Why We Should Plant More Trees To Save Earth?

Why We Should Plant More Trees To Save Earth?

In this article we are going to talk about the Why we should plant more trees to save earth? Earth is our home. It is the place our ancestors have lived for a long time and it is the place where we are living now. Anything and everything which have happened to us regardless of whether it is good or bad has happened on earth. It is nothing but our home and it must be treated accordingly. Protection and safety of earth is the main and most important responsibility our every human beings living in this planet. But, what makes us disappointed is to know the fact that our earth is being by the same human beings day by day.

Compared to olden days and that style of living, the earth and the people living on it have changed a lot. Everyday either on TV news reports or in the daily newspapers, terrifying news of earth being destroyed by many different ways is seen. Technology has improved a lot nowadays which is indeed helpful for humans, but what is gone unnoticed is that it becomes harm for the nature and its belongings. People are doing new things everyday and are improving themselves. Yet, they are not able to realize the fact that they are destroying their own home. There are many ways in which we still can save earth and bring it back to its usual state. One of the most essential and easiest ways in achieving that is by planting more trees.

10 Reasons why we should plant more trees to save earth

Here are a few major reasons as to how planting more trees will save earth:

1. Oxygen


This is the most important and a well known reason behind planting more trees to save earth. Trees are the only living thing on earth that can provide sufficient oxygen for the people to breathe easily. Even though the atmosphere contains 21% oxygen content in it, yet without the presence of trees it would be difficult to have enough oxygen for all. If the earth has no trees present, the oxygen content present in the atmosphere will be used up quickly and the earth will soon run out sufficient oxygen.

No oxygen will again be formed and eventually people’s life would be at risk. The main reason for this is the known fact that trees intake the carbon dioxide we breathe out and they in return provide us back with oxygen. By planting more trees, the amount of oxygen increases and it will be sufficient for all the people that live on earth.

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2. Precipitation


The word precipitation is heard by almost of us, but most of us do not know the actual meaning of it. It is nothing but having more rain. It is a proven fact that by planting more trees, the chances of having a proper rain increases a lot. The main reasons to prove so is because in countries of Middle East, they do not get sufficient amount of rain since they have very less trees present in their countries.

Whereas, in countries of Europe or Asia where a lot of trees are present, these countries have monsoon seasons every year and they get sufficient rain. By having more rain, the water quantity of the country increases. Nations like India and China where population is very high; due to more rain they have enough water for the people of the whole country. Therefore, by planting more trees, the chances of getting proper rain increases and the people of the country will have enough water to feed everyone.

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3. Soil strength

Soil strength

Another major factor which supports the earth by planting more trees is that it will increase the soil strength and fertility. As we plant a tree, the root of the tree goes under the ground. Later either by watering the tree or due to rain the root pulls down all the water and is used by it. By usage of more water content, the soil also gets a lot of water. The minerals and nutrients which are present in the soil that is very essential for plants will also improve a lot. By getting water, the fertility of the soil improves to a great extend. The soil becomes sufficient enough for all types of plants to grow and we can plant more trees there. Like this, by planting more trees the soil fertility of the land can be improved a lot which is very helpful for earth.

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4. Rescue from heat

Rescue from heat

Nowadays, we all are living under the scorch heat of the sun. The temperature of the earth during day time has increased a lot and people are finding it difficult for survival. This is a scenario which is mostly seen in the African nations. The death rates of the people in Africa are mostly due to the unbearable heat from the sun. Most of the people there are either ill or are dead due to dehydration due to the high heat from the sun.

By planting more trees, we can reduce the heat present in the nation because due to more trees, more shade and wind will occur in the country. Also, the climate will become comfortable for the people to live in. They will get more rain which is sufficient for their survival. Hence, by planting more trees, many people can survive from the hot temperature and it will save the people of earth.

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5. Climate change

Climate change

We are living in a world where climate plays an important and vital role. Places where they have more number of trees are found more comfortable to live in. For example, if we take countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, Bangkok, etc. These are countries that have a large number of trees present in their nation and are having a climate and temperature that is not suitable for the people of the country, but even for the people who arrive there for tourism or business purposes for a short time.

Trees can control the climate of a place. The trees can change the climate in such a way that it becomes suitable for the people that are living there. It will provide sufficient rain; it will change the strong heat temperature into a mild one. Therefore, by planting more trees, the climate can be controlled and it will become suitable for the people.

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6. Food for survival

Food for survival

Another greatly known fact for growing trees is that it provides sufficient food for the people. It can provide necessary fruits and vegetables that are edible and are needed for the survival for the people. By planting more trees, we can become more dependent towards that for cooking food at our home. Due to this, we will able to get fresh food for our daily needs and this will help us from consuming the chemical based foods that are available in markets.

When trees that are more useful for human beings are grown, not only will it help earth, but also it will provide the human beings with food for their daily need. Another thing which we can notice is that the wood from the trees also can be taken for many uses in our home. It can help us either for making something or when we are in need of fire, etc.

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7. House for other living things

House for other living things

Earth is not only the house for human beings. It also gives equal importance to birds and animals present on earth. All these living beings are very much needed for the survival of earth. It is necessary for them to have a place to live in. This is where trees come in use. Almost all birds will build their nest in trees. They will be very comfortable with that. By finding a home for their won, they can contribute for earth’s survival. Birds and animals usually consume insects and bacteria that are harmful for nature. By this, the amount of harmful bacteria can be reduced to a large extend. Hence, we will be able to save earth by providing a home for animals and birds.

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8. Medicine


This is another great fact which people are not able to notice. Trees can have a lot of medicines that can be helpful for all living beings. Natural medicines are the best for human survival which will do not have any side effects. By planting more trees, people will be able to receive a lot of medicine from them. It will help them to cure any major diseases and it will reduce the spread the diseases to a large extend. Trees have a lot of medicinal importance and people must realize it for the betterment of earth.

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9. Less pollution

Less pollution

Another major advantage of planting more trees is that it will prevent from air pollution from happening. Due to more trees, more oxygen will be given out and it will very difficult for air to get contaminated in the atmosphere. Also, if the air is polluted, trees show us symptoms either by leaves getting dried or wood pieces falling off. By seeing such behavior, we will able to notice that the air is contaminated and we will be able to change it. Hence, trees will help a lot reduce air pollution.

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10. Fresh water

Fresh water

One of the greatest advantages of planting more trees is it gives more rain. This will give us with more fresh water. As mentioned above it reduces air pollution, planting more trees will provide with more fresh water and water pollution will be reduced. This is mainly done because all the bacteria and other small living beings present in the trees will consume all the bad things present in water and it will be left with clean water. Hence,  by planting more trees water pollution also can be reduced to a larger extend.

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