How to Make a Girl Feel Like She Needs You?

How to Make a Girl Feel Like She Needs You?

In this article we are going to talk about the how to make a girl feel like she needs you. Relationship is the beautiful thing that every human will possess. It may be anything that may be a relationship between a father and a daughter, between two friends, between a mother and a son and so on. But the relation between a boy and a girl will be something special that everyone will yearn to have. The wafer that gives extra taste to this relationship is called “Love”.

Love is the feeling that should be felt by everyone on the earth. This love is not a usual feeling that comes up with father, mother, siblings and friends. Not only humans, every organism in the earth will feel this love. Once you experienced this wonderful feeling, it will become an addiction. It gives an extraordinary feeling when this journey starts from a boy.

In many cases, the boy would experience this feeling first and will struggle to bring this feeling to her girl also. This is the stage where the boys should use their patience and love to win. It is a saying that boys will have more love than girls. But they refuse to show it. The boy should take several steps forward to bring the same feel into his girl also. It is important to be strong in their love before committing themselves to love. Be the man whom she wants.

10 Best ways to make a girl like she needs you:

Here, some tips are listed which helps to make a girl feel like she also needs you. But these tips will be useful only to impress your girl. But loyalty and true love are the must-have constraints to make a girl fell for you.

1. Express your love

Express your love

The first thing that every boy should do to bring the same feeling into your girl is “Express it”. Because if you do not express your love, the girl may not be aware of it. This will make your girlfriend feel special for you. Be sure that you never failed to express your love. Inject your love into her that will create some strong reasons for her to feel for you. This should be followed even after the love turns into success. This should continue till the last. Express your love through your activities,  through your care, through your talks and so on. Always express your true feelings. Never get tired of showering your love to your partner.

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2. Care for your partner

Care for your partner:

This is the point that turns most of the girls fell for you. Care should be true. You should insist that you always care for her. Ask her whether she had her meals. And know about her dreams, her favorites and her hates. Your care is a powerful drug that makes a girl feel like you born for her. This will create a soft feeling in her heart about you. Your caring should be expressed in your every activity. Even little words have the power to showcase your caring. Exhibit your care through your activities. And make sure to get the same care from your partner also. Care for her in her difficult days. Care for her family, care for her dreams, care for her health, care for her hobbies and so on.

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3. Make her miss you sometimes

Make her miss you sometimes:

Love starts when the missing begins. It gives her the chance to know about your feelings for her. This will reveal her feelings for you if she is not aware of that. It will give a special feeling about you.  Keep some physical and mental distance from her. It will increase the chances of missing you. It will make her think about why she needs you and how important you are. Let her miss you. Let her say that she was missing you from her words. Make her feel for your absence. But this should be stopped at a correct point. Missing leads the way to feel for you.

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4. Be protective

Be protective:

Protect your girl like a kid. It is your responsibility to protect her. As a girl she may face a lot of struggles in her life. Be the one who is there for her to protect her from hurdles. Always be there for her when she needs you. Give the feeling of being secure when she is with you. It will increase the trust in you. It will make her love for you to bloom. She should feel secure to share her thoughts with you. She should feel safe by her physic and her psyche. Make her comfortable when she is with you.

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5. Flirt but be true

Flirt but be true

Never miss the chance to flirt with her. It will help to have some beautiful memories to cherish together. Flirting is good when you do with your soulmate. The words from you should have the power to dissolve her in you. Flirting with the soulmate is the sweet moment that every boy and girl should face. Flirt with her but do not give fake promises. Even in flirting, the feelings should be true. Make her feel happy through your words. Have some good conversations that make her to feel for you. Never allow your words to hurt her. Having some flirt talks with the partner will add strength to the relationship.

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6. Be frank and honest

Be frank and honest

Always be frank in expressing your thoughts. Never hide your thoughts to gain a name from her. Be true in your love. Never shed any fake words, fake love, and fake actions. Always keep your trust at the peak. Trust her. Be honest to her. Give her a secure feeling so that she also be honest with you. Never have a one-side effort. Being true and loyal are the two valuable things that should be present in every relationship. Never afraid to register your thoughts and to share your feelings with her.

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7. Be with her in hurdles and in her dreams

Be with her in hurdles and in her dreams:

Human life is not a bed of roses. It may have many ups and downs. But having a person who is with us in all our ups and downs is the gift for us. Let her know that you are there to support her in her hurdles. Support her dreams. Help her to chase her dreams. Never be a break that stops her dreams. Show that your love never takes her away from her dreams. Help her to have a good future. Help her to set a career. Be her pillar in her life to uplift her lifestyle. Upgrade your status in her mind by helping her to overcome her hurdles. It will let the love to germinate in her heart.

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8. Give your time

Give your time:

A girl will never expect your things. She will always expect your time. Spend your time with her. Always be sure that you are with her in loneliness. Give your time when she wants. Ensure about her thoughts and feelings even in your busy times. Always allot time only for her. Never let the other things disturb you in spending your time with her. When you are with her, have some meaningful and healthy conversations. Listen to her words. Give importance to her thoughts and talks when spending time with her. Nothing is precious for a girl than your time for her.

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9. Have some fights and solve it

Have some fights and solve it:

Fights keep the bond more stronger. There is no relationship without fights. It will create an opportunity to miss you. There is no true love without arguments. Fights make her to feel wanting you more. Have some healthy arguments. Fight like the craziest person in the world. But these fights should take you away from both of you. Never accept her thoughts always. Be frank in expressing your thoughts. But be aware of convincing and solving the problems before it turns into a serious one.  Fights lead to realize your absence and understand the worthiness of your presence.

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10. Add little possessiveness

Add  little possessiveness:

Be possessive about your girl. It will give a reason for the question of why really she needs you. This is the act of saying that you are completely lost in her feelings. It is the act of expressing your fear to lose her in your life. There is no relationship without having possessiveness and jealousness. It will exhibit that you are really loving her. But possessiveness should be handled with much carefulness. Otherwise, it will result in suspects. It may give like a doubt-appearance. Being jealous when she is with others will help to realize that you are that much mean to her.

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Put your most efforts to make her feel like she needs you. And it is important to be there when she needs you. You should put equal effort into being with her when she needs you as much you put on making her feel like she wants you. Being in a relationship is not an easy task. It needs a very careful balance from both sides. Be very careful in handling your emotions and words to succeed in your love.

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