Top 10 Most Popular Dog Breeds In India

Top 10 Most Popular Dog Breeds In India

In this article we are going to talk about the top 10 most popular dog breeds in India. Our mother earth is truly fascinating. It is home to more than a billion species of plants and animals, and provides just enough for all of us. We humans don’t even know half of all the different kinds of creatures around us. If we take a closer look around us we will be able to appreciate the great diversity and beauty of our nature.

We humans are more closely associated with certain animals. They teach us even they can show love and even they deserve to be loved. Pets help us to connect with our nature more and respect the different species around us. The pet shows us how we can all exist harmoniously together and create a more beautiful world for ourselves.

When we talk about animals or pets, more specifically, dogs are the first things that come in our mind. Dogs have always been man’s best friend. While many other species too can be our best friends, dogs show a kind of affection and loyalty that even outshines our own. They can be so close to our family that we start considering them our family.

Having dogs as pets can be very beneficial. They teach us the meaning of love, care and respect. We also get an all-time companion who will stay with us no matter how much you shout at them. Dogs can act as friends, guardians, guide dogs, play buddies and even as great detectives.

Top 10 Most Popular Dog Breeds In India

Here is the list of the most popular dog breeds in India discussed below in detail:

1. Beagle

Beagles are incredibly sweet little creatures that are very playful and active. They are species of small hound and are extremely curious. They can be very fun loving and demands a lot of attention. Beagle can be the best companions for kids who are hyperactive and who cannot sit idle for even a second. They can be a little difficult to train and can cause nuisance if left alone.

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2. Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever

Labrador retrievers can be a very friendly companion and a hard working animal. They are intelligent, strongly built and very kind beings. They were first bred to be used as retrievers for hunters and hence the name. They are medium-large breed with short and dense coat. They are pleasant natured and have a keen sense of smell.

They are usually used as guide dogs for the blind and also assist people with disabilities like autism. They can be very loyal and is often used by police force and the military for tracking down criminals. All these factors make them the most popular breed of canines in many countries.

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3. Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever

They are very gentle, friendly and confident canines often found to be very trusting. They make excellent family pets as they can be pretty affectionate and very patient with kids. Their coat is blond or golden coloured and very soft and smooth which makes them good cuddle buddies. They are very intelligent and calm. Any form of aggression is not expected of them and their extremely trusting nature makes them pretty bad guard dogs. They are very sociable and kind. They can be the perfect partner for all kids.

They shed profusely and requires regular grooming and bathing. They are extremely active and always eager to please. Golden Retriever are also excellent swimmers and can be quite an athlete.

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4. German Shepherd

German Shepherd

German shepherds are mainly working dogs that are often used as guard dogs. They are strong, confident and courageous with a keen sense of loyalty. They are intelligent creatures that can be trained easily. German Shepherd also make good family pet and also acts as a guardian to his family. They have very high energy and are always sporty.

Their coat is close and dense with black and brown shades. They also make excellent guide dogs and help in rescue operations, and have been found to be very useful to the police and military.

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5. Bulldog


French bulldogs are one of the most popular breeds of dogs especially because of their kind and courageous nature. They can be quite stubborn and at the same time patient too. They can be very good companions and not known to be aggressive although if provoked they can be a little vicious. They like short walks and a little nap afterwards.

Bulldog have wrinkled faces with thick folds of skin around the face. They short, flat and sleek coat and has a stout look. Bulldog enjoy short walks and requires regular grooming.

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6. Dachshund


They are small dogs that have very short legs and often looks like a sausage with legs due to their long bodies. They are very playful but can be quite stubborn and hard to train. They also bark real loudly and can be aggressive to strangers. They are generally very energetic and can become quite destructive if not properly trained. They also require a loving and caring owner to take care of them, who is patient enough to train them.

They have smooth and silky coat and can be short haired, long-haired or wirehaired. They are often seen in a variety of colours. Dachshund are also called wiener dog and sausage dog due to their appearance.

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7. Rottweiler


Rottweiler are domestic canines that are good-natured, obedient and fearless. They are calm and courageous and makes excellent guard dogs. They are very affectionate and loyal. They are also extremely possessive and gets jealous which can make then a little dangerous at times. They are easy to train and groom.

Rottweiler can be very playful and lively with their owners but may present an aloof demeanour with others. They have coarse and dense outer coat of medium length and black hue. They are very alert and always aware of their surroundings.

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8. Great Dane

Great Dane

Great Danes are large domestic canines and they hold the record for the tallest dogs. They are very friendly and seeks care and affection from their owners. They can be very sociable and loving and gets along with almost everyone if properly trained. They are not aggressive but can be very gentle. They continue to grow for longer time compared to other breeds and are pretty energetic. They are playful and very affectionate.

9. Pug


The pug is a very cute and small breed of dogs with wrinkled and short-muzzled face and curled tail. They have smooth and glossy coats and make nice snuggle buddies. They are very playful and loving. Pug are always eager to please their masters as well as they crave for attention from them. They spent a lot of time napping but can be quite fun too. Pug are extremely friendly and gets along with people and other canines easily. They can be really adorable and are known to have a great sense of humour.

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10. Boxer


The boxer is medium to large in size and are very energetic and playful. They are attention seekers and shows great love and loyalty to their owners. They are very protective and well spirited. They are not aggressive in nature. They require proper training and socialising just like other breeds.

The boxer has short haired smooth coat often in fawn and brindle colours. They have a patch of white in the underbelly and on their feet.

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There are a variety of other dog breeds all around the world. And many more new breeds are formed by crossing between the already existing ones to get all the desirable characters. They are all loving and loyal although some may show a little aggressiveness. But with your love and care they can be tamed. They should not be treated just as an object of entertainment. Dogs should be treated as friends and good care must be given to them. They are not show pieces. Love them like you do any of your family members. Show them respect, spend time with them and understand that they are living beings just like us.

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