Why We Should Avoid Eating Fast Food?

Why We Should Avoid Eating Fast Food?

In this article we are going to talk about the why we should avoid eating fast food. One can understand how difficult it is to say no to those delicious cheesy overloaded pizza and creamy burger. That sense of satisfaction you get after that first bite of doughnuts. Over past few years, these French fries, pasta, noodles, wraps have been ruling our taste buds.

But have you ever thought about the harm they do to our body? Do you know how much fats and cholesterol have in themselves? All these food that tempts you are considered as “fast food.” And these fast foods have terrible affect on our bodies. Daily consumption of these fast foods makes to fatigue, leads to heats problems and even causes diabetes. It adversely affects our directory as well as respiratory system.

We are here to tell you some harmful effects of fast food. You can have a look at some reason we should not eat fast food. Listed below are some of the major reasons.

Why we should avoid eating fast food?

The 10 major reasons to avoid fast food are listed below.

1. Will Makes you obese

Will Makes you obese

Obesity is one of the major disadvantages of eating fast food. It is understood that fast food are finger-licking tasty but it also harms your body adversely. Fast food like burgers, pizza and French fries contains calories. And high calorie intake can lead to obesity. This may lead to social embarrassment too. Fast food can be a reason behind your fatigue. Because of the lack of nutrition in it, they do not energies your body and it is difficult for you to work. Fatigue also leads to obesity.

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2. You will starve

You will starve

People of this generation are usually tempted towards fast food. They eat junks almost daily because of their never ending temptation. You will eventually feel addicted to the fast food. The more you eat fast food the more you starve for it. It will fulfill your hunger but because of lack of nutrition, it will do no good o your body.

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3. You can have Constipation issue

You can have Constipation issue

Fast food affects your digestive system. The fast food you eat has less fiber content in it. Fiber is present in green vegetable that helps you to throw waste out of your body easily. But fast food is difficult to be eliminated from the body because of this less fiber content. It has more of fats, oils, and cholesterol which are comparatively difficult to be execrated out. Hence, it makes you feel constipated.

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4. May lead to Pimples and acne

May lead to Pimples and acne

Remember the last time you ate those French fries that results in a big pimple on your face? Fast food contains unnecessary oils in it due to which your skin gets deteriorate. These oils come out of your body in the form of pimples and acne.

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  5. It is less nutritious

 It is less nutritious

Continuous intake of fast food can result in nutritional deficiency in your body. Due to this you feel less energetic and this may affect your overall appetite. On the other hand, fruits and vegetable are rich in fiber and minerals, and also provide all essential nutrition to your body.

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6. Can lead to heart problems

Can lead to heart problems

Potato chips, puffs, ice-cream taste delicious but it can be really harmful for your body. Fast food usually contains a lot of oils and fats which are not needed for your body. Also, it has large amount of cholesterol which is not good for your heart. Cholesterol affects the flow of blood from the heart to the body and vice versa. This can lead to high blood pressure and ever heart attack too.

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7. May have kidney issues

May have kidney issues

As stated above, fast food contains less fiber due to which you may face some kidney related problems. Fast food adversely affects your excretory system. Your digestive system does not allow the fast food to get digested easily due to which kidney finds it difficult to eliminate it from your body. It produces unnecessary pressure in your kidney due to which it does not work efficiently and can also lead to kidney failure.

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8. Can cause diabetes

Can cause diabetes

Food like ice cream, candies, cake, pastries, has high content of sugar in it. That sugar is than converted into glucose in our body which increases your blood sugar level. High content of sugar and less insulin production can directly lead to diabetes in your body.

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9. Affects your respiratory system

Affects your respiratory system

Now you know that fast food contains a lot of fats, carbohydrates, and unnecessary sugars. All these things directly affects you respiratory system. All these things increase your blood pressure, make you obese and cause diabetes which causes problem in breathing. This also reduces your stamina.

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10. May lead tooth cavity

May lead tooth cavity

Remember we were younger and our mom does not let us eat that full bar of chocolates? This is because eating a lot of junk food like chocolates, ice creams, sweets, candies on daily basis affects your teeth. Fast food has a adverse affect on the enamel of your teeth. Eating these fast foods with lots of sugar can lead to tooth cavity and also loss of enamel.

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So, by now you know all the major side effects of those fast foods you love to eat. I am not saying to deprive them completely as it would not help but all you can do is take some steps to avoid it. Have some green veggies for lunch instead of pizza. Yes, it sound difficult but make sure to limit your intake and be particular about it. Also, you can try different type of dishes wish vegetables as we. Try to mix things up.

Try to increase the intake of nutritious food in your diet. As you know your body is divine. Do not let it hamper because of your improper food intake. Fast food can damage your body in any way. This also loses your confidence and affects your overall personality. So, do not just let that burger and ice cream tempt you anymore, it can harm you anyway.

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