What Should I Do When I Am Feeling Lonely?

What Should I Do When I Am Feeling Lonely?

I this article we are going to talk about the what should i do when i am feeling lonely. For the starters,  it is very essential to understand what does being lonely actually mean. Being lonely is a medical condition and is very different from being alone. It should not be misconceived  in the sense that if you are an introvert or if  you have a smaller friend circle or lesser people close to you then you are bound to suffer from loneliness. No, that’s not true.

Loneliness is a kind of human experience that is about feeling alone in your mind and heart. Anyone can be lonely from a student to a teenager or a working woman or men or even elderly people. It has no discrimination on the basis of age group, caste, religion, color , place ,position etc. Loneliness is considered to be a health epidemic that is growing on a very large scale especially due to the social media world that we live in. A prolonged feeling of loneliness is often associated with an increased risk of depression, anxiety, cardiovascular disease, dementia and a shortened lifespan.

Hence, it is very important to know about the matter and ways to cope up or heel with the feeling of loneliness. It is not going to be an easy journey but at the end of it, it’s  all going to be worthwhile.

So let’s begin.

What Should I Do When I Am Feeling Lonely?

Here, we are going to list down and talk about 10 ways to help people to cope up  with the feeling of loneliness.  So, without further adieu let’s dive in.

1. Don’t Be Too Hard On Yourself

Don't Be Too Hard On Yourself

Loneliness comes with its own problems and we should not add on to the problems already existing by being hard on ourselves or assuming that it is somewhere their own fault that they are in a position like this. So it’s very important to stop putting yourself down in any way. Self doubt and self judging can only lead to exaggerating the problems rather solving it and make you feel even more miserable.

It is very important to practice self love. Self love begins with accepting yourself the way you are and respecting your feelings and emotions. You can even make a list of your qualities and read it aloud to yourself every morning. The another thing is that you can even include some motivational quotes and thoughts for yourself to be motivated every morning. You need to understand that you are only human and that it can happen to you as well. Accepting it and moving ahead with an optimistic approach is the only way to cure the problem of loneliness.

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 2. Seek Comfort In A Friend (WHETHER HUMAN OR NOT)

Seek Comfort In A Friend

Loneliness is a health problem that can not be solved on it’s own. We need to take some help of others and try to create a comfortable space in whichever way possible, so that we can vent out our feelings. In a situation like this pets can often come to our rescue. Cats and dogs are often  considered to be a human’s best friend and can also prove to be very helpful in times of need like these. You can always confide in your pets and they can provide you with the comfort and solace that you need in return.

If not that, you can always reach out to a trustworthy friend of yours with whom you are comfortable and try to talk about your issues. It can be difficult at first but you need to give yourself a little push because that is all that it needs. You can also resolve to other means of comfort for example watching TV or web series or  going out for the walk whatever gives you comfort.

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3. Divert Your Mind Into Doing Something Of Your Choice

Divert Your Mind Into Doing Something Of Your Choice

Whenever you feel lonely trying to do something of your choice or your hobby will always help you to divert your mind into something more productive. You can always choose to be creative and do something artistic to make good use of your time. You can do anything ranging from drawing, painting, dancing, knitting, cooking, singing, weaving etc. Doing things of your choice, gives your mind peace and true happiness. Working or using your mind in a productive manner will always help you to stay optimistic and focus on your work rather than any negative thoughts. It is only meant for you to relax and calm your mind a bit.

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4. Keep Motivating Yourself

Keep Motivating Yourself

Being optimistic and motivating yourself to be better and better each day is the key to defeat loneliness and emerge out victorious. You need to understand that this phase of loneliness is not permanent in your life and just like the sunrise after sunset, this temporary phase too will come to an end. We need to look at the brighter side of the situation and try to be strong while facing it. Everyday little by little we need  to overcome the feeling of loneliness by using measures such as self talk where you tell yourself to be strong and that you can endure  this easily. It is all in your mind and once you are able to convince your mind and motivate it to fight loneliness there is no turning back.

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5. Pen Down Your Feelings

Pen Down Your Feelings

Writing your feelings and thoughts process or maintaining a  journal is a very effective way of fighting loneliness. A diary can always be your best friend where you can easily pour down your thoughts and it will take it all in without any questioning or opinions. This also helps you to clear out your thoughts and issues and helps you to understand the situation even better. Only when you are sure of your feelings will you be able to cope up with it. Write down anything and everything you feel like from lyrics of songs to some motivation quotes to any personal incident or mishap or just anything that you want to talk about. It will help you vent out your feelings and feel better.

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6. Reach Out To Like Minded People

Reach Out To Like Minded People

When you are stuck up in a situation of loneliness, only people who have gone through or have similar experience can understand what your actual trouble is. These are the people who will be able to relate to you at the maximum level and would also help you to recognize your causes and give you advice as to how to deal with loneliness.  

Apart from that, you can always choose to be with a group of like- minded people whose thoughts, ideas, likes and dislikes are very much similar to you and yours.  You can relate to these people and find your own happiness. It can be group of people playing games  or reading together or singing together or painting together etc. Activities like these will help you find your true happiness and peace of mind.

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7. Read As Much As You Can

Read As Much As You Can

Reading is one thing that influences a person’s mind quite instantly and effectively. Reading not only improves your knowledge and skills but also gives a new meaning and direction to your life. It changes a person’s concept of reality and helps him or her find their true path. A book can be your true friend in times of loneliness. It is going to be  loyal to you as long as you keep it. It is your truest confidant and a real problem solver.

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8. Meditation


Meditation stands as one of the most important ways to calm your mind, body and soul. The Meditation not only increases your concentration but also helps  to maintain your physical and mental health. If you are suffering from loneliness your mind is often distracted and keeps wandering from one place to another. To get over the feeling of loneliness, achieving peace of mind, body and soul is of extreme importance. This is why meditation is a must.

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9. Take Out Some Personal Time

Take Out Some Personal Time

One of the major reasons why we suffer from loneliness is the fact that we fail to give ourselves some personal time that it requires.  We are so busy living our life that we don’t recognize the need to give our mental health some attention. If you are suffering from loneliness, it is important that you take out time from your busy schedule to look after yourself. Do  some self pampering sessions or some motivational talks or even  something that makes you happy like singing or dancing or even playing games. It is only when you make your inner self happy and contented that you can overcome loneliness.

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 10. Go Out In Nature

Go Out In Nature

No one can deny the peace and serenity of nature. If you ever feel like too lonely and in need of some fresh air, go out for a walk in your nearby garden. Mother nature can always heal you and help you overcome your problems. At times getting over loneliness requires you to go out and sit alone for some time while filter you out your thoughts and get to more clearer conclusion. All this can be done in the lap of mother nature which provides you with utmost peace and happiness. In addition to walking, you can even watch sunsets and sit in your balcony while relishing the winds blowing. It makes you calm and peaceful and at times that is all you need.

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So, as we come to the end, i hope the methods mentioned above will help you and your close ones to overcome any kind of loneliness they’re suffering from. Let’s hope it bring you peace And prosperity.

I hope you liked reading it as much as I did writing it.

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