Best Way To Find A Job

Best Way To Find A Job

In this article we are going to talk about the Best Way To Find A Job. The basic requirement for a healthy and a happy life is to have a earning and a living which is in turn fulfilled by owning a job. The question arises “How to find a job?”

Now a times, sticking around a particular company and job isn’t the trend. The trend is to keep switching and changing to avoid any kind of saturation at the workplace and to find a new job. The question remains the same “How to find a job?”

Students and graduates passing out from college entering the labor force every year has just one aim as to find a perfect job and to earn a living.

The same question persists in minds of everybody be it a graduate or an elder person switching the job at his 40s.

But is it too easy to find a suitable job that suits your profile and specific needs? Finding job can be a rigorous task demanding a lot of time, patience and the most important right research and it doesn’t gets any easier as said. Finding a job is itself a full time job for an individual and it needs to be done right.

10 Best Ways to find a Job

There are various ways to find a job out of which one powerful method is digital technology which is widespread popular and helps you reach to all the answers of your questions by shaping the trend of recruitment and leading to online job searchers. So, best ways to find a job are listed below in detail:

 1. Networking


It is for sure known that the job vacancies are never published online on any website or advertised and the only way to know about those vacancies is through network and knowing different people who have the knowledge about the job profiles.

The best way is to tell everyone that you are looking for a particular job profile so that people can help you if they hear about any vacancies or atleast knows anyone who can have an idea about the same.

Networking with the right people who are working in some company or business or who have contacts in administration at a higher business level can help you find a job vacancy and it can go a really long way and can reach through some mutual contacts as well.

Remember that each network (family, neighbors, close friends, acquaintances, colleagues and co-workers) is part of another network and compliments seeking job opportunities.

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2. Updating LinkedIn account

Updating LinkedIn account

LinkedIn is the most powerful tool in today’s generation and helps you find the direct job opportunities when you connect with the right people. It is basically Facebook of the corporate world which lets you connect with the high profiles and concerned people in different job sectors and can directly let you be in touch with them for the job vacancies. Updating your LinkedIn profile should be the foremost task that should be done by any job searcher.

Search your target market and job profiles based on your qualifications, university, skills, previous job experiences, interests and referrals and connect with them to reach the actual concerned group.

Join discussion groups, follow your favorite companies, stay active to get noticed, show case your skills and qualifications so that you come into a little limelight on the career networking site. Remember connecting and adding people whom you don’t know isn’t considered a good etiquette.

This is a time consuming process as it takes along time and constant effort for you to build a powerful profile but it helps in converting job vacancies into good opportunities.

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3. Online Job Searching Platform and Career Websites

Online Job Searching Platform and Career Websites

The most predictable and obvious way to find a job is to search online and to search the key words in the search engine which can be the most direct way to find a job. By typing in the correct keyword, Google can lead you direct into the listings and the postings of the organization and different companies having the same keyword and directly lead you into some job vacancy zone helping you to figure out the application.

Online searches can help you expand your horizon as well and sometimes looking for low key profiles can for sure lead you to niche positions and a better job opportunity.

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4. Apply directly to your targeted company

Apply directly to your targeted company

The key to a better job application is to directly file for application of your targeted company as soon as you find any vacancy or notice on the organization’s websites or any kind of ads without any delay. Still today, directly applying for the applications can lead you to a better job opportunity. Spend a good amount of time looking out for listings in your desired companies and then sending an application via an email or through their websites.

This can go well for a company that is hiring as well as for one which is not hiring. A company can actually select you for interview even if not hiring because they may need new talented workers and you can catch their attention.

The key to get in notice by random applications is to be precise and tacky in the cover letter and showcasing that you have done your research in the respective field with a detailed introduction about your skill set which can be beneficial to a company. A good amount of hard work into rightful way of applying for jobs can even help and give you an edge over the rest.

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5. Attending Job Fairs

Attending Job Fairs

Job Fairs are actually quite popular among companies that is hiring new recruits and graduates. Attending such event and job fairs can help you connect with the right person in the field. Maybe take out a list of attendees beforehand and recognizing at least one of them beforehand to have an acquaintance who can assist you right through the event and help you connect with different and big time employers in the industry and make arrangements for the new people out there. Don’t ever forget to take a notepad with you, take notes of their contact details, emails and always take a follow up from them the next day.

For job fairs, you must go prepared as well with powerful outfits and perfect cover letter with the resume as you never know when any opportunity strike upon and so that you can be ready for any challenge along your way.

Don’t ever forget to follow up if you receive any lead out there in the fair which can turn into a beautiful opportunity. Be prepared so that you look passionate enough who is out there to grab any opportunity that falls in the way.

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 6. Connect with Alumni

Connect with Alumni

This is one of the best ways to increase and widen your network which always proves to be helpful. Connect with your alumni as those are the people who once shared a common interest with you. Be it in schools or colleges, they can help you reach your goal by assisting in seeking job opportunities. Call in your alumni, meet them often, call for a meeting ad take a follow up whenever needed. This can prove to be useful in a long run.

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7. Try an Internship

Try an Internship

Try an internship if you are not able to find a job profile. Sometimes temporary job profiles help you pave way into the industry with some useful business contacts from the industry. This can also help you find out your specific interest zone which is a big progress in this process is as to define your interest zone can be very helpful and eases your way in the industry. You get to try out a chance even if you are not familiar with the workplace and the job.

Start with unpaid internship if you think it can assist you with some work experience and if you are fine working without getting paid. This can be vigorous but know your rights before starting anything so that not to get exploited at workplace as sometimes companies extract the best of you when you are kick starting your career. You can go for paid internships as well as these help you understand your interests better and gives you an edge with at least some work experience in the zone. You can form contacts there which can be useful later or if it comes out to be successful you may even get a full time offer letter as well.

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 8. Job Boards and Company Websites

Job Boards and Company Websites

Job Boards as the name suggests used to be a kind of board with all the vacancy listings and applications for the job opportunities which some companies and websites used to handle. Now these boards may have a literal sense but they are moving towards virtual format which state and federal government posting about applications where you can apply for the same and job seekers can access it. Choose some catchy and succinct headline so that the personnel opens your attachment and file and can work upon a follow up. Update in regular intervals so that it doesn’t piles up in the bundles of other applications. One needs to be updated about all the situations and all the conditions.

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9. Headhunters and Recruiters

Headhunters and Recruiters

If you are looking for a job, headhunters and recruiters can assist you to find the possible opportunities though it can come at a high price.

Senior level professionals are basically recruited almost by recommendations and headhunters as there are some jobs that are not advertised enough and these help you lead directly to the applications and interview and prevent you to go through the long tiresome process of searching a job profile and locating vacancies. There are a number of organizations that hire through agencies to locate the jobs.

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10. Be your own Boss

Be your own Boss

This clearly indicates you to be your own boss, which is start your own business if confused by the other job applications and can’t find anything suitable. It’s never too late to start your business as long as you have a different concept and perfect planning so as to follow up a business opportunity or an idea.

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If you have the perfect motivation and right plan to execute the idea, then you can start with the business. It has some risks and insecurity but you got to stand up for it if you feel like it and can stand up in the business venture. There are various organizations that help you to succeed and execute the plan and also helps in business marketing. Looking out for service is not the only the option one has, you got to explore and widen all the perspectives and horizons.

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