Only if you commit mistakes, you might be able to learn something new. So if you commit some mistakes while reading just take it normally and try to rectify them. Your level of difficulty can be improved only if you commit mistakes and learn from it. So don’t setback for the small mistakes you make. Instead try not to commit them or repeat the same mistakes while reading something the next time.

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10. Test yourself constantly

Test yourself constantly

Check yourself whether if you are traveling in the right track. For instance, if you had completed reading and had learnt some new words try remembering their meaning again and again for a number of times so that it doesn’t fade away from your mind when you read it the next time. If you had committed some mistake while reading try reading it again the next time, so you will be able correct it and learn from it. Learn to give yourself difficult tasks and come up with solutions for those tasks.

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Reading is a habit which not everyone gets. With today’s technology and development one has stopped reading things which they usual do and reading as a habit has become comparatively low among individuals. That is one of the reasons why many struggle to read properly and in an efficient way. Following these steps might for sure help you to read better and enhance your skills relevantly. Make sure you follow every step properly so that you will be more beneficial.

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