Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Technology In Classroom

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Technology In Classroom

In this article we are going to talk about the Advantages and Disadvantages of using technology in Classroom. 21st century is the era of technology and innovations. The word ‘online’ is used by each one of us record number of times daily. The population today is thus rightly addressed as ‘netizens’. Technology has been driving its way through each and every aspect of the globe. Education is one such field wherein technology has been developing day by day. Institutions are vastly making use of digital education methods. Smart class technique is used to create an audio visual impact of the teaching.

Online webinars are conducted instead of seminars. The study material is converted into pdf and shared online. The tests are conducted online. Results are made available through the internet. Important notices and information is shared through digital communication media. All these MOs have transformed the EduWorld downright. But using technology in Classroom is apparently  like a double edged sword. This article will help you weigh the positive and the negative outcomes of using technology in Classroom.

Advantages of using technology in Classroom:

The technology used in learning benefits the teacher as well as students in the following ways-

1. Conceptual clarity

Conceptual clarity

In traditional education technique, a student used to learn concepts by listening to the teacher’s words and looking at some static black & white images in the textbooks. It was greatly based on imagination of the learners. On the contrary, using technology such as Smart class helps the students understand the concepts better. It contains various facilities like 3d, animation, audio visual interface and so on. As it is rightly said, “A picture is worth a thousand words” these tools deliver better and accurate knowledge to learners. The videos explain how exactly the said process works. The examples used are highly interactive. As a student’s understanding is improved, he can practice better implementation of those concepts and skills in real life. Also the online tests and assignments make learning more interactive for students.

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2. Up to date information and time saving

Up to date information and time saving

Using technology offers exposure to the latest information and happenings around. Global events and affairs can easily accessed by the students to escort every concept. Real life examples can be studied easily through the web. Local events can also be accessed easily without taking efforts to actually meet with any individual. As we know, the registration for any kind of competitive and other examinations are done online with the advent of technology. This takes just 1/10th of the time required for the process.

The seminars are conducted online so the student does not have to travel to the institution. The answer sheets are assessed by computerized means which leads to reduction in time consumed as well as the teacher’s efforts. Also the student does not find the need to scour information in libraries or other sources. Instead he can just type what he is looking for and immediately get the answers. This saves a lot of time, effort and money for the institution as well as students.

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3. Digital exposure

Digital exposure

Using technology in learning offers great benefits to students to update their knowledge about using devices. There is a huge difference between using a device and knowing how to use it. Consider our parents generation for instance, they started learning to use technical devices in their late teenage. But we have started using them since we were in kindergarten. The online education helps us to use technology more productively and efficiently. Students are exposed to the truth that internet is not only meant for playing games and chatting with mates. It has an ocean of knowledge to be gained. They learn to interact with electronic devices like mobile phone, IPad, laptop very well as the concept of digital education consists of applications of technology in different aspects of learning.

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4. Portability and durability

Portability and durability

The lessons in digital form can be stored in the devices and can be accessed for a number of times. Also instead of carrying a separate notebook and textbook for every subject, the student has to just carry his electronic device at school. Earlier, a teacher needed to have copies of paper notes for each student separately. Now as notes are available in electronic form they can be easily shared by the teacher to all the students at a time. There is no need to store hundreds of notebooks in your shelf and overcrowd them. There is no fear of any paper or book being misplaced by the student or the teacher. Hence digital learning offers greater portability and durability to information and data.

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5. Nature friendly

Nature friendly

The paper of which books are made of is produced from the bark of trees. This results in vast afforestation. This issue is effectively resolved by technology. E-books do not lead to any kind of destruction of resources. As students can learn from home, it eliminates traveling which in turn results in reduction of vehicular pollution. Fossil fuels are saved by lowering the production of ink. Stationery materials are made up of plastic. Adopting technology may reduce the use of an anti-natural product like plastic in day to day education.

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Disadvantages of using Technology in Classroom

Examining the other side of the coin, there are certain negative impacts of using technology in the learning process as mentioned below. These purge the users to rethink on their decision of adopting the technologies –

1. Technical issues

Technical issues

At times the device used by the student or the teacher may fail completely or malfunction. In such cases, the users may lose their important data stored in that device. Buffering of videos experienced while watching online lectures may lead to irritation of mind. Lagging of connection during live lectures will make the student miss that part of the lecture. Considering the setting up, if the institution’s Wi-Fi services are not apt, there is no use of digital education.

Sudden failure of devices may cause interruption in learning process. This might discourage the users to make use of technology.

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2. Health issues caused

Health issues caused

As learning is a never ending process, the devices will be used for a notable number of hours daily. The regular and repetitive use of the electronic devices leads to countless health hazards. From head to toe, the human body functioning is disturbed by the constant use of these devices. To begin with, it may lead to a bad posture with a hunched back. Then the neck might start getting affected too. Constant exposure to digital screens leads to a huge strain of the eyes. U might be four-eyed at a too early age! Moreover it also leads to wrist disorder and unusual headaches in students.

Using the device at unusual times ruins your sleep schedule which will lead to other issues like acne on face, early skin ageing and obesity. It leads the human body to experience over stress. Also the students are discouraged to perform physical activities as they have to just move their fingers to obtain solution for any problem. Thus constantly using electronic devices may lead to hazardous effects on health of a person.

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3. Greater lax

 Greater lax

Use of technical devices discourages the students to leave from their couch and get going in search of knowledge. As everything is available just at the click of a hand, students become physically inactive and lazy. Also their disturbed sleep habits makes them lazier. Students have forgotten what it means to take efforts due to the internet revolution. The simulations deprive the students to actually procure and make use of the apparatuses.

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4. Highly expensive

Highly expensive

The cost of setting up servers and Wi-Fi by the institution is extremely high. Comparatively traditional classrooms are very low cost. So sometimes the budget of the institution does not allow incorporating technology in Classroom. The devices used to access the applications by the students are also high-priced. Moreover maintenance of those devices is very expensive. Also some learning applications do not offer services for free. Users have to pay certain consideration for the same. Some courses available on the web provide certificates only at a huge price. This leads to deprivation of poor students from quality education. In case of device failures, retrieval of data also costs too much.

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5. Cyber threats

Cyber threats

The cyber world is constantly subject to highly risk involving threats. These can cause interruption in the digital learning process too. Cyber threats include stealing of data, unauthorized access, hacking of data, illegal monitoring, computer breaching and many others. The students may lose their important notes and information stored in their system due to such activities. The institutional codes and programs if accessed illegally can lead to breach of the entire system. IT Act 2008 (Amendment) has been passed to provide legal protection to such programs. User should always be vigilant and stay safe from such threats to conduct successful learning through the web.

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As a conclusion, the use of technology in different aspects of learning has its own benefits and negative consequences at the same time. Proper knowledge of such techniques and alert citizens will surely help to bring out the best out of this technology.

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