How To Approach A Girl At The Gym?

How To Approach A Girl At The Gym?

In this article, we are going to get one of the most practical tips that you can apply to approach a cute girl that you have a crush on. Yes! It can sound like music to the ears but it will need your dedication and patience as well…

In most of the gyms, the Male to Female ratio is close to 9:1 that is for every 50 members in a shift of the gym, there will be only 5 women and 45 men. Now if you see the stats mathematically you might be demotivated but don’t worry, you will get some pure personal tips and surveyed questionnaires from women on how to approach girls at the gym.

How to approach a girl at the Gym?

This article might be sensitive, but it is 100% applicable! Let’s start your journey to set you up with your crush at the gym.

1. Focus on your fitness goal

Focus on your fitness goal

If you observe from the previous notes on the Men to Women ratio and considering that you are trying to approach a girl you have a crush on at the gym. The 1st tip would be to focus on your fitness goal and try to get into a shape that most girls like to have. Now, you might be wondering what sort of cliché advice was that?

Here are two logical explanation to help you clear your mindset:

1. The girl you are attracted to is working out at a gym. What does this depict?  It depicts that the girl is a fitness enthusiast and wants to look good, get into a better shape, wants to look sexy.   So as per the conclusion don’t you think she would be more judgemental when she will look up to someone she might go out on a date? Someone who has a good physique, good looks as it is a gym where you are approaching the girl.

So the 1st advice is to focus on your fitness goal first, work hard, your motivation to get a good body might look impressive to her when you will be extremely dedicated and regular on meeting your daily goals if we compare to those creepy guys those who peep around the girl for attention?

2. You might say I want to approach the girl on the 1st day I saw her, just like a crush at 1st sight. Stop there! Why are you so impatient? Do you think the girl is going to leave the gym after a month or less than a week? No! Because the membership model of the gym is set on quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly fees according to the comfort of the customer so don’t worry that she will cancel the gym membership or hook up with a man soon.

It won’t happen because there are lots of fish in the pond and she has a choice and most of the fishes are going to be weird and creepy as people are less focused on their goals and more on showoff, daydreaming, and failed targets, that is how the gym works. Only a few clever people work out at the gym properly and reach their goals on their set deadline.

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2. Become familiar with the gym members

Become familiar with the gym members

When you are at a gym if you have observed properly most of the gym members come to the gym and do their workout for an hour and leave! Now you are not going to be dumb when you want to approach a girl you like in the gym. Try to make friends in the gym on your shift of the day starting with the Gym Trainer, Fellow Gym members, and staff. Now, what will this tip do?

If you have a friendly attitude with everybody, helping your fellow members spotting and helping them with their workout, and maintaining a positive relationship with your coach, it is guaranteed that you will gain popularity at the Gym. Everyone will look you up as a serious, friendly, and helpful gym member. If you follow this tip chances are you can offer  “that Girl” some small help on her workout, maybe some tips on cardio or a proper posture or simply teaching better techniques.

As you will become popular and friendly That Girl might look at you from the same viewpoint as others look upon you. So she won’t feel awkward around you if you offer her help or talk to her because she will notice that it’s your nature to mingle with everyone and help others, which in turn will not put your impression for approaching her as creepy or weird. This is the 1st point you can mingle with her.

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3. Observe her gesture

Observe her gesture

Case 1: If she is someone who maintains the least eye contact with other gym members and her gesture is always “her face looking towards the floor” and focused on only working out, then that fish is not for you “My Man”. She isn’t interested in making any new friends or looking for any fresh fish out of the pond.

Case 2: On the contrary, if her gesture is taking too much rest in between every set of workout, looking into her phone, looking into mirrors, then this one is a fish that is looking to find more at the gym, not only fitness, I hope you understand.

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4. Gym talk

Gym talk

You might have noticed that women are more focused on getting a lean body as a result they focus on cardio and ab workout as compared to muscle workout. There you go, after your 1st point of interaction you can ask her casually that if she knows few workouts to get lean abs or shredding the fat percentage of your body. If she responds to you genuinely, here you have a hint, she might not feel awkward talking to you and hence you can now become gym buddies.

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5. Offer her help

Offer her help

After you have started your initial conversation starting from Point no 2 to point no 3, offer her help as an exchange, ask her if she needs any help while doing the bicep curl or needs a spotting buddy to monitor her.

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6. Never interrupt between workout

Never interrupt between workout

Never in your life at the gym make the mistake of interrupting anyone whether it’s a guy or a girl, no one likes to be interrupted in the middle of their set as it will lose their momentum and can irritate them, don’t make this dumb mistake. Instead, you can wait until her set is over or her workout is over for the day and she is taking deep breaths to cool down, that can be an ideal time for small talk. (Pro Tip)

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7.  Ask her out for a protein shake out

 Ask her out for a protein shake out

Hey, you know I was thinking if you are free after the workout, maybe we can head out to the Fitness bar and try out their Protein Shakes and look at their stock on dietary foods, I heard from one of my fellow friends that they have an exciting collection of Protein shake powders and Diet foods to look for. This tip might be a little bit risky but now you are in a position to go out as fitness buddies to check some Protein shakes or Diet food casually as friends, if she agrees this will open up your ways to know her more and mingle outside the gym as well.

If she denies, it’s completely fine, she has her own rights she can say no, but if she is a fitness freak and single, chances are she will understand that you might ask her out for a date and she might agree for going out to try those milkshakes and diet foods. And please pay for her Milk Shake on the first day, as this will give her a hint and also it’s a good practice to maintain your dignity as well.

If she doesn’t agree it’s completely fine, maybe you will find some other girls as well and you won’t be humiliated on taking this step as you just asked her out for something related to fitness.

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8. Ask her for a jogging buddy

Ask her for a jogging buddy

As you know cardio is a very important part of your fitness regime, and women are more focused on cardio, so take a chance to ask her if she wants a buddy for a pre-workout running or jogging, or just some friend who can accompany you either in the morning or 30 minutes before your gym shift. This will give her a hint that you are interested in her seriously and it won’t be awkward as both of your goals are the same. “Fitness”.

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9. Compliment about her! Except for her body

 Compliment about her! Except for her body

Yes! That’s right. Now you can start asking casually and compliment her in a subtle manner maybe about her eyes, her hair or something related to fitness, that I like your dedication towards fitness, I would be happy if I could get a long term fitness partner like you. Again, this tip is related to fitness plus you are complementing about her passion for fitness or her behavior, this is something different than what other fishes in the pond are trying to do, other men directly compliment about their body, and boom! She is turned off, You acted like a dumb weirdo.

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10. Ask her out

Ask her out

Finally, after months of patience and dedication, the day arrived when you two guys know each other, you both are familiar with each other as fitness buddies. Now is the time to ask her directly if she wants to go out for a date with you or if she is willing to exchange phone numbers. YASS! Mission Accomplished…

If she denies your proposal then it is perfectly fine, be casual, tell her it’s fine if she isn’t interested. Don’t be a creep character like you see in the movies to take revenge just because she rejected you, maybe she likes you only as a fitness buddy, but if you give her some time, her attitude might change as you are that sexy, cool and friendly Man who asked her out things might change its direction….

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Bonus Tip: If you face rejection at any point of time following any tips from this article, it is ok, you won’t be humiliated or looked upon as a weird creepy guy who directly asked her out as 99% would do.

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