What are the Characteristics of Effective Resume?

What are the Characteristics of Effective Resume

In this article we are going to talk about the what are the characteristics of effective resume. Resume or we say curriculum vitae or C.V describe persons unique personality. It is essential for every single job, as it describes your all details including name, address, educational qualification, work experience, achievements, with other professional information like date of birth, nationality, hobbies, age, and many more.

In other words resume is a summarized detail of person’s personal detail, professional career details, and educational qualification. It is the most impactful and powerful thing which help you to get a job, so it is really important that your resume should look effective and impressive. In any job the first thing that an employer or a company considers is your resume, so it becomes more important that your resume describes you in a perfect and in a right way. Your resume is your first impression in every single job, so it is become really important that your resume should look effective and express you in a right manner.

Few people lost the job opportunity due to their resume format, which is not so effective and incorrectly aggregated and unable to communicate or deliver the right information to the employer. So if you want a job then your resume should be effective. But the question arrives that, how you can create an effective resume? So here we are with a solution that contains few characteristics which help you to create an effective resume, which definitely help you to get the right job.

10 Characteristics of Effective Resume

Below are the 10 characteristics, which will help you to create an effective resume:-

1. Be honest with your information

Be honest with your information

Resume is a way to provide your information to the employer or company. It is really essential that you provide right amount of information with correct format. Don’t try to lie or don’t portrait your fake personality. Be natural and express yourself the way you are, don’t try to fool the employer. Write all the correct details about yourself, be honest to the company or employer. Lying in the resume doesn’t provide you a job, as in interview when the employer cross check your information with you, they will definitely caught your lie. So make sure that you provide right amount of information to them without faking yourself, this will create a good impression of your and you will not get embarrassed during interview time.

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2. Take care of cleanliness

Think you go to a restaurant and order your food and they provide you untidy food although the taste of food is good but the presentation spoils your mood to eat it. After watching that untidy food what is going to be your impression about the restaurant? Definitely you don’t want to go to that restaurant again as their presentation of food is very dirty. The same happens to your resume, an untidy, disassembled, and unformal resume leaves a negative impact on the employer or company. They even don’t call you for interview, as your untidy resume shows your personality in wrong way. So make sure that your resume portrait you in right way, and it should be clearly written with points and highlights and well-spaced paragraphs.

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3. Provide detailed information

Provide detailed information

Your first impression is your details that you provide in your resume. The employer or company will judge you on the basis of information that you provide in your resume. Always take care that you provide correct information in right amount. Make sure that your education qualification, work experience is provide in detail like the address of the place from where you qualified or at where you work, the name of the company and institution, the duration of job or the passing year of your degree and many more.

Also take care that you provide your personal detail correctly, starting from basics like your name, age, address, mobile number, email id to other details like your hobbies, skills, achievements, awards and many other information. Provide your information in that much detail that it could be easily understand by the employer or company without any trouble.

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4. Use appropriate format

Use appropriate format

All resumes have a format which makes it more effective and beautiful. Always make sure that you write your resume in a particular format that make it effective and express you in the right manner. Don’t write information here and there, always write information correctly, and write about everything in separate paragraphs. Make information clear and formatted like, first your basic information then your career objective then your education qualification then your work experiences and then your hobbies, achievement and awards. All information should be point wise and should be correctly mentioned.

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5. Provide updated information

Provide updated information

Along with providing right information make sure that you provide your information up to date. Don’t send your old resume to the employer or company, as an old resume will make a negative impression, ruin your image, and shows that you are not so interested in getting the job. Always include your latest information in your resume and include your all new details in it and also make sure that all the dates and years are correct in it.

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6. Resume should be professional looking

Resume should be professional looking

  As we already mention that one should be honest with their information in resume, and should provide detailed information in appropriate format. Along with these one should also make sure that their resume look professional, means it doesn’t look like any fancy card and something. Make it as simple as you can, don’t repeat same information again and again. Write it simple format, avoid fancy fonts and colorful and fancy backgrounds. Don’t write your resume in too detail as no body prefer to read lengthy resumes be concise and write only those information which is essential for the resume. Also write in simple and professional language with appropriate information.

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7. Include creativity

Include creativity

Along with basic information about you, education qualification, and work experience, it is also important that you include your creativity and skills as well, like your hobbies, your other hidden talents or whatever you can do along with your job skills. Your creativity information mark a positive impact on the employer, as in today’s time every company want to employ multi-talented people who can show their creativity in every field and can work in different types of environment.

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8. Use short paragraphs

Use short paragraphs

One more important thing that you definitely consider while writing a resume that always write your information in short paragraphs using pointer whenever required. Lengthy paragraphs ruins your impression as no body want to spend a lot of time in reading a resume. Make sure that you underline or highlight in bold the important information, which you want that the employer consider. Short paragraphs, pointers at right place, and highlighting the right information make your resume more effective and readable.

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9. Use simple language

Use simple language

You all know that your resume reflects your personality, and it should look effective and impressive to the employer. But be aware that too much of creativity can spoil it instead of making it good. In simple words, your resume should look impressive but don’t make it too fancy, try to make it simple and write it in simple language. Don’t use too much fancy words at the same place, avoid using tough words. Make it as simple as you can that it should be understand though one reading.

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10. Don’t include unnecessary information

Don’t include unnecessary information

Yes it is really important that you provide detailed information about your educational, personal, and professional background. But don’t go beyond it, means don’t elaborate everything, just write information which is essential for your job, don’t explain every single thing. Avoid including extra stuff which is not required for your job, like avoid writing your class competition award, it is nothing to do with your job. Write your resume correctly with including right amount of information without the unnecessary stuff.

So, here we are with 10 characteristics which will going to make your resume an effective one. Just consider few things in your resume and you will definitely going to impress the employer or company with your resume. Make sure that your resume look professional with accurate information and avoid unnecessary information. Never lie in your resume be honest with the company about your all things.

Make your resume effective and readable by using short paragraphs, simple language, pointers and highlighting the important information. Also make sure that along with your basic personal information, education qualification and work experience you also provide detail about your creativity, hobbies, awards and achievement as well. All these basic yet important characteristics make your resume an ideal one. Just keep these characteristics in mind and write your resume.

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