What Should I Look For In A Man To Marry?

What Should I Look For In A Man To Marry?

In this article we are going to talk about the What should I look for in a man to marry? Getting married is easy, but finding your better half is very difficult. Anyone can pronounce the word “Marriage” but only experienced people know to announce that thing, how much has to be done. Getting married means finding a boy, taking seven rounds around the fire, feeding people, photo shooting, and went to the boy’s house…That’s not all! The first step of every marriage is finding a man. Finding a boy is like finding and buying a dress that could match the earrings you already had. Every girl has some dreams for her future prince charming. 

What should I look for in a man to marry?

When we go to buy clothes, we think a lot before purchasing anything because we know that once bought, we have to wear that dress. If we can think so much before buying clothes, then why not think before deciding on a future life partner? So to get married, we should finalize the boy by looking at all of his qualities. So many girls think only love is necessary to get married. But even more important is whether the person in front is good or not. I have listed the 10 most important qualities to look for in a man to marry. Let’s go through it one by one.

1. His thoughts

 His thoughts

You must look for a person who is filled with positivity and different thoughts. He should not be the one who is self-centered and selfish. For him, each and everyone should be equally important. A man with the quality of never complaining about anything and an affirmative attitude can keep you motivated throughout your life. A negative person can make you negative too. 

Just think, if you tell your partner that today a flower pot fell from your hand and broke and you are feeling guilty. What kind of reaction do you expect from him? If that person is positive then he will try to reduce your guilt and say, it’s okay…don’t worry sometimes it happens and I know you haven’t done that intentionally. Whereas a negative person instead of releasing your guilt will blame you for your carelessness. So, you should always go towards positivity and try to find a thoughtful person.

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2. His attitude towards women

His attitude towards women

It is a general tendency of males, that females should stay at home, cook food and raise their children. I don’t understand why men underestimate women. But men know that if a woman does any work, she will master it. Their jealousy and insecurities force them to think that women should stay at home only. As an independent woman, is it going to be easy for you to stay at home all day and night?   

On the other hand, some men respect women and their working skills. And they want all the girls and women in the world to move forward in life and not just handle the kitchen and kids. These are the boys that every girl needs. This is the most valuable quality of a man, you should search for to marry.

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3. His hobbies and interests

His hobbies and interests

He should be energetic and lively. A person who is willing to try every new thing. You must long for a person who is foodies, adventurous, and crazy like you. He will make sure that you are never bored with him. The one who can bring all the joy, happiness to your life. Sometimes, he must become a small kid instead of showing his maturity. 

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4. His patience

His patience

His characteristic of being patient depends upon a fact that he is a good listener. Because, naturally, girls love to talk and share every small detail of their day and life. He should be calm. If you make a mistake, he should explain it to you instead of shouting at you. He should not take your problems for granted. Will you allow someone to scream at you if you delayed any work. 

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5. His goals in life

His goals in life

The “whatever” attitude of males is the worst thing. They have to be very serious about their future endeavors. They are supposed to be self-sufficient to fulfill all the desires and wishes of their family. He doesn’t need to be rich, but he has to be stable. Because every parent wants that their daughter should not face any financial trouble. 

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6. His love for your family members

His love for your family members

Girls are taught from childhood that she has to go to their in-laws after she grows up, and she is supposed to give a lot of love and fulfill the wishes of her in-laws. If you know your responsibilities and respect your in-laws, then you will expect the same for your family from the person to whom you are going to marry. But don’t know why boys are taught from childhood that their family is superior. So, find a man who will take equal efforts for your family and will never think that his family is superior to yours.

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7. You are his only girl best friend

You are his only girl best friend

Unless and until you become his best friend, you should not marry that guy. Friendship is the basis of every relationship. His man’s thousands of male best friends are acceptable for every girl. But you should not try to adjust with his female best friend. This isn’t narrow-mindedness, because if he has a girl best friend then why does he need you in his life. What special position you joy in his life. Find someone, with whom you can share everything, every little secretes even you can correct him when he is wrong without hesitation.

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8. His quality of appreciating everyone

His quality of appreciating everyone

When we like something or someone, we praise it immediately. But men lack this quality of praising. Imagine that, it is your partner’s birthday, and you are planning for a month to make that day special and memorable for him and on his birthday you kept giving him surprises. But he didn’t appreciate you for your efforts at least once. He didn’t even bother to ask you, what all efforts you put to do all those things for him. How will you feel? I can surely say that he is not the right one for you.

And on counterpart, if you find someone, who always feels blessed and expresses that he feels lucky that you are in his life. How would you feel in this situation? I am sure that this person will thank you daily for making food for his family and taking care of his family. It is better to express what you feel because no one is interim. Your partner ought to be with this quality. 

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9. He should be your support system

 He should be your support system

In Indian families, respect is given to only working men and not working women. But your partner should always take a stand for you in front of his family. If you want to work or do the job, then he must help you with your career. You both can cook food together. If the child belongs to both of you, then responsibility also belongs to both of you. He should also try to support you with daily household chores. Your career growth should not stop because of him. His opinions are important, but decision-taking should be mutual. If the man is ready to respect your profession then he is your Mr. perfect. 

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10. Does he love you wholeheartedly

Does he love you wholeheartedly

His love should go on growing for you Find a man who readily takes efforts for your happiness and will protect you in every up and down of your life. Even if you become his wife, he should not stop flirting with you, surprising you with different gifts, and sometimes pulling the chair for you before dinner. All this thing he should do on his own and with his fortunateness. He should find different ways to see the smile on your face. You must be thinking that all this happens only in movies. But if your partner is right then this can also happen in real life. 

So think twice and act wise, before you decide to opt for someone for you. If there is no chemistry in your bond, and if you leave that guy for the same reason, then don’t feel bad that you dumped him. Because that relationship had to be broken at some time or the other. Maybe you will find your soul mate late but your relationship will last till the end, and you will surely get such a life partner. It is not essential to find someone with all the 10 qualities mentioned above. Those are just to help you if you are confused regarding what qualities you should notice.

If none of the quality matches your man, and you think, that your love can change him, just don’t leave that man. If you truly love him, then don’t force him but ask him to change a little bit for you. You should not settle for someone who does not meet your needs and who is not even ready to change himself for you. That’s all.

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