Why We Should Celebrate Our Birthday?

Why We Should Celebrate Our Birthday?

In this article we are going to talk about the why we should celebrate our birthday. Interesting topic. Right? So the topic of discussion is why a birthday is meant to be celebrated? Is it necessary to celebrate a birthday? Are we wasting our one day for celebrating it? Actually, birthdays are interesting. Birthday not just means a day on which you are born and are celebrated. Birthdays are much more than that. In fact, in my terminology, birthdays are those days on which God created the generous persons and that day will be meant for them only.

But the question is why there is a need to celebrate the day on which a person born? So there are many reasons like it brings happiness, it gets you a chance to meet your loved one and many more reasons.

There are people who have been waited for that day and there are some who don’t like to celebrate birthdays. Some like to celebrate their birthday with family, some with friends and some with their partner so the choice will be different from one person to another but everyone loves to celebrate. And birthday needs to be celebrated because there are 365 days in a year but there is one day which gives you an identity and that one day needs to be cherished with full of joy and excitement.

Don’t you think so that if you don’t celebrate your birthday then this will make your 365 days all equal? If you think that birthday will create a loss of money and time so you are wrong everything needs time and money for example when you celebrate Diwali does it cost-free? No. But we celebrate it why? Because we feel so calm and happy after celebrating any festival. So why not a birthday? If the birthday takes money so in return it will give you a peaceful day in which you will feel so special and calm. It reflects that you forgot a bad part of your life.

A birthday party can provide refreshments for your frustrated life. The way of celebrating a birthday can be different because everyone has its own way to express their happiness. A celebration always leads to happiness, reunion, special, etc.

So here are some reasons why we should celebrate birthdays and why it is so important to celebrate anything not only birthdays.

10 Best Reasons Why We Should Celebrate a Birthday

Here are the best reasons why we should celebrate our birthday discussed in detail below:

1. It brings happiness

It brings happiness

The major reason to celebrate a birthday because it brings happiness to someone’s life. If we don’t celebrate a birthday then what is the difference between our born day and a normal day. And also when we celebrate a birthday then we feel like this day is somewhat very special that’s why we felt happy when we celebrate this. When we organize a birthday party then relatives and friends come to our house and while talking, dancing and sharing some moments with them will give us a kind of happiness and birthday will not come every month it will come only once in a year and this happiness will also one can feel only once in a year so why do we need to waste this happiness?

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2. It brings everyone together

It brings everyone together

Remember when you a kid, then your parents plan to celebrate your birthday and call everyone. In fact, when we celebrate a birthday we get a chance to meet our friends, family relatives and to enjoy ourselves. The birthday celebration is just like a celebration festival for kids. Reunion will always work and in normal occasion we cannot gather everyone together and the birthdays are the best option to meet everyone and form a reunion.

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3. It gives you a chance to cherish yourself

It gives you a chance to cherish yourself

Birthdays give you another chance to motivate or to get happy in your life. Being a human when you made mistakes and think that you will not do that then birthday help to repent them. But how? So the answer is that when we blow the candle on birthday we make a wish, we usually make a wish to change that thing and also to wish for good things ahead. Not to repeat that mistake anything and help to motivate you in this way.

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4. It helps in forgetting something

If we celebrate our birthday this will help us to forget some bad memories like if we are depressed by something and our birthday is about to come or maybe you are going to attend a birthday party of someone else then for that day in that environment you will feel that you are no more upset so birthday party is good to have whether it’s yours or your loved one.

5. Get a chance to get pampered

Get a chance to get pampered

Birthdays are so special I mean if you have your birthday today then you will get attention from everyone. For example, try to remember your childhood memories and look at your birthday party, is it interesting? Yes, it is. When you go to school then everyone claps for you. You distribute chocolate etc.

But the most important part that you will get gifts, a new dress to wear, new things to play, etc. Everyone will come to your home at your birthday party will give you some gift or chocolates etc. And try to pamper you and make you feel special.

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6. Its a festival

Its a festival

Diwali, Holi and any other festival is also a one day occasion but we celebrate it and enjoyed this so why not birthday to be celebrated?

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7. It helps to remain positive

It helps to remain positive

Birthday celebration help to understand that one year is passed whether it is good or wrong. We should forget that. A birthday party helps to recall that one year is passed and we are growing. It helps to remain positive. It helps in recall that no matter what happened last year we have another year to recreate everything. So a birthday is important to celebrate. It cherishes ourselves and gives us the energy to be positive.

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8. It provides you a platform to form re-bond with someone

It provides you a platform to form re-bond with someone

Birthday is the day when we met people and enjoy with them. There is a certain point of life in which we fight with someone and feel grudges and birthday helps to overcome or solve those grudges like you met a person who is your friend but due to some reason you got separated or less connected so birthday will give you an option to meet and solve the issues. So it is important to celebrate a birthday to re-bond with someone.

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9. On birthday we can do anything

On birthday we can do anything

Birthday has an advantage that on birthday we can go anywhere and can do anything no one will stop you and told you that you don’t do it. So it gives us the liberty to do something which we want to do but due to some reason which can’t do that.

Suppose, if you want to buy an iPhone then your parents will not give you if they can afford but still they can’t provide you that but on birthday there are chances that they will give you a surprise with the iPhone.

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10. It makes you feel special

It makes you feel special

As on the birthday, you are the center of attraction then it will you feel happy and special. I mean who doesn’t want to get pampered or feel special. Suppose you have your birthday and you will get whatever you want. In fact, some birthday is really special especially when you spend time with your loved one. Usually, a birthday is about to celebrate at the age of up to 24 after that the craze of celebrating a birthday becomes less so birthday needs to be celebrated because it has a limited time.

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When you get tired with all the work and schedule of 364 days then you need refreshment and that can be given by the birthday party. A birthday party can be treated as a vacation because on vacation we get to relax and enjoyed a lot. There is no restriction of a birthday party that is, a birthday can be destination type and you can go out with your friends and family to overcome the burden and get relaxed.

So a birthday party or celebration is a must so that one can feel the sense of belongingness and also it makes you feel how important you are for your loved one.

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