Why We Should Boil Water Before Drinking?

Why We Should Boil Water Before Drinking?

In this article we are going to talk about the Why we should boil water before drinking? Water is an essential resource. It is one of the few necessities for our survival and everyone uses it in more than one way. One of it’s major usage is for drinking. But drinking cold or warm water is a difficult choice. Many people are so used to drinking normal filtered water that they cannot imagine themselves drinking warm water everyday, even though it has it’s own advantages. Drinking boiled water solves various health problems.

Many people use it as a medicine and drink it in the morning or before going to bed at night. The best way to drink water and make it  full useful for your body is to boil the water and let it cool down a bit and then use this lukewarm water for everyday consumption. More than instantly boiled water many people prefer lukewarm water for their  everyday consumption. And so, before we make our choice of whether we should drink cool, normal filtered or hot water, let’s  take a trip to understand why drinking boiled water is a complete, “Yes!” for a generation like ours.

10 Reasons why we should boil water before drinking

Here, we are going to deal with ten important reasons as to why we should immediately shift to drinking boiled water and give our body the care that it needs. So dive in.

1. Improves digestion

Improves digestion

Majority of people often complain about not having a proper digestion of whatever food they are consuming. The problem of indigestion is not a very uncommon one especially amongst the people of our generation who mostly consume unhealthy food for whatever reason they might have. Everyone goes through this issue at one point of their life or another and to control it, the easiest method we all know is to drink boiled water. Drinking boiled water or hot water activates the digestive tract and helps in speeding up the digestion process. It eliminates the extra waste not required by the body at the faster rate. Adding  too that, It also keep us hydrated throughout the process.

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2. Gives nasal congestion relief

Gives nasal congestion relief

Nasal congestion is again a very common problem faced by majority of the middle aged or older people or is even the symptom of fever which  happens to normally everyone. In a situation like this when our nostrils is blocked and we cannot breathe properly from both the nostrils, boiled water comes as a relief to us because if we drink boiled water or hot water the warmth that the steam of the water provides, goes into our nose on inhaling it and it loosens the clogged nostrils. The vapors gives relief to our nose and chest. It also provides great relief in sinus headache and helps us  soothe our sore throats.

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3. Helps in weight loss

Helps in weight loss

Losing weight is a major problem many people struggle with for a major portion of their lives but they fail to follow the crucial first steps towards their weight loss process and is to drink boiled or hot water daily. This is the reason due to which they are not able to reduce enough wait according to their plan. But we do have a solution to the issue and that is drinking boiled water.

Drinking boiled water or hot water awakens your body temperature and enhances body metabolism. As the speed of the body metabolism is increased it is able to digest and clear out the waste which is not required by the body at a much faster pace than usual. Many a times a lot of weight or bloating in your body is the because of the water weight. Fast metabolism flushes out the water weight and any extra wasted making way for the weight loss of the body.

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4. Keeps us hydrated

Keeps us hydrated

One of the most important purpose that drinking water serves is to keep us hydrated at all times. It is said that for an average adult individual,  it is necessary to drink two liters or 8 ounces of water every single day which is a very hard target for many people to achieve which leads to dehydration. Dehydration can lead to various everyday problems faced by the body which maybe not look severe at first but can get serious in the long run. So, it is necessary to drink boiled water at least once or twice during the start of  or at the end of your day.

Also, our body has certain requirements of water as it is made up of 70% of water. To fulfill its requirements of water it is necessary for us to keep drinking water. Our body needs water to perform various functions for the life of the body to go on and function properly.

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5. Blood circulation is improved

Blood circulation is improved

Water also solves various serious issues of the body and drinking boiled water improves the entire functioning of the body by a great level. Drinking boiled water improves blood circulation in our body. The veins and arteries expand on receiving the hot water and are able to carry the blood effectively throughout the body. Also, drinking warm water causes proper muscle and nerve activity in the body. The healthy blood flow throughout the body means a controlled blood pressure and  reduced risk of various diseases. When the circulation of blood is proper in our body it helps us  relax and gives us  a piece of mind.

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6. Helps in constipation relief

Helps in constipation relief

Drinking boiled water has said to be quite benefiting in relieving constipation and improving bowel movements. When we drink boiled water the intestines contract and whatever old and not secreted waste is trapped inside of the body is passed out. Many of times drinking Boiled water every day at all times is not possible and hence drinking it occasionally would also help relive constipation and other symptoms. It is very important to have the unwanted waste of the body flushed out as soon as possible because if not done on time it can be the cause of various complications in our body.

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7. Good for nervous system

Good for nervous system

For a human body to function in it’s beast way possible, one of the most essentials parts is the functioning of the nervous system. Drinking boiled water can be of a great help to this as it calms down the nervous system. It soothes aches and pains of the muscles especially abdominal muscles and provides relief from cramps. Boiled water acts as a lubricant for our body and helps overcome it’s stress and calm down.  Hence, to all the people suffering from any kind of pain muscular or otherwise it is usually advised by the doctors to drink boiled water only for quicker relief to the Pain.

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8. Reduction in stress levels

Reduction in stress levels

Drinking boiled water has not just one or two  but so many health benefits and all of them are in a way interrelated to each other because they together help in proper functioning of the human body. Boiled water has also known to decrease the stress levels in a human body. It is so because drinking boiled water improves the working of the central nervous system which leads to less anxiousness faced by the humans. As the body functions properly and there is no issues faced by the human body, it feels at peace and responds accordingly. It feels less anxious and more at ease.

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9. Reduce toxins

Reduce toxins

Another important function of drinking boiled water is to flush out all the unwanted and harmful toxins in our body. The longer the toxins and irritants stay in our body the more complex problems it creates for us to deal with. If not taken proper care of, these small issues can prove to be fatal in the long run. As we drink the hot water that is take it in, the temperature of the body rises which causes the release of the heat in the form of  sweat. Releasing sweat is one of the ways of getting rid of the toxins and irritants building up in our body. These toxins are removed from the body through sweat or any other medium and relieve the body of any further complications.

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10. Helps in skin cells repairing

Helps in skin cells repairing

Along with all the convincing advantages and effects of drinking Boiled water on our body we have one more health benefit which even at the end  stands as an important point. Drinking boiled water increases the elasticity of the skin and it’s cells and helps the cells to repair themselves. This helps the body to overcome from any kind of damage or tearing of any tissue or skin cells suffered during an accident or any unlikely event. It enhances the body’s self recovery process and helps the injured to recover at the faster pace.

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So, not only does boiled water protect you from many diseases, but it is also good for overall health. So, now is the time for you all to go ahead and make water that has been boiled a part of your daily diet and see the difference in your body all by yourself.

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