10 Benefits Of Having A Boyfriend

Benefits Of Having A Boyfriend

In this article we are going to talk about the 10 Benefits of Having A Boyfriend. As ages pass love marriage is a common thing, the main reason behind it is our life style. We all live in age of media that’s give us a chance to interact with many people and know them more. Love is something all we wish to have in life. It is a wonderful feeling to be in love and more than that to be loved by someone. No one in this world will not be hated to be loved and cared by a person. To have a partner in life is an important thing, more than that to chose the right one is most important. A loving partner in life brings us many things into our life.

Top 10 Benefits of having a Boyfriend

To have a boyfriend or a partner gives us  benefits in many ways. Let’s see some benefits of having a boyfriend in your life:

1. He Shows respect

Showing respect

As in a relationship, it’s important to respect each other. As respecting each other also means that respecting each others opinions etc. It is said that give respect and take respect. In a relationship, it is important to have respect each other. If the boy truly loves he will respect you and your opinions. As we girls are emotional creatures, all we want is that they understand our emotion, be loyal to us and be manly where it’s required to. So a boyfriend who respect his girl is best ever person they have met.

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2. He gives protection

Feel protection

As a girl or women, she liked to be protected from threatens by a strong arm. If you have a boyfriend he will be your strong arms that protect you. To protect a girl, firstly the boy needs to guard his own heart, as only a gentleman could do it. He will not go after another woman. Each and every girl’s role model is her dad, she would definitely want a boy just like him, so it’s cool when your boyfriend cares and protects you like a dad. The boyfriend who never make her feel unprotected is the best boyfriend ever.

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3. He will guide you in the right path

He will guide us in the right path

As each girl becomes childish in front of her man, so certain times we commit so many mistakes even unknowingly that’s why having a boyfriend who tells us what is wrong and right is a great thing. Sometimes we can see that most of us are innocent and trust many without even thinking as he might scold you for that but will tell you about what intentions are behind those deeds. Such are rare but like to have one is been blessed. Having a boyfriend with such quality will lead us through right path and block all the bad things that approach us in our road of life.

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4. He will think about your future

He will think about future

Having a boyfriend is who is more concerned about your dreams and future is a blessing. As even if you get lazy or even sometimes feel down that you can’t achieve it then he will be the one standing in front of you and boosting and motiving you to achieve it. A boyfriend will be cautious about the future and take necessary steps. As if your boyfriend loves you truly then he will definitely tell you about his plans and dreams in which you are in it were he takes your opinion about how to plan everything and what would be better etc. Such boyfriends are rare. Having a boyfriend who includes you in his future plans and deciding the future with you, means he truly loves you.

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5. Boyfriend fulfills your wishes

Fulfil her wishes

To have a boyfriend who fulfill your smallest wish is the dream of every girl. As all girls aren’t gold digger, some get happy with small things basically we need someone who fulfills our small wishes that can make us happy to an extreme level. Like most of us likes chocolates so bringing a chocolate for you when you don’t except it can make your day. As it’s mentioned above, all doesn’t need iPhone, there are girls who sees the efforts not the financial status. A girl usually have a heart of a child so she want smaller things rather than bigger. Most of the boyfriend wants to see his girl smiling so he may do anything to see his girl’s glowing face.

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6. He understands a girl

Understanding her

A boyfriend may know all her secrets and understands her well. As we can  see even the society says that we talks a lot especially to them whom we love most  , so we shares each and everything that happen on that day even it’s happy or sad moments. Like all we need is someone who listens to our stupidity and understands us. And moreover, a girl usually open up in front of the guy she loves. Even though the partner doesn’t understands her she only needs a person to listen. So to have a boyfriend to listen to our things with patience is something biggest thing in our life.

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7. Shows equality

Show equality

Treat her equally without a gender bias. As it’s lucky to have someone who knows our potentials and supports us when it comes to certain situations where society have kept barriers of this gender biased rules . When a boy listens to you, understands you, appreciates you and considering you as equal to him in all means  as not keeping unnecessary restrictions, respecting her , not forcing her for anything etc. that means he truly loves. In a gender biased society having a boyfriend who doesn’t show any male dominance is such a benefit.

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8. Love her without any flaws

Love her without any flaws

A gentleman will always guard his girls heart and for that he will guard his own heart also. He will not checkout other girls  and will be loyal to her in every means. Being a gentleman isn’t a easy task even as most of the boys are playboys today and like to flirt more than be in a serious relationship. So, being gentle to her and devoting himself for her is a wonderful act and having such a person in life is a gift.

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9. Supports in hard times

Supporting in hard times

In good times all will be around us that is when we are happy and successful but it’s difficult to have someone at our bad times. As if you have a boyfriend who is with you in all situations then it’s feels like you have a special power as someone who is always there for you to protect you, guide, nurture you, uplift you and understands you. So being with such person that support us lot, is a blessing as whatever happened people who are meant to be with you will always be with you. And mostly we will alone in hard times, so if we have a boyfriend definitely he will be with us to not make us feel alone.

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10. A Helping hand in many things

Helping hand in many things

As most of us will be like I don’t need anyone’s help, I can sort it myself be when someone skips his busy schedule only for you to help you out then it’s a best feeling ever. As most of the time we get so messed that we don’t know how to come out it, then if you have a boyfriend he will calm you, and make you feel relaxed and help you to come out of it. And sometimes, we hide certain difficulties that we face from him so that he doesn’t get tensed but to be amazed most of the time he finds out and sorts it himself. So a boyfriend will support us and become a helping hand in our most complicated problems.

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As all relationship starts with a friendship, as if two partners are good friends then only they can be good partners. So most important is to maintain that friendship between both of them. As your boyfriend will not only your partner but also a good and trusted friend to whom you can say anything, can get open up with anything that haunting your mind without thinking that what he will think about you. As he will consider it and helps you to sort it out. Even this friendship helps you to be real as you are as you not need to fake in front of him, show him what is the real you and he will definitely appreciate that. Sharing everything with him like a good friend feels your mind less weight and having a boyfriend like a friend definitely be the best person in your life.

Love is the most beautiful feeling in the world. There is many more benefits of having a boyfriend. Every coins have two sides like benefits there is also problems while having a relationship. Choosing a good partner in life is difficult one but we can get one if we know them deeply. So choose a partner carefully and be in a successful relationship. As a human being a person who stands with us till our last breath means a lot to us. So be in a happy relationship.

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