What should I look for in a woman to marry?

What should I look for in a woman to marry?

In this article we are going to talk about the What should I look for in a woman to marry? So you have decided to get married, that’s a good step towards your bright future, your wife will be your life partner, your best friend, your everything, it’s a big step, but before taking such big steps I want you to search these qualities in your future wife, these qualities will define how she is, how she will be with you throughout your life, it doesn’t matter whether you know her since last 5 years, 5 months or 5 days, you might have not looked for these qualities in her, but it’s time to get married and it’s not a joke you have to be serious and mature enough.

What should I look for in a woman to marry?

Having these qualities will make her even more attractive to you and you won’t fight with her later as you would be knowing all qualities of hers. Not having all these qualities doesn’t make any woman less attractive, 90 percent of a woman already have these qualities you just have to find that is your lady in that 90 per cent or on the 10 per cent.

1. Her Personality

Her Personality

Personality is something that makes any person stand out in the crowd, it helps a lot in building relations and maintaining relations with family and friends. A person with a good personality always attracts good vibes.

Living with a partner who has a great personality helps you a lot, your partner will always be encouraging and filled with positive energy, she might help you in coming out from critical situations with the help of her great personality. Having a partner who has a great personality will always keep attracting you even when you have grown old. A great personality is not a great personality in the eyes of everyone; you have to know that person to understand their personality.

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2. Open-Minded


If your partner is narrow-minded, this will affect you a lot as many things will be there that she won’t tell you because she is not comfortable with you, she won’t tell you many things that are bothering her in her life or with you, these problems which she will keep inside her will slowly grow bigger and bigger, and after some time it will make her hate you.

If your partner is open-minded, this also will affect you a lot, there will be no barriers between you both as she will tell you everything that is bothering her even if it will hurt you, she will tell you because this is the only way to maintain a balance in a relationship.

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3. Her Behavior With Other

Her Behaviour  With Other

This will show how pure she is in her heart, being pure from the heart is what many people expect from their partner, but very few of them get such partners. Having a good and pure person in your life will even make the persons around them pure and good. This quality will show whether she is kind to other people or rude to them.

Having a partner who is kind to others will make you feel proud every time you hear something about her kindness; she won’t give you a single chance to complain about her behavior.

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4. Mature Enough

Mature Enough

Your partner will create problems if she is childish, being childish is cute but to a limit, at certain times you would feel that your partner should have been mature enough to handle problems related to the family and others as well.

She might look cute when she looks childish or acts like a child, but imagine what if your childish wife gets stuck into an escalator because of a power cut, what will she do? Let me answer this- she will scream and cries like a small child.

Now imagine her as a mature and powerful lady, what will she do in that situation? The answer is quite simple- she will try to get out of there, she will keep her mind calm and will think of how to escape from here.

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5. No Drama

No Drama

Having a partner who is full of drama will make you feel romantic all the time, as she is not going to stop her drama anytime in the future, but when you will be talking about something very serious and she will start her drama, this will make you very angry.

Doing drama at a certain time is ok, but every day the same or different drama will make you clueless about it. This drama will not help you at any point in your life; it will only increase your blood pressure.

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6. Intelligence And Education

Intelligence And Education

Both of them – Intelligence and education help a person to develop almost the points that we will be discussing in this article, from Point no-1 to Point no-10 almost all of them are based on this point, education and intelligence is the base of everything.

In today’s modern world it becomes very much necessary to be educated and intelligent, the competition in the world is increasing day by day and in this tough times your wife may want to get a job for herself, if she is well educated and intelligent she will get one very easily but if she is not, getting a job will create headache to you and her.

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7. Positive Enough

Positive Enough

A negative partner will always create negative vibes and negative results, she will never encourage you to do something, she will only speak negatively about it and eventually stop you from doing it.

A positive partner will always encourage you to try different things and will create positive vibes around her, she will give you enough support throughout your life to live a magnificent life and will make you and your life full of positivity. A positive life partner will always keep herself well maintained, well-groomed and well organized because this is what positivity brings with itself – GOODNESS. She will spread positivity around herself as well, she won’t deny the truth that positivity has helped her and her family a lot.

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8. Ambitious


An ambitious life partner is what everyone on this planet needs. She will help you with her innovative ideas and tricks to achieve success in your life and your career. Also, She will guide you on difficult roads which you might not be able to cross alone; she will make sure your and her career is growing in a good direction.

Your life partner can do magic in your life if she is ambitious. She can change yours and her path that wasn’t leading to success. That’s the quality of an ambitious wife, an ambitious life partner and an ambitious best friend – these are all relations you will find in one person, your WIFE.

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9. Things That Are Important To Her In Life

Things That Are Important To Her In Life

A person’s priorities describe a lot about them. There might be some wife’s in this world that might be giving more priority to their friends than their family, and there might be many wife’s that may be giving more importance to their career than their family. There’s a difference in both categories of wife’s, it’s up to them as they have to choose, but a perfect life partner is the one who keeps an equal balance between all of them.

Prioritizing your career over your family is way better than prioritizing friends over family, this quality states that a woman can either be a perfect life partner or the worst life partner.

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10. Understands You Well

Understands You Well

The mutual bonding and understanding between life partners is the strongest thing they have. A good life partner always understands their partner and respects their decisions, she might not understand you in the starting phase of your marriage life, but as time flies she will start understanding you as no person has ever done. She will understand the situation and act according to it.

She will always work to improve the relationship between you both, even if it is on top of the notch she will keep trying to take it further; Also, she won’t judge you on any basis as she would know many things about you and your lifestyle. So, She won’t fight with you on small silly topics as they can get solved easily with mutual understanding between them.

Your wife is not just your life partner, she is also your best friend, mentor, psychiatrist, doctor and many more, but most importantly she is your SOUL-MATE.

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She will always keep supporting you in every stage of your life, I guess you might be thinking that you are lucky that your wife has all these qualities in her even before your marriage, your wife is your ultimate support system for the rest of your life, but this doesn’t mean that you don’t have to be her support system, she had sacrificed many things in her life just for you, you must respect her, take care of her and not make her cry as she might be very sensitive to your words, you should make her feel special and give her all the happiness that she deserves

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