How to Increase Concentration Power in Studies?

How to Increase Concentration Power in Studies?

In this article we are going to talk about the how to increase concentration power in studies.  Do you remember the last time you managed to study everything planned in a single attempt and was thorough with every nook and corner of the book? Of course, you don’t because unfortunately that near happened. You would’ve set a goal for yourself and halfway through, you were probably lost thinking about your favourite Netflix show or already lost in the thoughts about your party plans with your friends’ post-exam.

Every time you turn your head from your book to the sound of the door slamming, birds chirping or even your favourite song on TV, you lose every precious second, eventually delaying your total study time. Time will not wait for anybody and it is in your hands to decide how wisely you use every second which you have. There are many instances where students sit with their books for hours and hours, but nothing enters their head because of the lack of focus. If you put all your focus on doing something, the same task which you would’ve completed in 2 hours can be done in just an hour, half the time. Looking at the irreversible nature of time, here are some tips on increasing your focus.

10 Ways to Increase Concentration Power in Studies

The best ways to  increase concentration power in studies are mentioned below in detail:

1. Play games designed to increase your concentration

Play games designed to increase your concentration

There are several games available which help in sharpening your mind and tricking it into thinking in one particular direction for continuous hours. You can train your brain by indulging in such games such as chess, puzzles or even sudoku. These games will be very effective in improving your sequencing skills, memory pattern and recollection power. These games are designed in such a way that they instigate your brain to think in different perspectives without losing any focus on the present situation. While playing such games, your mind is indulged in several tasks at a time even without your knowledge. This can be extended while you are studying and proves to be highly effective in improving your focus.

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2. Break down large topics into smaller chunks

Break down large topics into smaller chunks

There are many subjects which have very detailed topics with a high level of technicalities and detail-oriented explanation. These topics may be explained in a very dry and platitudinal manner in your books giving rise to a higher chance of deviation. By breaking these topics into smaller parts, your focus and attention on each part are much more than the attention you would give on the topic.  This will help in a better understanding as well because you tend to pay more attention to the details in each section which you might have even neglected otherwise.

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3. Train to be more perseverance and don’t procrastinate

Train to be more perseverant and don’t procrastinate

Once you get into the habit of focusing, things will get easier for you. Developing focus is a gradual process and will not happen overnight. It requires you to be perseverance and keep your patience intact without getting pulled down by failure during initial phases. You must also finish all the tasks you planned as per your schedule rather than postponing it due to sheer laziness and a lack of drive to perform the task. Once you complete one topic, you will be more relieved, and you can also start focusing on your next topic to study.

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4. Avoid distractions

Avoid distractions

When you are vulnerable and can get highly distracted to the smallest of sounds, you should resort to following strict practices that draw your attention towards it. The primary thing is to switch off your phone and keep your mind free from any sort of disturbance. Isolate yourself from crowded and noisy environments, and seat yourself in an open and well-ventilated atmosphere where you have enough fresh air to breathe and a space that provokes focus and concentration while studying. Avoid being surrounded by unnecessary materials which can also act as a source of distraction while you are studying. Also avoid studying in groups as it is the most ineffective way to do so, unless you are highly focused on achieving your target. It is only going to call upon several distractions which is unnecessary.

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5. Use a desk and not a bed

Use a desk and not a bed

A lot of students tend to study on their beds with their blankets on and settled in the coziest atmosphere. Such a setting will directly calm your body and make your eyes heavy, eventually putting you to sleep. Even without your knowledge, you will be in deep sleep when you use your bed as a platform to study. You should aim at blocking all noises and use a desk and a chair and maintain a good posture, your focusing power will increase and make you perform better in your studies. Apart from this, push yourselves to do more. The instant you feel like giving up, try to push your boundaries and make yourself go that extra mile. It is that extra mile that will make a difference in the results you achieve.

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6. Use keywords to enhance your retention power

Use keywords to enhance your retention power

If you are not able to focus while studying, try and absorb the keywords and the unique concepts from the overall picture rather than trying to focus on learning the whole at once. This will help you derive the entire concept from the stimulation of just a single word. By doing so, it will also help you retain information for a longer time and make it easier for your brain to retrieve such information as and when required. You can come up with your mnemonics, acronyms and other retention strategies to develop your concentration power.

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7. Avoid multi-tasking

Avoid multi-tasking

People believe that possessing the ability to multi-task is a highly desirable one. It is so only when your mind can diverge its focus in equal amounts to a variety of tasks at once. Not everybody has such abilities and they should focus on doing one thing at a time and slowly developing this habit. Take things step by step and finish all your concepts gradually, don’t try to absorb topics from different subjects simultaneously. This will only cause further deterioration to your existing concentration power and at the end of the day, you will not have accomplished any of the tasks you decided to. Approach concepts at your own pace and don’t rush into anything just to get it done, be calm and focused without worrying about how fast your friends are studying.

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8. Follow a healthy diet and exercise regularly

Follow a healthy diet and exercise regularly

Your brain requires as much exercise and rest just as much as any other organ in your body requires. It functions constantly and requires abundant oxygen. You must focus on keeping your body and mind equally stable by performing physical body exercises regularly.  This will help you keep your brain activated and healthy. At the same time, meditation and yoga can also be practiced improving, breathing patterns, lower blood pressure and even improve your heartbeat rate. Al these aspects are interlinked with one another and require equal attention to ensure that you can focus better while studying. You can also chart out a diet for yourself as per your convenience which includes brain-boosting food items like fish, egg and a variety of green leafy vegetables. A good balance of exercise and diet can yield the best results.

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9. Set up a goal system with rewards

Set up a goal system with rewards

Make a timetable for yourself and strictly abide by it without and deviations. Set a target number of chapters to be covered in a given time and get it done. You must hustle for it, everything in life will not be served on a platter for you. Be determined to accomplish your daily target. Add on a reward and punishment system to this as well. You will be highly motivated to finish tasks if they are associated with rewards and will always have that fear in the back of your head when it comes to punishment. So, either way, you will be more focused on getting the task done which is a win-win situation for you.

Another important thing is to take an adequate number of breaks in between and not try to overburden yourself with information, by cramming it. Your mind must be given enough rest especially when it is being highly put in use and requires some time to refresh itself, which will enhance your concentration power while studying.

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10) Drink Coffee

Drink Coffee

Last but not the least, if nothing works out at all, you can always rely on your best friend, coffee. Coffee will help you stay up all night and keep your mind activated. It not only improves your cognitive functioning but also helps you in relaxation. It helps to keep you alert and boost your stamina to complete what you intended to. This should be the last method you resort to, only if nothing works to improve your concentration. Too much intake of caffeine is also not desirable and has its own side effects.

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Apart from this, there are several ways one can follow to improve their concentration during studies and in general. You can always select the technique which you feel is best for you and best suits your pace and makes you feel the most comfortable. It is not an easy task to develop a good level of concentration and it doesn’t happen overnight. It requires a high level of determination and perseverance to achieve something as crucial as focus. The main reason why students tend to lose focus while studying is because of the several called or uncalled distractions they encounter just when they decide to study. The distractions will never stop and will keep originating from different sources. It is you who should have a strong will power to resist it and block away from all the time-consuming ones and utilize your time more judiciously.

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