How To Increase Your Brain Power And Concentration Power In Studies?

How To Increase Your Brain Power And Concentration Power In Studies?

In this article we are going to talk about the how to increase your brain power and concentration power in studies.  Always we found difficult to complete a task. Nowadays, it is the condition of everyone. To have a better output in our studies we must need two things that is, concentration and brain power. Concentration is a mental effort which helps you to concentrate or learn a thing, while brain power is the ability or intelligence to learn something. Both have equal importance in studies.

How To Increase Your Brain Power And Concentration Power In Studies?

Nowadays many students face a problem to have a proper concentration. This maybe mainly cause of some kind of stress, lack of sleep etc. There is numerous way to increase our brain power and concentration. Let us see some ways to increase your concentration and brain power:

 1. Meditation


Best way to improve your brain power and concentration is through meditating. Meditate well and reduce your stress, it will help you a    increase our concentration. Meditation means just not only to sit and meditate. Along with it do yoga and breathing exercises.  Take at least 10-15 minutes for meditation and practice it more at morning. If you practice meditation daily then it’s results will be more good as it not only makes your brainpower and concentration increase but also makes you feel relaxed, refresh and energetic. Even practicing it daily can keep your mental health in proper track.

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2. Sleep well

Sleep well

Good sleep keeps your body as well as your mind healthy. Lack of sleep cause many problems. It will lead to health issues and mental issues. Getting enough sleep is important to do well in your studies. Lack of sleep very much affect your brain power and concentration. To increase your brain power and concentration having enough sleep is important. Nowadays, all people especially, students are very much obsessed with various technologies. Students like to spend their nights without sleep in gaming or watching something in their TV or computer.

This make them to have less sleep which eventually reduce their concentration and brain power. Getting full 8 hour sleep helps to increase your concentration and brain power. As we all have heard the proverb ‘ early to bed and early to rise, keeps us, healthy wealthy and wise’ as if we function according to the proper timing that is, following in a proper routine then if can keep us mentally and physically fit.

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3. Do exercise

Do exercise

Exercise benefits us in many ways. Regular exercise keeps us physically and mentally fit. As we do exercise it stimulates various hormones in our body which helps us to reduce our stress and increase our concentration power. Exercise also helps in the growth of many brain cells and reduce our anxiety. Each exercise has lots of benefits as not only to increase our concentration and brainpower but also makes us feel happier, levels up our energy, helps to increase memory power and if we are mentally fit then we will have a healthy skin as the oxidative stress amount of our body effects the skin badly. Even if you have problems with sleep then by doing exercise it can be sorted out and you will feel relaxed.

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4. Play mind games

Play mind games

Games are loved by everyone, especially by young ones. It is good to play games which benefits us. There are a lot of games which helps us to improve our concentration and brainpower. Playing games like Sudoku, crossword puzzles, chess, jigsaw puzzles, memory games etc. needs high concentration and brainpower. Play such games to increase your concentration and brainpower. Brain training games also help you to increase your memory power and skills. These games make you to think a lot for solving it, so you may also develop  your problem solving capacity. Find such games and play it, but always keep one thing in mind that is care not to be addicted on it. Over obsession may lead to have negative impact on you rather than be positive. As each thing has it’s on negative impact when it’s overused.

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 5. Creativity


Creativity is such a unique and wonderful skill.  The Creativity skill always will help us to increase our brain power and concentration because it is the way in which we our self do something different. The Creativity makes you to think uniquely which helps you to improve makes brain and concentration power. Find time to do some creative and new things which can make a difference to the functioning of your brain. Creativity makes you to break the routine and think differently and come out with something different and unique. For that we should be bold enough to take risk and clear doubts.

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6. Have a proper diet

Have a proper diet

Food keeps you healthy, physically and mentally. Without having proper food makes you tired and sleepy. This can cause distraction in your studies. Having proper nutrition food is important for a student. It will help you to concentrate in your studies as well as to increase brain power. Vitamins and nutrients can boost your brain power. Have a proper diet and keep always healthy. As food items like blueberries, dark chocolate, green tea etc. helps to increase concentration. So a proper diet chart should be made and food should be consumed according to it for better results.

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7. Spend time in nature

Spend time in nature

Nature is the best healer of stress. Nowadays, students are very much stressed with their over loaded syllabus. This make them to less concentrate and effect their brain. Many of them even sit up in front of technologies for long hours which gradually lead them to be numb. Even parents are forcing students to study hard for getting good marks, actually it is creates a wrong impact on students as it results in worse.

Because forcing them only make them more stress and loss their concentration. Even some loses confidence on one self. Students should schedule their time table as they should have time for relaxing. They should mingle with the environment and should inhale pure air. This helps them to be relax their body and brain. So, all students should find time to mingle with the nature to know its power. As they can go for a walk early morning as before starting to study as it increases the oxygen level in brain and helps to concentrate more. Even when they are stressed out they can go to garden water the plants that can make them feel relaxed.

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8. Drink caffeine or green tea

Drink caffeine or green tea

The research had said that caffeine can benefit your concentration and other brain functioning. All of us will not be interested to have coffee, but it is good to add caffeine to your diet because it help to improve your focusing power. Drinking green tea also benefits you to improve your concentration. A study had found that there is phytochemicals in green tea which helps you to improve your concentration power as well as make you relax.  So if you feel you are losing your focus, have a break and drink caffeine or green tea. But also remember that you don’t have tea or coffee more often once in a day because increase in the amount of consuming caffeine isn’t good for health.

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9. Listen to music

 Listen to music

Music is such a wonderful thing to calm your soul. Listening to various music reduce your stress. Turning music on while working may help you to increase your concentration and brain power. Maybe music may distract you as well. If you feel distracted by music then try to listen to the music of nature itself. Study shows that classical music or nature sounds are good to improve your concentration and brain functions. Choose music to listen according to your interest but that music should not end up distraction you. As nowadays lots of platforms in internet provides the music which helps to relax mind and even my apps that provides a soothing music that provides us relief from stress and anxiety.

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10. Try something new

Try something new

Experiences make a man perfect. New experience make a person to study many things and help your brain to grow. Following daily routine may make us bored and eventually effect the brain growth. Changing your daily routine can energize your brain and improve your concentration and brain power. Try something new like learning some new sports or activity and always keep your brain boost up for improving your brain power and concentration. As some of the ice breaking sessions in routine can make your routine more interesting.

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Keeping continuous concentration is a difficult thing. There is many factors which make you distraction. The brain power and concentration power of a student being less nowadays. Main reason for that is their limitless use of technologies. Continuous use of these technologies are effecting them badly. For developing their skills and intelligent, technologies cannot do alone. It is good if everyone practice the above given tips and checkout whether any change is there. If there is positive change, it is good to follow it in your life regularly. 

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