How to Impress A Japanese Girl?

How to Impress A Japanese Girl?

In this article we are going to talk about the how to impress a Japanese girl? A girl does not easily get’s impressed. However, that doesn’t mean that it is impossible to impress them. In fact, it is very simple to make a girl feel special. she feels special in small things like giving chocolates and all. There are many ways that will show you how to impress a girl.

How to impress a Japanese girl?

The best ways to impress a Japanese girl are discussed below in detail:

1. Good text messages

Good text messages

If you are trying to impress a Japanese girl, the most important thing is to communicate with her and write her flattering text through messages. This trick really impresses a girl as they are flattered with your words easily. All these cheesy pickup lines is what they all fall for as far as I know. Cute texts may include you expressing your feelings for her, or telling her again and again how beautiful she is or how important she is for you, what place she holds in your heart, etc. all this are really loved by Japanese girls.

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2. Send flowers

Send flowers

Not only Japanese girls but any girl out there would like a bouquet of flowers as a small surprise. Whenever you fight or have an argument if you send her flowers, she is definitely going to love it. You can even impress her by giving her flower someday or maybe chocolates or anything that sort of she will love it and might get impresses easily. Remember your special occasions and give her flowers on that day. That would be even more cute as she will get to know that you remember your special days and are really interested in your relationship.

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3. Write a letter

Write a letter

Now, letters are a new cute attraction that girls have. You can really make a girl feel extremely special by simply writing a letter by including the various things and habits you like about her. This is a really sweet gesture which every girl adores. Every guy should follow this as this makes a girl feel really very special and she can easily get impressed with that. Giving letters suddenly makes her feel really nice.

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4. Sending morning texts

Sending morning texts

This is seriously the cutest and the most adorable thing you can do to impress a girl. Remember all these points only make sense when you have a hint that the girl is interested in you. This is the one thing which every girl love. Text such as, “I am writing this paragraph so that the moment you open your eyes and switch on your phone the very first thing you read is this paragraph and you smile.” And further you can add whatever you wish to write and however you wish to express your love to her. 

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5. Keep cute nicknames

It is a really sweet gesture when you give a nickname to the person you want to impress. Remember, this nickname should be very sweet as well as humble so that the other person likes it and gets impressed. Everybody likes being pampered and nicknames are always a very cute way to pamper someone. This really makes the person fall even more for you. This is again a cute way to impress a Japanese girl.

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6. Learn Japanese

Learn Japanese

This is obviously the most important thing when it comes to impressing a Japanese girl. You need to learn Japanese because that is the only medium that you can speak and understand her through. So, whenever you wish to impress a Japanese girl first go and learn Japanese. And not just the basics but quite a lot of it as only basics won’t make you understand her that much.

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7. Assure them of your financial security

Assure them of your financial security

Japanese women’s also look for a good financial status. Although, not all the Japanese women. But they ask for assurance of your financial strength as if they spend their life with you, they will be financially stable and won’t get any such business or financial issues. Also, it should be your own personal concern as well to be financially stable and to live happily with your family without the concern of being low at money.

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8. Don’t be much different

 Don’t be much different

By this I mean that don’t be a high maintenance foreigner and don’t make your partner feel that your cultures are different and she have to work too hard understanding them. This might make her feel stressed and worried and may put her into double thoughts if she should go in a relationship with someone who is so different from her. Because, we all know different thinking always clashes and you need to understand and work with that which is a bit complex. So, you should try your best in being as simple and as Japanese as you can in habits.

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9. Don’t indulge into bad habits

Don’t indulge into bad habits

This is a common trait that girl’s dislike. Girl’s really don’t like boys who drink smoke or have any other kind of addicting beverages. Apart from that they also don’t like guys who have an unhealthy body weight and who don’ take care of their body as well as health. This is the one thing you should definitely take care of yourself even if you are not in a relationship. Because healthy is happy. The healthy you are, the more stable you will get to date a person in a better way. So, that is what you need to keep in mind when you want to impress a Japanese girl.

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 10. Prepare a good proposal


Believe me every girl loves a good proposal. When you are going to impress a girl, you should always have a good proposal in mind. You should plan a good proposal when you want to impress her. A good proposal may include you getting a ring for her and sitting on your knees in front of everyone will really impress her a lot. This is the one thing which is really cute and girls really appreciate and like.

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So, these are a few points which I feel really impress a girl and one should keep all these points in mind when they want to attract or impress a Japanese girl.

All the best!

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