10 Things to do on a Sunday

Things to do on a Sunday

In this article we are going to discuss about some interesting and fun things to do on a Sunday. The much-anticipated day of the week! The day for which we plan the most! Sunday. It is special for all people. For office workers, Sunday is the only day that they are off duty. For students, this is the only weekday to stay at home. For teens and youth, Sunday turns to be a day of freedom. For Christians, it is the day for holy mass and catechism. It is the day when everyone is at home, free form workloads, office pressure, submissions and schedules. Who wouldn’t wish to spend a Sunday at home, cuddling in a couch, with a cup of hot coffee and a book!

Top 10 things to do on a Sunday

There are a lot of activities and tasks that can be done on a Sunday. Here are some activities you to be engaged with:

1. Go for an outing

Go for outing

This is suggested for all people, especially families. Weekdays would be packed with busy schedules- workloads for parents and studies for children. They might hardly be having a meaningful conversation during the week. Thus, Sunday turns to be the perfect day to plan something special for the kids. Free them from the suffocating air of timetables and HomeWorks. You can visit somewhere special, maybe a zoo or a park. It is sure to excite kids. However simple the trip be, make it a memorable one. You can pack ready-to-cook food items and find peaceful area to be by yourself and prepare food together! Children are sure to love this. Spend the time together, sharing about your week.

This will increase the bond among you. Try to talk to each other rather than on phones. Engaging with gadgets might spoil the whole fun. Let it be a family time. Make sure that you are enjoying your best and get refreshed for the next week.

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2. Watch a movie

Watch online shows

Sunday is the relaxation day. Watching a movie together can relieve you from the weariness of the week. If you are with your family, watch a movie preferred by all the members. Sit together and enjoy. Even if planning a day with your friends, going to theatre would surely be thrilling. A movie date on a Sunday can also be thought of! Going to watch a play or an event is also exciting. A sports competition, an opera, a circus game, a carnival, a flower show, visiting a planetarium, going to sea or some place to swim can all be thought of.

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3. Take time to be yourself

Take time to be yourself

Being busy, you may not have had a comfortable nap the whole week or may not have sit somewhere for a while. Make use of Sunday to spend time for yourself. Rest on a couch, watch your favourite sitcom, contemplate on some crazy ideas, try to write something creative; you have to ensure that you are getting some rest. Take a nap if required. A tight sleep refreshes your mind and brain. Breath some fresh air and relax yourself. This way you can wash off the weariness of the past week and start fresh the next day. Scheduling your Sunday with tasks to be completed will take all life from you. It is important that you are getting some space and time to be yourself.

4. Visit relatives and friends

Visit relatives and friends

How long has it been since you have met your bestie from college? When is the last time you visited your parents? This is the right day for it. Give a quick visit to them. Just to ensure that they are safe and sound. It is a great way to maintain your relations. In the tides of life, it is natural to lose contact with people who were once close to you. Let this not happen again. A whole day with them is not necessary; may be an hour or two. Listen to them. If possible, have food together. It being Sunday, they too would be free. If visiting is not practical, you can even call someone. Talking to someone improves the relation with the person. Moreover, it is such calls and get togethers that build your bond.

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5. Go for a party


Who wouldn’t dream of partying on a free day! Going for a party with your friends is a good way to spend your day! There are numerous clubs in towns and cities that provide parties on Sundays. Spent an hour, relaxing yourself. Keeping a small gathering at home is an excellent idea. Take care not to stress yourself. Invite your friends to have a small chat. It would do. You could share and discuss any random stuff. This idea is more applicable to extroverts who love to be in a crowd than alone at home. Topics like current affairs and family issues can be shared. Small games can be played. You can even have a snack party together.

6. Plan your week ahead

Plan out your week

Sunday gives you a break. But it opens another busy week too. If you plan your week ahead, you might be able to save an hour or two each day. Most times, you end up going to bed without completing your loads of work due to a lack of planning. Decide on the extra chores to be done each day. Manage your time accordingly. If not, you would lose hours doing unnecessary chores while the important ones get piled up. You will have to complete the piled-up work all at once leading to a miserable day.

All these can be avoided if you have a proper planning about what you are going to do. If you are a student, it is advisable to revise the subjects taught the previous week, thus refreshing your memory. You can utilize the time to have a small cleaning in your house too. Every week is a new starting to achieve something more in your life. Together with formulating your mind, prepare your surroundings too. This can be a real boosting for the next week.

7. Chase your interest

Work on your hobby

In a life packed with timetables and deadlines, most of us forget about our hobbies and interest.  Even when wrapped in such a tight life, it is important that you find space for these hobbies.  Arts and craft may be one. It requires time and peace to come up with something creative. Maybe it is about writing something. Try to develop a habit of doing things that interest you. Let your inherent talents flourish with age. All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. The same applies to all. Life becomes dry when you do not spend time on something creative. Learning some skills is another way. It can be a musical instrument, or learning to swim, playing badminton or any other sports item, arts and craft, cooking and so on. This will enhance your brain and body alike.

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8. Cook something special


Sundays are feast days in many homes. It is the time when everyone is at home. Cooking something special is a delicious activity to do on a Sunday. Prepare something different. You can use your day to master the art of cooking as well as to make your family members contended.  It is a relaxing activity, specially for people who love to experiment on food. Though it is essential to have a balanced diet every day of the week, this may not be practical always. Neither will the children eat properly, nor will the parents have time to care for them. You can pay for it on Sundays when everyone is available. Having a healthy diet can be ensured.

9. Grab some extra knowledge

advantages of reading newspaper over internet

How many of you are able to read newspaper daily? If so, good. But for most people this may not be practical. Weekends are the best days for this. Get to know what happens around the world. Read newspaper or watch news on television. This way, you can keep yourself updated. Reading a book is another way. Sit back, grab a book and enter into the world of letters. It is one of the best ways to escape from the pressures of reality.  What happens to most working individuals is that they get completely immersed in family affairs and in profession that they do not get informed about anything happening outside.

10. Involve in some social activity

Involve in some social activity

Volunteering for some social cause is something productive. There are a lot of public institutions that do charitable works. Get involved in any such activity, spending your day with those people. This would train you to interact with them, providing a social exposure. Old age homes, orphanages, institutions for AIDS patients et cetera are some places you could visit. There are also palliative care units in our country. Everybody is free to help there. These social activities are beneficial to both you and those people. It develops a sense of meaning into your life. 

Sundays are always special. You may plan the whole week on how to spend your weekend, but ultimately end up without doing anything. Let us work together to avoid this. There are a lot of productive things that can be done. The tips provided here are sure to help you create a memorable and productive weekend. Try out some interesting activities mentioned above. Let the Sundays be the sunny days of your week.

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