Why We Should Wake Up Early in the Morning?

Why We Should Wake Up Early in the Morning?

In this article we are going to talk about the why we should wake up early in the morning. One of the many good habits that we are taught since a very young age is to be early risers. We get up early in the morning to go to school, office, college or for any other work. It is rightly said that, all the Great leaders of the world have been early risers. Early risers always have an advantage as compared to the night owls. It is not being said that it is good or is bad but we a  know for a fact that being early riser does have its own advantages over being a night owl.

Many people prefer working late nights and justify  it to be as their  work requirements or deadline pressures but anyone and everyone can make changes in there life style and adopt to rising early in the morning only if they are determined. We can see a great positive change in our mindset, health, life and at work as well if we chose to become early risers. So, here we are going to talk about the reasons which are more of like advantages as to why we should wake up early in the morning.

10 Reasons why we should wake up early in the morning?

Everyone knows about the Advantages but very few actually take time and measures to follow it. It’s easier said than done. Hence, we list down 10 reasons here to help you build up the required motivation and commitment towards being an early riser. So dive in.

1. Plenty of fruitful time

Plenty of fruitful time

One of the major advantages that an early riser has is the availability of time. For someone who gets up early in the morning he or she has enough time to complete all his work without pushing or rushing through it. In the world that we live in where competition is everywhere , the only way to win is to be ahead of everyone  in the competition and getting up early helps us do that. Even more so, after we finish with our morning routine we get enough time for ourselves.

It gives us time to ponder and think about ourselves, our life and others things in general. It gets us a clear head start in comparison to the others and keeps us motivated throughout the day. When we are done with most of our daily work in the morning, our evenings become free and we have more leisure time to spend with our loved ones. It not only gives a positive approach in life but also keep you motivated for a brighter next day.

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2. Great for health

 Great for health

There are a lot of people who suffer from constant or frequent health issues which may not be that serious but it is an everyday issue for them. This may be because of not following a healthy lifestyle or a daily routine which can ultimately lead to having poor effects on your health. These changes  might not be evident in the beginning but it can prove to be serious in the long run if not taking care of.

Not getting proper sleep for 7 to 8 hours is a major reason of concern for many working people or students as they are not slept properly. Those who have not relaxed properly since a long time end up being  exhausted and they do not feel very active throughout the day. It reduces their productivity and mental health leading them to be obese or out of shape. It also leads to people being drained out or feeling tired all the time and lack the motivation in life.

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3. Increased concentration

 Increased concentration

The people rising up early in the morning know that it is probably the best time of the day to concentrate. The morning time is quiet peaceful and free from any kind of disturbance or distraction. It leads to people having a fresh mind and helps them to think better. It helps the people to  concentrate on their creative work and enhance their thinking. The peace and quietness of the early hours  helps them to plan their entire day. They are able to set the life goals for them and  plan their life in the morning because of the Peace of mind it offers. Moreover, it gives them time for relaxation  before the start of a hectic day.

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4. Catch up on breakfast

Catch up on breakfast

One of the most benefiting points of getting up early in the morning is to have a well scheduled daily routine including having timely meals. This is a problem  which the parents of the younger generation have to face during vacations or weekends pretty often. Many working people or students prefer to work till late and sleep  longer in the morning which tends them to skip breakfast. Now, for a few days this might seem to be a smaller issue but if it is continues for a longer period of time it may become into a habit.

Many people stop taking breakfasts on time and starts neglecting it on general daily basis which would be harmful for their health . Also, those who skip breakfast tends to be hungry much before the lunch time and end up eating and unhealthy stuff or packaged food leading to various other health issues. This lead to the entire schedule of eating meals on time getting ruptured.

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5. Good time for workout/yoga

Good time for workout/yoga

One of the major advantaged that waking up early serves is giving enough time for personal work. Many people fail to see this advantage. Many people have agreed to the statement that morning work out or exercises are never missed because when you get up early in the morning you have enough time for all your daily activities including working out. If your workout or exercise or yoga is scheduled doing the afternoon on in the evening it can happen that it is missed due to any reasons or prior commitments or work or any excuses that you might come up with. In the morning our mind is fresh and the surroundings is quiet and we have ample time to concentrate on our workout.

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6. Enhanced productivity

Enhanced productivity

An amazing impact of getting up early is seen on our minds. The ones who get up early in the morning are motivated throughout the day to carry out their daily duties or activities. These people are able to do more things in a shot span of time as compared to the others and also they face less pressure of deadlines. Having an early start to the day makes the people feel fresh and active throughout the day. These people are able to work faster and in a much more  enhanced manner. Hence, waking up early changes our mindset that needs to be kept fresh and rejuvenated every morning by getting up early.

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7. Makes you disciplined

Makes you disciplined

Self discipline is a skill not mastared by many. One of the many  things that waking up early in the morning teaches us is discipline and being organized in whatever  work we do. It helps us to control the daily activities of  our life and not indulge  into any unhealthy practices.  It teaches us task management and allows us to practice it to be better and better at it. The ones who get up early in the morning know how to utilize their time effectively and work accordingly. They do not procrastinate or push their work for late nights or tomorrow’s. Hence, it leads to their enhanced productivity.

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8. Get proper sleep

 Get proper sleep

Getting a proper sleep is necessary for a body to function effectively. It is said that,  7 to 8 hours of a night’s sleep is extremely important for the growth and overall development of our body. It has various benefits attached to its cause. When we wake up after a proper sleep in the morning we are fresh and active ready to  face the day. If we do not  get proper sleep or sleep for less time  then we end up being tired all day. In the situation like this our work productivity is declined and we are not able to focus on the work because we are not physically and mentally fresh. Getting up early is the sign of a healthy lifestyle which needs to be followed in times like ours  where every door holds the possibility of something going wrong.

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9. Healthy start of the day

Healthy start of the day

One should not underestimate the power of a peaceful sleep. A peaceful sleep leads to a positive mind. A cheerful and fresh approach towards life makes it even easier to face and handle the difficult situations or challenges of a day. This gives us a healthy start to the day. If we get up early then we are not grumpy or face  any headaches and we go about our life in a positive manner.

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10. Nature’s beauty at it’s peak

 Nature’s beauty at it’s peak

Nature has it’s own beauty and it can be observed only when people  take time from their busy schedule and choose to spend some time in nature’s lap . This seems to be impossible to happen considering the hectic schedule of every working man woman or student or anyone for that matter. And hence, getting up early on time solves this purpose as well. When you wake up early you’re able to enjoy nature’s presence, find some quality time with it, in the garden or balconies and appreciate it’s beauty. It will not only give you peace of mind but also a vision  in your life. It is important for the present generation to consider and follow these good habits of a healthy lifestyle, because they seems to be most disconnected.

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