Best Photography Blogs To Follow

Best Photography Blogs To Follow

In this article we are going to talk about the Best photography blogs to follow. The world now is well ahead when it comes to technology. Each and every part of the world is trying to be one step ahead than the others. Many different things have been achieved and are being used for the respective country’s development in which it has been found out. Aldo, people have started new ways to entertain others. There have been new hobbies and works people have found out which will not only be an entertainment for others, but also it will be a source of income for them. Most of this includes short films, blogging, etc. Blogging is something which most of the people are not aware about. Blogging is something that is very informative about a particular topic which is published in social media platforms.

There are cooking blogs that gives information about how to cook various new dishes. There are journey blogs where people share their journey to different parts of the world which gives us more information about that particular place. Also, a new method of blogging has become a trend now, that is, photography blog pages. These are blog pages in which people can share photos taken by them and explain about the picture. People who have interest and passion for wildlife or other types of photography can very well use such websites. These sites also show pictures that are taken by many experienced photographers which will be a lesson to be learnt for the new comers. Here, we will be discussing about a few major photography blogs to follow which will be very helpful for the people who are interested in it.

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Top 10 photography blogs to follow

Here are a few main photography blogs for people to follow:

1. Digital photography school

Digital photography school

This is one of the most popular photography blog in the world. It has been a very helpful platform for the people who have very high interest in photography.  Darren Rowse is the founder of this page. What makes this blog unique is that it has no teacher, no classes are conducted, and no exams are done. There is infinite number of tips in this web page that gives a person a lot of information about how to become more successful in photography skills. A registration has to be done by the person entering the page which is also free of cost. The page does not require any payment from the user’s side. All the tips and tricks are published for free and is very helpful. The page layout is very attractive and anyone will get interest just by the outlook itself.

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2. Photography blog

This web page is mainly for camera lovers. All photographers need their photos to be of high creativity and maximum quality. They always need the perfect click to make photo unique. Photography blog is that web page that gives you more information about the new and latest cameras that are available now in the market. Certain photographers might need their clicks to be more perfect but will not have the economic status required to buy the camera. This web page brings you the latest and cheapest cameras with much quality at a price that is affordable for any user. He/she can check through the complete details of the camera as it will be clearly mentioned in the page itself. Also, there is a search option where the user can search for the camera at his/her own affordable rate. This web page is a good platform for the camera lovers.

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3. Photo focus blog page

Photo focus blog page

There is a lot of news about various things that are happening daily across the world. Similarly, a lot of news is happening in the photography field also. A lot of events are happening in the world that gives a lot of importance to photography. This page mainly gives the user more information and news regarding the news about photography across the world. They will showcase pictures taken by very popular and experienced photographers.

They will give information about that particular picture, how the way the picture was taken, the camera used for clicking it, etc. Also, it has a section in which tips said by famous photographers to make your click more perfect will be provided. It also has a search option where you can search for the photography events happening at your own place of residence which helps you a lot. This is one of the best blogging pages which help you to be aware about the news regarding photography daily.

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4. Photography axis

Photography axis

There are different types of areas in which a photographer can focus upon. Some may click pictures of buildings and cities. Some prefer cars and modern bikes. Also, there are others that mainly focus on nature and wildlife photography. Photography axis is a web page that gives more preference to nature and wildlife photography lovers. It shows various perfect clicks of nature and its beauty in it. It also shows the famous wildlife pictures taken by popular photographers and gives detailed and brief information about how the picture was shot.

This photography blog gives lots of tips for a new comer who has interest in clicking photos on wildlife and nature. It also provides a platform where you can share the picture taken by you which depicts the wildlife and nature of earth. It can make you more aware and informative as to how you can make your picture more perfect.

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5. Expert photography

Expert photography

As the title of the page itself suggests, this is a web page which is mainly used by photography experts. We all prefer to get information from an experienced person rather than from a person who has no experience in such matters. Expert photography is pages where almost all expert photographers in the world can share his/her own experience and views of the picture they have taken. They will mention the camera used the angle in which the picture was shot, and a lot more tips to click such pictures. For a new comer, this page will very useful as it will provide an expert advice to the people. A person who follows the information properly given by the experts will help him/her a lot for their own photos.

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6. 123 click

123  click

This is a photography blog page that mainly shows interviews with popular photography experts. It shows the interviews in which the photographers give a detailed and brief explanation about their pictures. These videos become very helpful for the new comers as they will get a lot more information about the famous photographers. As people watch such videos, they will become more informative about the famous clicks. Visual explanation is much better rather than written information as they will be more easily for the people to learn. This web page is one of the most followed web pages of photography blogs.

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7. The Photo Argus

The Photo Argus

This is yet another social platform in which worldwide personalities who have got the expertise in clicking the perfect photos share their views and knowledge about the pictures taken by them. The photographers upload the pictures and they will give a detailed explanation of the shots they have taken.  It also has a search option in them by which the user can search for his/her own personal way of liking. It shows photos of all categories. Also, it shows the comments and opinions of other famous photographers regarding the photo that has been uploaded in the web page. By going through all such information,  a person can improve his/her own knowledge on their own photography skills.

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8. The Phoblographer

The Phoblographer

This is a photography related webpage, but it is very unique from others. There are photographers who have different types of likings about their photos. This page shows pictures which are not just natural or wildlife. Other than such natural photos, this is a web page for the people who like to click photos with a lot of meanings in it. This page shows photos taken by experts who wish to say something to the world rather than just to show their photography skills. This page mainly concentrates on the psychology of photography and the impact of certain photos in our life. Therefore, this page will be very helpful for those who prefer in clicking photos that gives a message to the society.

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9. The Fashion camera

The Fashion camera

Another web page which only concentrates upon a particular type of photography is The fashion camera. There are people, mainly women photographers who prefer to click the photos of the fashion world. This web page mainly gives importance to photos that are related to fashion. It has pictures of various models with the latest fashion sense that will make the people more attracted to that particular material which is been exposed. This will be a very helpful web page for fashion photographers as it provides a lot of information in this area of photography.

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10. Found


This is a web page that has it’s concentration on old photos. There are people who like to click photos that depict the old culture and living style of the people. This page shows the photos taken by expert photographers the shows he olden days photos and gives a brief explanation about the picture. This will be very helpful for new comers who prefer to take people back to the olden days through their pictures.

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