Why Is It Important To Have Hobbies?

Why Is It Important To Have Hobbies?

In this article we are going to talk about the why is it important to have hobbies. Life is what we make out of it. The choices, mistakes and actions that we make defines us and determines how our life will end up. Our actions reflect our personality. It is what we do that helps people to understand us because thoughts and intentions cannot be seen or felt without a complimentary action.

Our actions are ways of expressing ourselves. There are instances when our actions can determine another’s fate or life too. Taking control of your actions and working towards deciding the best course of action is of utmost importance to lead a life of content.

When I say actions it involves the work we do, the responsibilities one undertakes, the academics, various extra- curricular activities one practice, your habits and hobbies. In the above mentioned attributes, the first five is what may define us to the outside world, what other people judge and characterize on the basis of. The last one that is the hobbies is what we do to please ourselves.

Hobbies are activities that one does to keep himself/ herself busy during leisure time. It doesn’t always need to be a skill or an extra talent and one needn’t be good at it, although continuously doing it can help do it with ease and most of the time with perfection. Hobbies can include a wide variety of activities. This is because these are activities that people undertake to keep them happy and occupied and to help them relax. For each person this differs according to the interests and likes he/she may have.

There are many benefits to having hobbies. As long as these activities doesn’t cause any harm or negative effect on the one practicing it or on others, having something to do in spare time can be very helpful and educating.

10 Reasons Why Is It Important To Have Hobbies

The top reasons that describes why is it important to have hobbies are mentioned below in detail:

1. Reduces Boredom

Reduces Boredom

Developing a hobby can give us something to do in our spare time. This way one can eradicate the feeling of boredom and be productive at the same time. Hobbies that one practices in their alone time can reduce the feeling of loneliness which can lead to poor self-esteem.

An idle mind is a devil’s workshop. This is a common phrase everyone is familiar with and this is one hundred percent true. Feelings of boredom and loneliness can bring one to overthink, or most of the time think negatively. Having a hobby can take our mind off unwanted thoughts and helps liberate our minds.

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2. Helps Relax

Helps Relax

Hobbies can help us relax by taking our mind off the various stresses of life. At least for a while you are able to do something that you love or enjoy doing and this can really lift up one’s spirits.

It can keep your mind busy and helps you focus less on the various stress in life. It can also give a sense of satisfaction with life and can make your mind peaceful.

3. Boosts Self-Esteem and Confidence

Boosts Self-Esteem and Confidence

Developing new hobbies increases our skill set. Hobbies are self-taught. It involves self-learning and can help improve our learning skills. This helps us realize that we can do stuff on our own, that we are all capable of building our own life and that we should keep learning. This can improve your self-esteem and makes you understand that you are no lesser than others.

Similarly it also boosts one’s self-confidence. Recognizing one’s own talents and skills can help build a good image of ourselves in our head. It makes us bold and gives us courage to be ourselves.

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4. Hobbies helps in improving creativity

Hobbies helps in improving creativity

Certain hobbies, especially ones practiced indoors, involves thinking creatively. Arts and crafts, drawing, painting etc. are hobbies that requires high creative skills. There is some creativity involved even in practices like cooking, gardening, photography etc.

Creativity involves opening up our minds to new possibilities and the ability to imagine or visualize. It can change one’s perspective and help one evolve.

5. Health Benefits

Health Benefits

The relief from stress and relaxation it provides can help improve mental health. Hobbies also help evade negative thoughts and overthinking. It can fill us with a feeling of self-worth with is very important for leading a healthy life.

Certain hobbies are physical, such as hiking, cycling, trekking and swimming. The along with promoting mental well-being also has physiological benefits. Even body-building which involves regular exercising can be considered a hobby for some. These hobbies can without any doubt help improve our fitness.  All benefits of regular exercising is achieved through these hobbies too. This may include lowering of heart risks, maintaining blood-pressure, cholesterol etc.

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6. Teaches Patience

Teaches Patience

Learning new hobbies requires us to be patient. Learning a new skill is not always easy especially when it should be self-taught. It may take some time but gradually one learns to it. To develop a skill one needs to practice it regularly and give it some time. It takes a lot of patience to do it. It also takes some will power to perfect a skill or hobby.

In certain hobbies like writing or painting, one need to work on what it’s going to be, brainstorm a bit and may still end up having nothing. At this point it’s very easy to give up but it takes a lot of patience and perseverance to keep going, and it’s worth it.

7. Being Productive

Being Productive

Often a hobby can involve doing something productive while killing time. There are ways one can earn through their hobbies by marketing their skills. Hobbies doesn’t necessarily have to always productive. But so may help bring a sense of responsibility.

Hobbies can be a way to help others too. Doing social service can be a hobby. Taking tuition can be a hobby. By developing these kinds of hobbies you are not just benefiting yourself but others as well.

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8. Fun and Freedom

Fun and Freedom

Everyone loves having fun and being free, especially young people. Hobbies can always be fun. It is a way of expressing our interests and passion and can feel liberating too. Our hobbies gives us a sense of individuality and freedom to explore our interests.

Situations and circumstances may force one to choose an area of work which may be very different from your true passion and ambition. In such cases our passion takes the form of our hobbies. This helps us to cope with the frustrations of work life which otherwise can lead to serious issues like stress and depression. Hobbies also allows us to explore different possibilities as to how we can make our life fun and liberating.

9. Helps in introspection

Helps in introspection

We choose our hobbies on the basis of where our interests lie. But there are certain instances where a particular hobby may not work out for a person even after persistent practicing. This may be because you are not really interested in that particular skill. This can make you think about and also make you realize want is it that you really want and what makes you happy.

There is a high probability that the opinions of your peers or family may influence you in almost every aspect. This can confuse you as to what makes you happy. Hobbies could be a way of trial and error, to see what works out for you.

It urges you to think about yourself and your true passion. Most of the times hobbies can also make us realize the various flaws we had or the misjudgements you have made.

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10. Makes you happy

Makes you happy

Life may not always end up like one would’ve thought it to be like. It can be hard and stressful and most of the time we don’t find time for ourselves. Hobbies helps us to connect with ourselves. It can make us happy and that is the ulterior motive of hobbies.

Hobbies shouldn’t really have any other purpose. It may spoil the fun of doing it. Everyone one of us deserves to be happy and to do what makes us happy.

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