How To Impress A Girl Who Rejected You?

How To Impress A Girl Who Rejected You?

In this article we are going to talk about the how to impress a girl who rejected you? Still looking out for ways to impress a girl who rejected just tells how much you care about that girl and you will do your everything for her to make her happy and make her life comfortable and easy. Getting rejected from a girl is not easy. You wait for quite a long time before asking a girl and than still getting rejected may have an adverse impact on you. It just depends on how you deal with your rejection.

As you care for her, so you will again try to impress the girl. For doing that, you will need to come out of any depression if you have got into after getting rejected. It will be a tough process, but one need to come out of this as soon as possible and again build his looks and attitude to impress the girl next time and not getting rejected.

It is not necessary that the girl who rejected you at first instant will also reject at second time too. But to the contrary she would accept your invitation. There are number of things before you getting rejected, so with open minds and thoughts look for all of them

How to impress a girl who rejected you?

The 10 Best ways to impress a girl who rejected you are as follows:

1. Avoid the rejection

Avoid the rejection

You were rejected at first instant, so it doesn’t mean that you have lost that girl. So you should not lose your interest and should not stop your efforts to try to impress the girl. First of all, rejection should not be taken seriously. Keep a positive attitude even after the rejection so as to find the reasons why she rejected you and work on those things to overcome and  not give your girl a chance to reject you at any moment when the next time you propose her.

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2. True to everything

True to everything

After getting rejected, many of you would go under the state of depression and behave like it’s the end of the world. You will start cursing yourself and will believe that there is wrong with your behavior or looks and thus will start developing a negative attitude. But, these all things are false and this will only to be known by you, if you analyze the things carefully and properly. If only you are able to do so, than you will came to know that what all you were thinking is of no good use to use and were just giving you false thoughts all the time.

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3. A new start

A new start

This is a way that will apply in all conditions. Always look for a new and a fresh start once you fail in a particular thing, here getting rejected by your crush. This way, you will be able to not commit mistakes which you have made last time and thus surely get a far better result than the previous try and might even get selected. Take the second opportunity as a chance to improve all your attributes and to know her better. Just look for every situation from a different perspective now.

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4. Examine approach

Examine approach

Before starting to make a new approach to her, rewind all the steps in your mind which you have taken last time and have a thorough look at them to see what would be the reason you were rejected. Once you have find out, you will have more better ways now coming in your mind to get those things done this time. It might be that you might have not noticed at that particular time the things not liked by her which were done by you. And, you might see it now.

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5. Reasons of rejection

Reasons of rejection

You will be making a new approach. You will be re-examining your approach of how you took your steps in proposing her. This all you would be doing to look out for and find the reasons of rejection of your proposal. Rewind in your mind the time, when you proposed her and you were rejected. Mostly things happened at that particular time might be alone the reason why you were rejected. Recall for the words she said when she rejected you, she might have told the reason too at that time.

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6. Accepting decision

Accepting decision

In some cases, the rejection could have an adverse effect on one’s mind and it might be a serious problem than. One should understand that whatever you feel for someone is felt by the same person for you. Therefore, after getting rejected you must accept her decision without any sign of anger and take it as a challenge to make that girl feel the same way you feel about her. If you can’t do that, you don’t even deserve her.

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7. Same interests

Same interests

Girls always are interested with the persons sharing same interest as theirs. So before approaching the girl again, learn about her interests and if possible try to gain her attention with the help of those interests only. Doing this would be enough to get your proposal accepted next time. Therefore, after getting rejected and getting recovered from all negative vibes and thoughts, try to find out for all her interests.

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8. Patient


No matter what work you do, patience is always required to be successful. This happens here too. You need to have enough patience so as to wait for the right moment i.e. when you will purpose her next time so she should not reject you again. With your hard-work and your patience, if done the right way you will surely succeed in getting your proposal the second time.

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9. Improve personality

Improve personality

It might be there your personality needs a little boost. Try to focus a little bit more on yourself so as to build your personality. Build your self-esteem, get better sleep and be energetic all the time no matter how much work you have done. Girls are easily impresses with the energetic guys and you stand more chance of getting accepted if you improve your personality than the last time you proposed her.

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10. Look  for opportunity

Look  for opportunity

Always try to look for opportunities now. You need to grab even a slight chance to impress the girl of your dreams. Try to show your unique talents to the girl which she might have noticed the last time or doesn’t know about them last time when you proposed her. Therefore, the second time you need to grab all the opportunities which you will get as their number will be less this time as in the starting the girl will try to stay away from you. Thus, each and every opportunity is very important this time.

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